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This girl cracks me UP. I was cleaning the foster room yesterday, and she was so excited that something new was going on, that she was leaping and bounding and flying all over the upstairs. She can FLY.

“Hallooooo, innernets, I see you!”

Here’s a fairly good, clear shot of King Nubbs and his nub.

And another shot (ultimately, the fur on his nub will grow in; they had to shave it to operate on it last week).

Box + sunlight = one happy Shelton.

You think he liked that box a little?

His other favorite thing: the track toy.

King Nubbs has places to GO.

Levine gets his smug on.



Okay, so here’s the surprise for y’all today (didn’t know you were going to get one, did you?) – the Coaches have headed off to Kathie’s house. They’ll only be there ’til next week, most likely, and then will be heading off to Petsmart. (I still have more pictures of them to share, so you’ll see them in tomorrow and Friday’s posts.)

And the reason I spent a bunch of time cleaning the foster room yesterday? Why, that would be…

She is, indeed, pregnant. And she’s young – the vet guesstimated her to be about 9 months old. She was found stray, and no owners could be found, so she came to us. She’s a little nervous, but she’s friendly. I haven’t been able to get a close look at the belly yet, so I have zero clue at this point. Like with Lucy, I won’t name her or decide on a naming theme ’til the kittens are born – but feel free to make suggestions and predictions (I’ve already predicted a litter of orange and black kittens – but am hoping for at least one teeny calico or tortie). More details on her as we get to know her better!


Stinkerbelle is all “More baby kittens coming into this house? BLEH.”


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1-20-16 — 79 Comments

  1. Awwwww….I am gonna miss the Coaches. Will Nubs be staying?
    Mama is gorgeous. I am going to be praying for a litter of calicos. You know I am a sucker for them! 🙂 I have to say, I love that a calico can birth every color combination in one litter! So, maybe I will pray for one of every flavor! 🙂

    Stinkerbelle’s pic/caption cracked me up!

    • No, Nubbs went along with the other three. He would be horribly bored here without anyone his own size to play with! 🙂

  2. By the way, did everyone see that cuteOverload.com is no more? {{bowing head in a moment of silence}}

  3. *runs around in circles screaming*




    *passes out*

  4. BabiesBabiesBabiesBabiesBabies!!!! *running around the office excitedly* What a gorgeous Mama!

    (But…my Shelton…and the King…*sniff*)

    You still have pictures of the Coaches, right?!

  5. OK, I have to say something, because this is BIZARRE. I foster kittens as well, and this morning I woke up to an email from our intake coordinator, saying there’s a pregnant cat at the pound and does anyone want her. I already have 7 fosters, but how am I supposed to resist?

    So I went to check the Love and Hisses entry for today, and I literally thought, “wouldn’t be funny if Robyn also got a pregnant cat today?” I read that there was a surprise today, and I was like, “No way.” Then I read that the Coaches were going to Kathie’s to make room for another foster, and I remember you saying the exact same thing when you got Lucy, and I was like, ” NO way… That would be impossible…” And then I read that you got a pregnant cat and I was like: “NO WAY!!”

    The last time I had a pregnant cat, she had her kittens just 8 days before Lucy. I conclude that it’s a sign from the universe. I’m getting that pregnant cat.

  6. And she’s pregnant! What a cutie. Since I’m a newbie to your blog (6 months or so), have you ever had a Harry Potter theme? Just with the Weasleys you get a fair amount of names. 😛

  7. How about a Valentine/love theme? Cupid, Eros, Amore, etc. I’m sure this gorgeous brat would never cooperate and actually give up those babies on Valentine’s day, but a girl can dream. I love the last photo where she’s studying her reflection so intently. It’s like she’s giving herself a little pep talk. “So Stan ran off with that slinky Siamese from down the street and left you high and dry with a belly full of babies. And now you’re a teen mom whose dreams of becoming a Fancy Feast model are shot. But that’s okay. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it people like you! Now, who do I talk to about getting a back massage?”

  8. track ball: can’t remember what we paid for it, but BEST TOY EVER 🙂

    kisses to the coaches….and welcome to the new momma cat

    OMG – the picture of Alice (I’m presuming its Alice) from 2011

  9. Sentimental but David Bowie came to mind. Name them after his many personas: thin white duke, diamond, ziggy, serious moonlight, Berlin,… And since he played with gender roles they would fit girls too.

  10. I love it when we get to experience a litter from the very start! So excited!!!
    I have often thought if/when a new calico joins my family I would name her Jenny or Dotsy after Jenny Anydots from T.S. Eliot’s “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”. Lots of potential names there. I don’t know if you’ve ever used those names, the only one I am sure you’ve used is Gus (ear floof!).

    • We had a Jennyanydots at our shelter once. And my friend who is also a crazy cat lady is sometimes known as JennyManyCats!

  11. Your new expectant Mummy cat looks very much like a cat we once minded for a relative who moved house, she was called Fluffy. While we were looking after her she had kittens.So your new lady in waiting is now called Fluffy in my head…it might go with a set of descriptive names, Silky,Shiny,Rugged,Spiky…

  12. I may have just squeaked out loud. I did. I totally squeaked.

    I have an unrelated question. When you have a single adult foster, how much time do you spend with them each day? I have a sweet orange girl right now and I spend lots of time with her, but she still meows when I’m not in there and it breaks my heart.

    • I would guess maybe three hours? An hour or so in the morning, again around noon, and then in the evening. Added to that, I go in and out of the room often, sometimes just to check on her, sometimes to put something away. If she weren’t pregnant, I’d let her have the run of the upstairs, but I don’t want her having kittens under Fred’s bed!

  13. Safe travels Coaches! Hope your perfect humans find you fast.

    The new mama is gorgeous!

    I have been on disability leave since May and I get a bit bored. Your blog has been entertaining me.. .so today I’ve been thinking of name themes. For some reason Star Trek popped into my head. Thinking about a kitten named James T. Kirk has me giggling uncontrollably. Or you could do newer Star Trek…Jean Luc Picard as the alpha kitten would pretty funny too. How about Star Wars? An orange boy could be Chewie, a black boy Kyle Ren….and if you would name one Han Solo I would have to drive down and get that baby.

    OK – I’m done babbling. Thanks for taking care of the new mama!

  14. YAY for baybees!! I’ll have to think on naming themes. I KNOW you have some stored away from all of us giving you past ideas though.

    • I was going to suggest snow names since the east is expecting a big storm, but then I thought snow was better suited to white cats and well maybe going the opposite and naming them summery names to keep us smiling and warm our hearts was a better idea. But the two themes are below. Take your pick.
      Winter: Blanco (white is Spanish), Nieve (snow in Spanish), Blizzard, Frost, Mittens
      Katrina and the waves: Ocean, Sparkle, Azure, Cobalt, Cruz (alt spelling of cruise)
      also while I was thinking of winter words I thought of spice and fire words. So also Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pumpkin, Blaze, and Cider.

  15. Poor girl, being pregnant so young. She’s just a baby herself! I hope she comes through okay, and she can handle motherhood, though I know you’ll be there to help. Years ago I had a friend tell me that many of my foster/rescue stories sounded like Victorian melodramas- poor innocent urchins out in the snow, young girl’s lives ruined by a cad, heartless landlords, etc. Now I want to suggest a melodrama themed little- Penny and the Dreadfuls, with a Tess, Oliver, Anne, etc, but I can’t come up with enough names. Regardless, I’m glad she’s safe and has enough now, and can have have her little ones in safety, and then get spayed.

    I’d also love to see a Roman/Greek named litter, but that’s just because I love the idea of giving grandiose names to little kittens- Claudius and Antigone and Arcturus and Pliny. Plus it be great to check the blog and see updated like “Caesar and Brutus are at it again, those brats!”

    • Oh I can just imagine a teeny kitten named Brutus! It makes me think of Cicero (aka Stompers!!!). And we know how cute he turned out!! 😀

    • Great themes! A litter of little senators? Tiberius Gracchus has a wonderful ring to it.. unfortunately so many of them came to rather bad ends. Kitten conspiracies are much cuter.

  16. She’s beautiful! I saw her on your instagram and thought she looked pregnant but it seemed rude to ask. 🙂 Somehow she looks like a Maybelline, have you had a rockabilly theme before?

  17. The photo of pretty mamacat admiring herself in the mirror cracks me up.

    She’s a lucky mamacat. I hope she realizes your house is THE best place to have her kittens.

  18. If she has them in time for Chinese New Year you could name them after different kinds of monkeys for the year of the monkey. And mom could be Georgette after Curious George. She had to be kinda curious to get in her delicate situation! 🙂

    I am fostering a young mom too- but all her babies got adopted.

  19. So, I’ve been binge watching Sons of Anarchy of late (because Canada. Cold.) and I was wondering if the Sons litter you fostered were named after them?

    And because I have the attention span of a gnat, whaddup with Combo not being adopted yet??

    • Yep, the Sons were named after the Sons of Anarchy characters!

      I suspect Combo will be going home tomorrow during adoption hours – that’s the rumor, anyway!

  20. Any idea of how long it’ll be? Mama is gorgeous! I love all cats but have huge soft spots for calicos and torties. I am not saying that because my tortie is pretending to sleep from across the room but is probably really watching me. 🙂

    • No idea! On the one hand, she’s not eating a lot, and she’s spent some time in the crate. On the other hand, most of the time when I get a mama kitty who I expect to go at any moment, we end up waiting 2 – 3 weeks!