1-21-16 Thursday

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Throw Back Thursday: Kitten Selfies.

I rarely use my iPad to take pictures because it’s so big and bulky. I do, however, often use it to let the kittens play with the selfie app. The other night I happened to look at the photo album on my iPad and discovered that there were 1000+ pictures. When I went to look, I found a ton of selfies of the Squash Bugs. The majority of them were just totally dark because the kittens love to lay on top of the iPad after they’ve played with the app, and don’t care that it’s constantly taking pictures of their bellies. Some of them came out, though – these are my favorites.

Zuke. He looks surprised, doesn’t he?

Zuke’s nostrils.


Ambercup (and the ceiling fan).

Zuke and Ambercup (and the ceiling fan).

Pattypan from below.


I love how it looks as though King Nubbs is gazing adoringly up at Miz Poo. He’s all “My Queen!”

This might be my favorite picture of Stefani. Gorgeous girl!

King Nubbs watches Levine audition for the role of court jester.

A Nubbs pie!

Levine and his long, long tail – and Nubbs and his nub.

“What, lady? What?”

All four Coaches.

Bro snoozing time (Nubbs and Levine).

Stefani in the sun.


Our little mama is doing well. She likes to look at herself in the mirror.

She talks a little, usually when I’m doing something and haven’t sat down yet, but isn’t a big-time talker.

This reminds me of the picture of the dog with ham on his face.

I wish she’d spend more time laying down so I could get a closer look at her belly (and perhaps watch it move), but she only lays down for a moment or two before she’s back up walking back and forth, rubbing against me.

Things that make me think she’ll be going into labor soon: she’s not eating much, and she’s spending a lot of time in the crate.

Things that make me think she’s not going into labor anytime soon: the fact that I never have a clue about this sort of stuff, and the fact that I was concerned that she’d go into labor before I got her. I also worried the same about Lucy, you might recall, who waited a couple of weeks before giving up those babies. In fact, most of our mamas waited 2 – 3 weeks after we got them to have their babies (except for Kara, who had hers the day after we got her), so we might be in for a wait.

The fact that this girl is so young (estimated 9 months old) makes me think that this is likely her first litter. AND her last! I hope that she has a smallish litter – 4 sounds good to me.

I am ready for her to give up those kittens, for sure – patience has never been my strong suit.


When you see Kara this far inside – she’s in the heated bed in the front room – you KNOW it’s cold and rainy out! She’s like “The back yard can take care of itself – this Sheriff is hibernatin’!”


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  1. Are you ~sure~ she’s pregnant? If she is, she’s hiding it well. I have a couple of boys here who have bigger bellies! *tee hee*

    You might have another Miss Fakey-Faker on your hands!

      • Yes I recall a supposedly pregnant cat Robyn got who turned out to be fooling people. Wonder if the current “expectant” cat is doing the same (hopefully she isn’t *fingers crossed*).

        Love that photo of Nubbs is gazing up at Miz Poo – that one should be saved for posterity.

        • I do think she’s pregnant, but I also think we’ve got a while to wait. Which is funny, because I was SO worried she’d have her babies before she got here! Her belly is a bit bigger than it looks in the pictures, but not by much. I guess we’ll see. πŸ™‚

  2. New mama is so beautiful! She will surely produce gorgeous kittens. I hope we will get updates on the Coaches, too. I just love Kara and her Sheriff Mama attitude. My Leia looks a lot like her and they are both soooo pretty!

  3. Pattypan’s selfie is just toooo cute!
    Mama’s belly does not look all that big, to me. Perhaps we will have a very long wait.
    The photo of Nubbs looking up at Miz Poo actually choked me up and made me misty eyed….

  4. Hello all. I love reading about all the kitties on here and the advice. I was wondering if you had some advice on cat food brands. I am looking to switch my 2 cats over to a better food but it’s hard to tell what’s good and what isnt. Thanks for the help in advance.

    • Look for #1 ingredient being like Chicken. Not chicken-by-products (that is ground feathers, beaks and feet) or corn meal. I did try “grain free” fancy quality brand and it made my cats fat. I found out that grain-free foods are HIGH in calories, so be careful. I feed my cats Authority (Pet Smart brand) Chicken – adult – indoor/weight management – furball reduction. πŸ™‚

    • I have older cats (17 & 23… I think the female may be immortal…) so I look for food with a lower protein content as my vet says it’s better for their aging kidneys.

      I also give them a variety of brands because, let’s face it, I’d hate to eat the same thing every day until the end of time so I think cats enjoy mixin’ it up with their noms, too. Also, since it’s very hard as a consumer to know what is truly going into your pet’s food and what may harm them ingredients-wise (e.g. I have read food reviews in which some owners claim their cats got sick from the carrageenan in one particular brand yet others had no problem with it) I guess I sort of feel that by feeding a variety and not sticking with one particular formula, it decreases the chance of having problem by ingesting the same thing over and over all the time. That may not be scientific but so far it seems to have worked for me as my cats are still very healthy and have had no major problems.

      I would say I shop in the mid-to-high range of foods cost-wise…. so, for dry and wet, I rotate things like Halo, Blue Buffalo, Weruva (I am tempted to try their chicken because it looks like human-grade shredded breast meat and doesn’t smell gross!), Royal Canin, Nature’s Variety, Pride by Instinct, Merrick and…. once in a blue moon I’ll give them a can of Fancy Feast as a treat, just because they seem to really love it and always lick the dish clean (I think it may be the McDonald’s of cat food).

      For some reason, I’ve never had or known a cat that would eat any type of Wellness brand cat food but I’ve heard from some people that it’s supposed to be good (they couldn’t get their cats to eat it either).

      Just as a sidenote, my boy cat prefers the wet food in patΓ© form (the girl doesn’t care, she’s not fussy) and he won’t eat any beef flavours and usually vomits from any seafood flavours so I avoid buying those. He also prefers wet food to dry and is very dramatic in his complaints about how cruel I am to make him wait between canned food feedings (even though he’s sitting right next to a full bowl of kibble).

      Pet food is a big, wide market and everyone has their own opinion and opinions often vary greatly… so I wish you luck in finding what works best for you & your kitties!

      • Switching foods may cause stomach issues. Younger cats need higher protein levels, so Jen, please take your kitties’ ages into consideration.

        Sourpuss is right about the wide market and opinions. Read ingredients, and of course, your cats have to like it and eat it. What my cats like, sourpuss’ cats may snub and visa versa!

    • Jen, you have opened up a Pandora’s box! One of my troops is allergic to chicken (an ingredient in so many foods that don’t even boast of it), another had a urinary-tract blockage, and both have all-too sensitive digestive systems. After a lot of trial and error, we’ve settled on cans of mostly Wild Calling turkey with toppings of Mauri Duck and Ziwipeak lamb. Twice a day, they get a teaspoon of Forza10 urinary-active kibble. For treats? Orijen lamb or duck dog treats (same formula as the cat ones and far better value). These are all pricey but far less expensive and wearing than too many trips to the vet and ER.

    • Hi Jen, have you heard of catinfo.org?

      Basically, you want a food that is high in animal based ingredients and low in plant based ingredients..

      Low protein is not good for ageing kidneys.. what is good for ageing kidneys is good quality protein. the less the body has to do to get rid of the waste the better, and since cats were designed to digest animal protein, that is what they are good at and what they are efficient at. Most low protein cat foods are high in plants, which cats are not good at breaking down and digesting and are very hard on the body.

    • Thanks for the advice. It’s greatly appreciated. It’s hard to trudge through some of the information out there. There is just so much of it.

      • Your vet could help guide you. He knows the age and health of your kitties. Be careful, grain-free is all the rage, but you will have to really be careful cuz they will get fat. My kitties are nibblers and will NOT eat a meal. They graze. So, it was not good for them as I could not manage how much each one ate. (I have 4). So, I switched back. You will have some trial and error. Fret not. Just buy tiny bags/cans till you know what they like and is good for them. Best of luck. It is not an easy endeavor! πŸ™‚

      • Everyone’s got about everything covered (thank you, everyone!), so the only thing I’m going to add here is that until you are dead certain you’ve found a food that they like and will eat, buy in small quantities!

        • And remember that some shelters and rescues will take the unopened cans or dry leftover food if your kitties turn their noses up at it. Or let friends try it on their kitties!

          • I wish I could afford better quality food but with 16 cats it isn’t possible. That said, we did plunk down some cash to get a large bag of 4 Health Grain-Free (Tractor Supply Co.) and there isn’t one of them who will willingly eat it. In desperation we got a 25 lb. bag of Cat Chow and they act like its Christmas, their birthdays and Mardi Gras all in one! Go figure.

  5. thanks hahahaha
    I just spent an hr on buzzfeed clicking on the link to the ham dog. snort

  6. I love the picture of Pharrell and Levine napping together! Lovely boys. <3

    In that picture of Mama cat when she's laying down, you wouldn't believe she's pregnant. Maybe it's the angle? If so, give me the tips to take selfies and hide my muffin tops. xDDD

  7. That photo of Nubbs looking at the Poo’s picture is incredibly sweet and evokes all sorts of emotions. <3

      • Indeed. Even thinking about it is making me tear up. On a cheerier note, that picture of Kara is lovely!

    • I think Nubbs is looking at her and thinking “I want to grow up to be as happy and loved as you were, Miz Poo!”

      I have an oil portrait of my Boo (when you live to 21, you deserve a portrait!) that’s in the front bedroom where all of my rescued litters were raised. I like to think of her and Miz Poo as a guardian angels looking over the little ones and the perms!

  8. Are you sure King Nubbs wasn’t trying to figure out a way to play in that back yard? or wondering what he had to do to get his portrait on the wall?

  9. Do you use a specific cat-selfie app or is it just the stock camera app on the iPad set to selfie mode?

    • It’s the Cat Selfie app by Acceleroto. It has a laser light that runs around the screen, and when the cats smack at it, it takes a picture.

  10. Please read the following in as whinny a voice as possible: Whyyyyy did you give up the kittens.. You knooooowww that momma ain’t gonna give you any babies any time soon! The Coaches will be adopted out, bonded with their families and half grown before one single baby comes outta that gorgeous new momma! She could have your room til they go to the adoption place! Waaahhhhhh!

    Exit whining here πŸ™‚

    Could you post a list of the naming themes you’ve been collecting, the ones you haven’t used?

    Yesterday someone suggested the name Sadie. I had, well, my roommate at the time had, a cat named Sexy Sadie. Then my unneutered boy cats… well, so she went from Sexy Sadie to Sadie Sadie Unmarried Lady, (and to being my cat because roommate didn’t want kittens) Then when the kittens grew up and she was a sweet, spayed, darling little lady she became Sadie Mae. She was small, and young, at the time of her ‘disgrace’ lol so I put my vote in for this kitty to also be a Sadie! (She, by the way, had four kittens, three of whom lived, one was twice the size of the others and was born dead)

    Also from yesterday, file this under “who goes back and reads comments when the next post is up so I’m puttin’ it here!” That picture of King Nubbs having places to go? Why do I hear finger snapping gang music when I see that? And the “kitty” watching looks like a horrified neighbor peeping out their window as the Sharks and Jets are getting ready to rumble. Hee hee!

    Ok, I’m done with my rambling post! *waving a ‘go momma’ banner and waitin’ for them babies!*

  11. Name suggestion for new mama: seeing as she’s a teenage mother and vocal, how about calling her Loretta Lynn? Then the kittens could have classic country singer names.