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A really nice couple came to the house on Sunday to meet the three remaining Bookworms. They liked Corbett, and then when they found out that he had two brothers, they thought they might want to adopt two of them. I talked to them briefly on the phone, and then invited them to come on out to the house.

I put the boys in the upstairs foster room, and they were immediately suspicious and wanted right back out of that room. They sat at the door and put their arms under the door and tried to stick their faces under the door. I distracted them by giving them some canned cat food, and then slipped out of the room.

When the nice couple showed up, we took them upstairs to meet the boys, and I tell you what – it was embarrassing, how many cats went scattering as we walked through the house. The Bradys – who were given the run of the house during the day starting Friday – went running in all directions, Sugarbutt and Spanky went flying in another. I felt like I was maybe in an episode of Hoarders and perhaps Dr. Robin “Crazy Eyes” Zasio and Cranky Matt the organizer were going to be knocking on the door at any moment.

The boys were freaked out by the strangers and clustered around the door trying to get out, but they eventually relaxed and allowed themselves to be picked up and petted. I was actually surprised that Reacher didn’t freak out more than he did. After they left, Reacher and Rhyme eventually came slinking downstairs, and for a while we couldn’t find Corbie, then I found him under the couch. He came out shortly after and resumed sleeping on my desk, where he’d been before I snatched him up and locked him in the foster room.

Though I really liked the couple who’d come to meet the boys and they really liked the Bookworms, it unfortunately didn’t work out, which was disappointing. It doesn’t always work out, that’s just the way it goes. Just wasn’t meant to be, I think.

I did decide, though, to ask the shelter manager to put Rhyme and Corbie in the queue to go to the adoption center when there’s room. It won’t be soon – there are other cats ahead of them, including the Bradys – but I would really like to give them a decent shot at being adopted. I’d like to send Reacher, too, but he was so scared the last time he went that I can’t bring myself to put him through that again. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that someone sees his picture on Petfinder or in the book in the adoption center and falls in love with him the way it happened for Buster.

Sweet Corbie McGee.


Rhyme and Loony Jake.

Rhyme again. Don’t the Bookworms have the prettiest eyes? I could look at ’em all day long.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ll be leaving here in a little while to take the Bradys to the adoption center. The six of them will be going, but Alice will be staying with us for a bit longer. She’s got some sort of congestion issue, so we need to get that cleared up before she’s ready to go. She was going to be going into a cage by herself, anyway – she gets along okay with the little ones, but if they get in her space for too long, she loses patience with them – so it won’t be a problem for her to wait a while.

Having the Bradys run around the house during the day this weekend was pretty fun. They really liked the toys scattered throughout the house, and when they got tired, they’d pile up on one of the couches. I walked into the front room Friday evening while Fred was playing some game or another on the Xbox, and they were all laying on him in various stages of drowsiness.

Too cute.

The big cats have been very patient with the little ones, and as it turns out Jan Brady is a bit of a hussy. Saturday morning she climbed into a cat bed with Jake and kneaded on him for about 20 minutes before he got tired of it and stomped off. And then she climbed into the cat bed where Reacher was sleeping, and found a somewhat more receptive audience.

“That is correct. We are snuggling. What of it?”

“The young ladies have always had a particular liking for the Reacher Creature.”




“Okay, little miss. Stop kneading on my belly and let’s take a nap.”

Okay, off I go with the Bradys. Don’t worry – you’ll be seeing pictures of them for at least the rest of the week. I still have a ton to share with you!

Keep your fingers crossed that these little monkeys get adopted quickly. I suspect they will!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eight cats in one picture! From left: Reacher, Corbie, Rhyme, Elwood, Tommy, Jake, Sugarbutt, and (closest to the camera) Newt, keeping an eye on the birds.


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1-18-11 — 13 Comments

  1. I think there is a difference between your typical animal hoarder and you, Robyn! You can handle the work and treat your animals quite well. You are also entertaining your blog readers – hoarders tend to be much more secretive.

    As for the shy Bookworms, is there any way you can socialize them a bit more before taking them in to the adoption center? You know, have people over every day or something until the cats are more relaxed? They have been at your place their whole lives and it will be a wrench for them to leave it suddenly. Just a thought.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. It’s a pity all us virtual visitors couldn’t literally pop in every day and get those boys more used to different people. My boy runs away from strangers, even our friends, but on Sunday, he later came to our friend, once she was sat down and had ignored him for a bit. After a few minutes, he was on her lap, getting his head/neck/ears/chin massaged and looking lovingly up at her, saying, “Can I come and live with you?”

  3. That is because the Bookworms want to stay and live with YOU!!!!!!

    You know, Jan did play in that movie where she was a hooker. Now we know…..


  4. I thought Rhyme and Corbie also had big time issues when they were left at the adoption center. They are all such beautiful boys I think anyone would fall in love with them. But I think they have fallen in love with you and Fred. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    • I agree….their little hearts want you guys!! They are getting to the age that change will be difficult for them…poor babies, they love you guys so much and they already think they’re home!! How is Bolitar doing these days…any news from his new parents?

      • No, unfortunately, no word from Buster’s new mom. Which I’ve decided is a good thing, because clearly it’s working out well!

  5. Too bad about the couple but it’s better to know up front if things aren’t going to work. I don’t remember Jan being a hooker in a movie but I do remember her being one on Fantasy Island. Which is a bit of brain space that should be used for something more important, y’know?

    I’d scoop up Peter if I could in a heartbeat.

    A big difference between you and a hoarder though is that you’re not overwhelmed. Well, you probably feel that way sometimes but they’re not in the walls or underneath the floorboards. Also, you have everyone fixed almost immediately which seems to be the step that a lot of hoarders miss. Two cats become twelve, become forty, become two hundred.

    • Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway – that was the movie.
      It was an NBC made-for-television movie. It premiered on September 27, 1976. The movie is about a 15-year-old girl named Dawn Wetherby (Eve Plumb) who runs away from home to Hollywood, California and becomes a prostitute to support herself. Dawn finds herself taken under the wing of a tough-talking pimp named Swan. The film’s soundtrack features the song “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways.

      Jan has a theme going on here.

  6. Oh Robyn!!! Good luck with the Bradys!! I will miss them immensely but I just know someone will fall in love with them all and take then to their forever home!! Yes, all of them at once!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Awww Bradys. I’ll miss you guys!! ๐Ÿ™

    Oh it’s a shame about beautiful Corbett, Rhyme and Reacher!!!I hope and pray that they will be adopted together soon too. I cannot think how anyone could not fall in love with them too!!!!! I have and I so want them all!!

    It’s brilliant to see so many kitties lined up in one pic!! Lovely!!!

    I hope Alice is feeling much better now!! Take care x

  7. I would take Reacher off your hands in a heartbeat if it were actually possible, and I had the space, and I had the money. Note to self: find rich man with big house and move in, adopt more cats. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Hey, I’m with Rhonda! Anyone know where the rich men who own big houses and are just dying for them to be filled with cats hang out? NO? Dang it!
    Good luck Bradys. Speedy healing Miss Alice and what can you do, just keep loving those Bookworms. and I agree, wouldn’t it be great if they all went together? If they had to go at all, I mean…