1-20-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen.

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I tell you, it’s two steps forward, one step back with these kittens. One time you go in, and they take very little encouraging to climb into your lap, and other times they seem to revert almost back to where they were when we got them. It’s frustrating, but I know we’ve got time and there’s no rush.

It’s especially frustrating when they lay on the floor across the room and roll around on their backs and you wish like hell you could pick them up and squeeze ’em. They’re so freakin’ cute and they KNOW it!

This morning, I walked into the room and sat down, and Fagen was in my lap in seconds. It took Steely Dan a few more minutes to climb into my lap, but he eventually did. I sat there for twenty minutes with them just rolling around in my lap, purring like mad. Now, watch – next time I go in there, they’ll look at me like they’ve never seen me before in their lives.

I think they just like to mess with me.

“WHAT? What is this you tell me? There are scritches going on and I am not being scritched?!”

“O Lord, why have you forsaken me?!”

“I shall wander the cat tree in search of scritches even if it takes me 40 years!”

“Mission accomplished!”

“Now you may rub mah belleh!” (Please note, those are Fred’s hairy knees, not mine!)

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Happy, snoozin’ Newt. Don’t be fooled by the sweet face. Yesterday morning I walked out onto the side steps, and SOMEONE had eaten and then vomited up parts to some sort of small rodent right there on the top step. I had to kick a RODENT LIVER AND SOME OTHER ORGAN off the steps so I didn’t have to keep looking at it as I went by.


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1-20-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen. — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for letting us know about Misty – I put a link over at my blog too. She is quite a cutie!

    And the boys are totally messing with you – that is what kittens do.

    And um, eew to the rodent bits.

  2. maybe it’s their fluff, but they boys seem so much bigger to me, until you got a hand in the shot. are those your hairy knuckles? 😉

  3. Now, how do you know it was sweet little Newt who left you your gift in the top step?
    A thought about Misty. I read her story with interest and will donate to her cause. But I have a question. What kind of vet watches this gentleman work over a year to save this cat’s life and then informs him that it will require a $1000.00 surgery to finish the job. Sure, I understand these vets got to live, too. But, come on, I think there comes a time when a little common decency is called for. And if the vet can’t do the job, maybe call in a favor or two. Just a thought.

  4. Amy & Brian: Thank you!!!

    Angie: NO, those are not my hairy knuckles, those are Fred’s. 😀

    Catfancy: Because the only other cat it could have been – Maxi – was inside when I found the gift. And also, she is usually kind enough to come inside and vomit on the rug, of course! (Despite the fact that 75% of the house is hardwooded, they always aim for where the rugs are!)

    I think that the local vet is willing to do the surgery, but believes that Misty would be better off with a specialist doing it, given the type of surgery and how small she is. So the $1,000 fee is for the specialist, not the regular vet. If that makes sense?

  5. Ok, I guess that makes sense.

    As for the ‘gift’ I don’t know. That boy looks like a little angel. Or maybe he is just sleeping it off!

  6. Best wishes for little Misty…I’ve added my donation and a link on my blog…she looks like a sweet little girl deserving all the help we can give!