The fosters are continuing to do well. Fantine and her babies have been around long enough to garner nicknames from Fred. He calls Fantine “Momma” (and cats who have ever delivered kittens become “Momma” to him – that’s what he still calls Maxi, even), Eponine is “Scaredy Cat” (for obvious reasons), Cosette is “Litter Maid” because of all the time she spent in the litter box with her UTI, and Javert is “Little Brother.”

We’ve been letting Moonman and Moondance out of their room for several hours a day. Everyone except Mister Boogers is taking it quite well (Miz Poo and Spot are mostly excited when we open the door because that means there’s another bowl of food they can stick their faces in). Tommy is the gentleman of the bunch; he and Moonman have been seen touching noses several times. Moonman is such a sweet, friendly guy and he’s worming his way into Fred’s heart.

(No, we’re not adopting him! But Fred’s going to be sad to see him go.)


The best pictures are the one you get accidentally, I’ve found.

Javert, the squeaky, always-talking little monster.

It’s tiring, being this darn cute.

Fantine falls asleep with her tongue sticking out.

I love the look on her face, like “Do you believe what I’ve got to put up with?”

Poor Mama.

Nothing, Cosette, just admiring your beauty!

Cosette and Eponine through whiskers.

Fantine catches some shut-eye while her babies are off playing.


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