1-19-10 – Cookies news and Steely Dan & Fagen.

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Behold, I live!

Long story short, I thought I had the flu, it turned out to be a bacterial infection, I’m on antibiotics, and today feel one million percent better!

The cats, of course, tended to me around the clock. Miz Poo, especially, with her long years of medical experience, determined that laying as close to my face as she possibly could and smacking her lips continually was the only thing that would heal me. Also, she sneezed directly in my face a few times and, well, I DO feel better, so perhaps she’s onto something!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On Friday, Pink and Keebler were adopted – TOGETHER!

That leaves Hydrox, cooling his heels in the adoption center. I was worried that he’d be lonely (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that despite his size, he was always the biggest baby of the bunch), but they put him in with another lonely only, so they have each other for company. I’m going to swing by Petsmart while I’m out today and see how he’s doing. I suspect he’ll be just fine.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Steely Dan and Fagen are coming around a little more every day. One day, I went in to hang out with them, and Steely Dan jumped up on the cat tree and looked expectantly at me, clearly waiting for me to pick him up. Another day, Fagen (the more scaredy-cat of the two) actually climbed up into my lap when Steely Dan was NOT already there. Usually, he waits until I’m holding Steely Dan, because it makes him feel safe to have his brother right there.

Fred discovered the most amazing thing. If we take Miz Poo into the foster room with us, the boys completely lose their fear of us. They’re so excited at seeing her, that they’ll let us reach down and pet them, without flinching away. They purr and rub up against her, and she mostly puts up with it though she’ll smack at them if they get TOO much up in her face. We don’t take her in with us every time (don’t want to have to depend on her to get the boys to come to us), but every once in a while it’s nice to take her in there. She’s not interested in the kittens, but she knows if she goes in, she can sit in our laps and be petted, and she’s ALL about that, so it works out well!

“Who, US? We weren’t doing anything, honest!”

“DO I want to come up for some pettin’?”

“I guess so. Don’t get used to it, though, lady. I might bolt at the slightest provocation.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Newt, in the kitchen. Probably waiting for Jake or Elwood to wander by. He loooooves to hold them down and bite their necks!


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1-19-10 – Cookies news and Steely Dan & Fagen. — 18 Comments

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Good thing for Miz Poo and her healing touch πŸ˜€
    Every time I look at Steely Dan in your pictures, I can’t help but think of (and miss) Gus and his gray floofies.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better, and that the boys are caving in, and getting more eager for the pettins’! But, But, But…. you promised COOKIE NEWS in the title…. I need the Cookie news too!!!

  3. Whoops, sorry guys!

    The Cookie news is that Pink and Keebler were adopted together! Hydrox is still not adopted (wah!), but he’s in a cage with another kitten, so at least he’s not alone. I’m going to swing by and see how he’s doing today.

    Kittykye: Oh, I miss Gus and his floofies, too! I didn’t realize I would miss those sweet boys so much (but I know they’re in a great home, and knowing that helps a lot!)

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re getting well!

    I second Kittykye about the floofy cats!

    There’s a Simpsons episode that features, oddly, Rudy Giuliani guest-starring as the commencement speaker at an academy for police animals. His most memorable line is, “Who’s got a fuzzy tum tum?” and every time I see a floofy cat, that’s what I want to say. πŸ™‚

  5. We are glad to hear you are doing better – that is good. I noticed my cats also sneeze in my face when I am sick – maybe they think it helps!

    Fagan and Steely Dan are such cuties – I just noticed how much Fagan looks like our kitty Floyd in some of the pictures. That one where he is looking up is where I was like “wow, he looks like Floyd when he was young”. They are both cuties though!

  6. Glad you’re feeling better…my cats sneeze in my face all the time, whether I’m sick or not…I think it’s their way of caring and sharing πŸ™‚

    So glad that Pink and Keebler have found new homes, but now poor little Hydrox, all by himself…must somehow convince my husband that we need to go to Alabama and get him (see how well it worked with Veruca)…he was my favorite of all the cookies after all…

  7. So glad you’re feeling better, Miz Poo and her magic snot lol!

    My cats, well specifically my Mumble, sneezes on boyfriends face ALL THE TIME! She likes waiting til we’ve settled down in bed, then she walks up his body, sneezes in his face, then does some paddy padyy action before settling down for a quick sleep. Cats eh?

    You should so totally go get Hydro X and bring him home!! I loooooove him!!!

  8. Great news about Keebler and Pink! Lucky person who got those two little beauties. I’m glad you are feeling better and Miz Poo is playing kitty nurse. I love it that the new guys are into her.

  9. Great that Pink and Keebler are adopted together – now it is Hydrox’s turn!

    Between doctorin’ and peacifyin’, Miz Poo is sure busy these days.

    Glad you are feeling better. Kitty snot does it every time!

  10. Oh Hydrox, why is your perfect forever family dragging their heels? Don’t they know you are WAITING for them?

    I’ve watched Hydrox grow with such pleasure; he is a twin of our beloved Panda who we rescued as a “teenager” when we found him with a broken leg and a split hard palate by our building. We think he must have fallen off a balcony. No one ever put up a sign that he was missing, and his surgery left him absolutely perfect!

    Now I’m loving Steely Dan, who is just like my old lady cat Zoey (complete with cream spot near his lips!). Again, Zoey was a rescue cat about 3 yrs old, so it’s extra lovely to see what she would have looked like by keeping up with Steely Dan (and his gorgeous bro, Fagen!).

    Thank you, Robin, for all you do for these lucky little kittens, and for sharing the wonderful photos and stories of them and your forever furries with us!

  11. I’m so glad you’re on the mend! I’ve gotta say, though, that although I’m thrilled about Pink and Keebler being adopted together, I absolutely cannot believe that Hydrox is still waiting. I mean – who doesn’t love a handsome tuxedo boy???? Once again, I’m wondering if I can talk any of my Alabama friends (all dog people) that they need a kitten….