1-22-16 Friday

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Last night, this happened:

That’s all the BeeBees adopted, which makes room for the Coaches, who should be headed to Petsmart next week. Hopefully they’ll all get adopted quickly!


I recall a supposedly pregnant cat Robyn got who turned out to be fooling people. Wonder if the current “expectant” cat is doing the same (hopefully she isn’t *fingers crossed*).


Are you ~sure~ she’s pregnant? If she is, she’s hiding it well. I have a couple of boys here who have bigger bellies! *tee hee*

Look, all I know is what I’m told – the people at the vet’s office are pretty sure she’s pregnant. She does seem pregnant to me*, but I think we’ve got a while to wait. In the meantime, we’ll spoil her rotten, and if she ends up not being pregnant, we’ll be happy (so she doesn’t have to go through that) and sad (but-but-but I was promised BAYBEEEEES!). Somehow, I think there’ll be babies in our foster room at some point.

And we had not one but TWO fakers in the past – Maura and Lilybet.

*There’s a prominent nipple situation going on in her nippular area. I prefer not to go into details.


Could you post a list of the naming themes you’ve been collecting, the ones you haven’t used?

I’ll put a list together and post it next week.


Do you use a specific cat-selfie app or is it just the stock camera app on the iPad set to selfie mode?

It’s the Cat Selfie app by Acceleroto. It has a laser light that runs around the screen, and when the cats smack at it, it takes a picture.


So, I’ve been binge watching Sons of Anarchy of late (because Canada. Cold.) and I was wondering if the Sons litter you fostered were named after them?

Yes – Clay, Jax, Tig and Opie were named after characters from the Sons of Anarchy series.

I always said that Tara from Sons of Anarchy reminded us of Stinkerbelle.


I have an unrelated question. When you have a single adult foster, how much time do you spend with them each day? I have a sweet orange girl right now and I spend lots of time with her, but she still meows when I’m not in there and it breaks my heart.

I would guess maybe three hours? An hour or so in the morning, again around noon, and then in the evening. Added to that, I go in and out of the room often, sometimes just to check on her, sometimes to put something away. Fred – whose office is upstairs at the other end of the hallway from the foster room – goes in there when he has a break from work, and sits with her several times over the course of the day. If she weren’t pregnant, I’d let her have the run of the upstairs, but I don’t want her having kittens under Fred’s bed!


I love the previous year entries that say “We’re definitely not adopting (enter permanent resident’s name here)”. They always crack me up. 🙂

That’s exactly why I try not to say it anymore – I tend to make a liar out of myself!


Awww, I got the Beebees banner today. I hadn’t seen that one yet, and I love that you included one of the kittens cozied up to their sock. I wish I’d remembered that sock thing while I was visiting my mom, because her kitty always acts like she’s cold (she does the catloaf thing on top of the floor heat vents.) (The cat, not Mom. Heh.)

The BeeBees - Badger, Combo, and Skinny Pete.

The BeeBees – Badger, Combo, and Skinny Pete.

I have really got to get my butt in gear and get more banners done – there are so many fosters who aren’t represented in them! The rice/bean sock thing was new to me, but I am a definite convert – the BeeBees adored their socks!


On a separate note… have you seen this? The little tabby’s meow kills me DEAD! Enjoy.

YouTube link.

That very well might be the VERY SWEETEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.


So I’m not sure if “rare black-nosed tabby” was supposed to be real, but if so, I have one!

It’s not really a thing, it’s just something I made up, like the rare diamond-bellied tuxie. I honestly hadn’t noticed that Levine has a black nose until Fred pointed it out!


Here are the last of the pictures of The Coaches! Kathie said that they’re doing great at her house, they’re playing and having a lot of fun, and when she went in yesterday morning, they had turned the FroliCat on all by themselves. They might be a little too smart!

King Nubbs in the sun.

The king has a smug.

All four! Left to right: King Nubbs/Pharrell, Levine, Shelton, Stefani.

From his pie plate, Nubbs watches the court jester in action.

Stefani and my reading glasses.

The boys – King Nubbs (laying down), Shelton on the left, Levine on the right.

Nap time. I particularly like how Levine’s legs are sticking up.

King Nubbs, with one eye cracked to see what I’m doing.

If you’re interested in seeing the progression of King Nubbs’s tail, I put all the pictures on a page by itself, along with a description of what the vet thinks caused the injury. It’s not for the faint of heart, so if you’re the sensitive sort, you might want to skip it. It’s here, and I’ll put a link on their page so you can find it from there, too.


“They said what? That they admire my svelte figure? Well, I do work hard at it. Sometimes I bat the sparkly ball all the way across the room before I lay down for a nap!”

“Maybe I am pregnant, and maybe I’m not. Don’t you know it’s rude to ask, lady? SO RUDE.”

Now that she’s had some time to settle in and relax, our little Mama has started to let her personality come through. She’s a bit of a goofball, enjoys playing with the track toy, the sparkly ball, and whatever will make noise at 3 am. Instead of sleeping in the crate I set up for her, she’s now sleeping on top of it, using it as a hammock. She also likes to sit and look out the window, and yesterday I watched her take a long nap on the top of the scratching post. She reminds me more than a little of Lucy.


Joe Bob says, “Lady, you have known for years that I love to snuggle up to your dirty boots at nap time. Why do you insist on acting surprised every time you see me doing it?”


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  1. While listening to my song list on shuffle, Kokomo by the Beach Boys came on and I thought Aruba, Jamaica,Bahama, Largo and Kokomo would be interesting names. Maybe I just have the beach on my mind too much.. 🙂

  2. As an exercise in self-discipline.. I, too, go back and read all of the comments from the previous post before I reward myself with the NEW post! (Ok, there’s probably some kind of lengthy EXPENSIVE therapy to understand that…) So, I, too, second the notion of Classic Country Singers… Patsy, Loretta, Dolly, Hank, Waylon, June & Johnny, etc., and who wouldn’t want to reprimand a wee little kitten with “George Jones, if you do not stop eating that litter….” or “Emmylou, come give momma some snuggles”??? 🙂

    The pics and story of King Nubbie’s Nubbin makes me love him all the more! Poor Baby! There is a two-legged rescue cat (Cassidy!) that I’ve been following in which they think his possibly young and inexperienced momma perhaps gnawed off his rear legs while removing the placenta. There are so many threats in the wild. I’m always amazed (and relieved) that strays / ferals that come into our lives can overcome the treatment, conditions, and environment they came from and give and receive love!

    Happy Friday, ya’ll! Paws up to the weekend!

    • I will definitely be using that naming theme for the future. Coal Miner’s Daughter is one of the first movies Fred and I watched together, way back in the day (though that was on TV – I think I first saw that movie when I was a kid).

  3. Mama is soooo pretty. Yes, the gray tabby in the video is the VERY SWEETEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Want that baby!!! I hope he/she never outgrows that!

    Nubbs tail was not as “gross” as you made it sound. He certainly had some necrosis going on, but it will be an adorable asset once the fur grows in. It very well may get him adopted fast! 🙂

    • I think the tail looks much better since the vet nipped the end and pulled the skin up. I would love to see an updated version when he gets to Petsmart. Robyn, if you go visiting or cleaning, please take your camera!

    • I didn’t really think it was that gross, but I’m also not easily grossed out (but when the vet suggested how the injury had happened, I winced pretty hard. Not because I was ooked out, but it hurt to think of that poor little guy having to go through that!)

      And Amy, of course! Though maybe we’ll get lucky and the people who adopt him will update us!

  4. I did that once…asked a woman when she was due! She was NOT pregnant! She was incredibly polite telling me she wasn’t and that she gets asked that alot. I thought I was going to die, the world slowed down, it was like watching a very slow train wreck :/ I’ve never been so embarrassed! Since that day I have decided to only ask about a pregnancy when it’s coming out of the womb!! 😉

    • Yeah. I once asked a male coworker how his wife’s pregnancy was coming along, only to be told that she had miscarried several weeks earlier. Wanted the floor to open up and swallow me, even though he was quite nice about it.

    • I did that once, too, when I was 16. I was trying to be nice (I was a cashier). She cussed me out in Spanish. The man behind her told me what she said. I have NEVER asked anyone ever again. Even my co-worker. She is heavy set so I wasn’t sure. At 7 months, she wondered why I never said anything. I told her why and that I never ask any woman and she laughed.

    • Back when we first bought this house and were renovating it, I was in the habit of wearing oversized t-shirts (okay, I still am!), and TWICE in one week, two completely separate people (one cashier, one door to door salesman) thought I was pregnant.

      It’s always been my policy to never comment on someone’s pregnancy unless they clearly state they’re pregnant – or are in labor. 🙂

  5. Aw, look at those wee biker faces on the Sons! (*grrrrr* Tara…my least fav character on the Sons of Anarchy…)

    Yay Combo! Sweet little muffin…

    Sweet Mama (another SoA reference!) has the stripes of a tiger – those babies are going to be fiercely adorable! 😀

  6. Hee! Nipple Watch 2016! I started to ask about them the other day, but decided to give it time, lest I offend the new Mama (“They asked about my WHAT?!? RUDE!”) 😀

  7. Gorgeous new foster. Her colors are so saturated.

    The little tabby’s meow? Reminds me SpongeBob.

  8. I have a cat I found at a campground with a messed up tail, it looked a lot like nubb’s only longer. Because the skin wouldn’t heal and grow fur, the vet amputated and she has a short stump. I swear, because she can’t communicate that she’s annoyed with her stump (because when her tail gets going she looks like she’s wagging it and that makes me laugh, pick her up and snorgle her belly), she’s given up being annoyed and is just good natured. No use being mad if no one notices, right? She’s a tortie and with her stump she looks either like a lab or a bear.

    • Mister Boogers’s tail was about 1/3 the length of a normal tail, and I swear it added to his personality. I could never imagine him with a full tail.

      Fred said that Nubbs’s tail (or lack thereof) made him look even more like a baby bear.

  9. Beatles song names-Prudence, Eleanor Rigby, Rita, Rocky Racoon, Sadie, Jude, Lady Madonna,
    Jojo. doesn’t work if you get a lot of boys! Have you started making delivery date guesses? I’m going for Valentine’s Day, because she looks like she needs more baking time!

    • I had hoped that she’d be ready any time now, but after talking to the lady who turned her over to Challenger’s House (she works at the vet’s office), I think that Valentine’s Day probably isn’t too far off.

      I really like the Beatles song names – especially Prudence. I am VERY fond of that name, for some reason!

      • And if it was a cat challenged in the IQ department, I would address her as “Dear Prudence, bless your heart” in a southern accent.

  10. That baybee kitten’s trilling sounds a lot like a killdeer’s calls!

    It’s also interesting because it turns out that big jungle cats can mimic sounds of their prey.

  11. I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about this popular video game called Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (since, duh, you get to collect the real thing!), but I was looking into it due to a friend’s enthusiasm, and I had to laugh: one of the kitties that you can “collect” is named Fred. His personality, listed in the game? Lady-killer!

      • I’ve been meaning to write about this too…yes, there’s a Fred, he’s a ginger 🙂 Such a cute game! =^..^=