Cosette is still at the vet’s (I’m sure the vet hasn’t had a chance to see her yet), and hopefully they’ll be able to figure out what’s going on with her so I can pick her up later this morning, or this afternoon.

Last night Fred had had enough of Eponine’s scaredy-cat ways, and he chased her around the room until he caught her, and he picked her up and petted her until she calmed down, and then he put her down and petted her some more until she gave up the fight and threw herself onto her back for a belly rub. This morning, she ran a little less. I think, given enough time, we’ll turn her into a lovebug whether she likes it or not!

Eponine, up close.

I love this kitty and her tail-wagging ways.

Wild boy Javert. It’s hard to play with Eponine when Javert’s around, ’cause if you start waving a toy at her, he runs right over and grabs it. He cracks me up.

Cosette, before her trip to the vet.

Moondance and Moonman are doing well. I think moving them into the guest bedroom was a good move – they LOVE to sit on the table by the window and look out at the neighborhood, sleep in the sun, play, and greet us when we go in to spend time with them.

Last night we opened the door to their room so they could come out and explore. For the most part, Moonman was uinterested in exploring – he just wanted to hang out in his room. Moondance explored quite a bit, especially when Fred brought her downstairs, and of course Mister Boogers had to show his butt again. The good thing is that while Mister Boogers acts like a jerk, growls and hisses and goes into hysterics, he doesn’t attack the cat who’s freaking him out, so we don’t have to worry about the safety of our fosters. (Of course, I think Moondance could kick his butt, anyway, so I’m not too worried about her!)

He loves to hang out under the spud’s desk.


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“Dude. Seriously. You’re in my space.”


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