I think it’s possible that Newt, who is Not Our Cat, might end up becoming an inside cat. Every time we go to Smallville and he’s hanging out on the front porch, he runs for the front door. If we leave it open for longer than a few seconds, he moseys on in and wanders around the house, meowing in his high-pitched big-baby squeak. He’ll hang out with us for quite a while, usually until he gets on Fred’s nerves, and Fred puts him back outside.

Maxi likes to come in and wander around (Sunday, when Fred was working out back, he left the back door open, and the screen door doesn’t swing shut the way it should, so Maxi and Newt came right in, explored for a while, then went back outside.)

I suspect this behavior will not go over well with Mister Boogers.

“I’m prettier than that cat on the bag, right? The bag of cheap cat food you only feed the cats you don’t love as much, right? MUCH PRETTIER! SAY IT! I’m the prettiest boy in the world!”

* * *

The foster babies are doing well, though I have no pictures for you today. Moonman and Moondance have been spending a little more time outside their room in the evenings, though Mister Boogers is so adamant about showing his *ss that he scares them, and they tend to spend most of their outside-the-room time hiding from him.

In answer to a comment someone left last week, I don’t know how long they’ll be with us. The shelter manager asked if they could come stay with us for a few weeks, because they’d been in the cage at the pet store for so long that they were getting on each others’ nerves. They’re no bother and they’re both pretty sweet, so we don’t mind having them around.

Fantine and her babies are doing well. They’re over their upper respiratory infection, so it’s time to have them spayed and neutered, which will be happening on Friday.

* * *

If Sugarbutt’s the happiest cat in the world, I think Newt runs a very close second.


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