1-22-14 – Crooked Acres Wednesday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

Fred always says “The possums we see have such shiny fur!” That’s ’cause they’re eating cat food instead of road kill! (Right after I took this picture, Fred slowwwwwly opened the door and rolled a COOKIE out to that possum. Who eventually spotted him and ran off.)

I was sitting at my desk last week, and heard a loud bang on the door. When I went to investigate, there were two sparrows lying on their backs, looking like they were pretty badly hurt. I yelled for Fred (of course), who went out to check on them. One of them flew off when he went out there, and he held the other one for several minutes. It sat there in his hand, and then flew off. Then flew back and sat on the porch for a couple more minutes before he flew off for real.

Female Cardinal on the seed block.

Male Cardinal on the feeder.

We’ve got several Chickadees this year. They’re so tiny and adorable – but it’s hard to get a good picture, because they’re always flitting around.

One of the roosters, stomping over to check on what I think I’m doing.

This is one of our Light Brahma hens.

This is Meredith Grey, who looks kind of like a Wyandotte to me (though she’s actually a “mutt.”)

And this is my current favorite hen, who looks like a Brahma from the neck up, and Meredith Grey from the neck down. Isn’t she purty?

“We ain’t comin’ out there! You crazy, lady? It’s COLD!”

Speckled rooster.

The Rock Star needs another trimming of her head feathers, I think. I tossed her some scratch yesterday morning, and she didn’t seem to see it.

Tried to convince that rooster to drop one or two of those long tail feathers so I could bring it in for Tricki, but he wasn’t having it.

The ducks saw me coming to the pond and came right over to see if I had any food for them.

When they found that I had nothing for them, off they went.

Giving me the “Seriously? No food?” side eye.

Girl duck flapped her wings at me, and then joined the other ducks.

We put this water dish up on a block so that the ducks wouldn’t swim around in it and befoul it, and the chickens get up there and perch on the side to drink. Which wrecks my nerves, because I swear one of them is going to fall in and won’t be able to get out. (Hasn’t happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t!)

I don’t know how the Angry Muppet keeps her feathers white and bright when it’s so muddy out there.

Cruella has no time for your nonsense.

Don’t you just want to pick her up and snuggle her? She’d peck your eyes out, though!

Thirsty chickens.

That Cardinal peeking around at the Sparrow is cracking me UP.

I don’t know how on earth I took all those chicken pictures and didn’t get a single picture of George and Gracie. I’ll be sure to get ’em next time!


After announcing that I was taking Tricki to Petsmart yesterday, I got to talking to Fred, and decided to wait. If she went off to Petsmart and John Smith stayed here, he would likely get lonely, and we’re finding out (since we started letting them have the run of the upstairs) that John Smith can be pretty vocal when he feels like it. With Tricki to keep him company at night in the foster room, he hasn’t been howling, but if he were in there by himself, I can pretty much guarantee that he would be a very unhappy – and very loud – boy. So I was going to tell you that they’d both be with us a little longer, but they’ll actually be going to Petsmart on Thursday, because last night THIS happened:

They were adopted separately. This leaves Livia and Tony from the Sopranos, which seriously – what is going ON? Their forever family needs to step it UP!


John Smith gives me his “skeptical” pose.

His “wide-eyed innocent” pose.

His “pondering” pose.

Tricki’s got a feather.

She LOVES that feather.

Loves! It!

Sweet girl.


Grandma Poo, keepin’ an eye on the younguns. “You kids! Over there! Y’all behave now, you hear?”


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1-22-14 – Crooked Acres Wednesday — 30 Comments

  1. Oh I would love me some John Smith and Tricki too… (And some Miz Poo as well) All loveable cats I’m sure!

  2. “Fred slowwwwwly opened the door and rolled a COOKIE out to that possum.” *snort*

    YAY for Bunnie (but not surprised) and Melfi!!! Wonderful news!!!

    Hewoooo Miz Poo!!!

  3. I read your blog every day and so admire what you do for unwanted kitties! I live in a dense city neighborhood and tend to several strays that have been dumped by mean people, they’re mostly content to be outdoors and don’t want anything to do with coming inside. One is a beautiful Persian-ish male cat. I can’t believe that people just dump their pets outside the way they do. 🙁

    Anyway I just wanted to write and mention that in cold climes where lakes freeze over, people put straw or hay on the ice for the ducks to sit on. But they put the straw right near the water in the middle, which I guess would be very unsafe for you all to do, since your pond doesn’t freeze thickly! Just wanted to mention it.

    • Most of the time, there’s not any ice on the pond, actually. It’s just when the temperature drops down like it’s doing right now that we see any ice at all. They do have a shelter (with straw in it) right next to the pond, but like the dogs, this kind of cold seems to be the sort of thing they really love!

  4. Tricki has the same colored eyes as my Abby; they would make a great matched pair!

    Also, ran across this and thought of you. Chickens!

  5. John Smith has the most beautiful golden eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat, just gorgeous. Hope he gets adopted super fast and SO happy for the other two kitties finding their furever homes.

    Enjoy seeing your wide variety of chickens too.

  6. Wow – I think that you do have a “cold weather/adopt a kitten” trend happening! Yay for Bunnie and Melfi! Now you need to add signs to the cages touting Livia, Toto and Tony’s toastiness! 🙂

  7. Man, I was sure Livia would be snapped up 🙁 You need a new girlcat, right Robyn? Sure you do. Heh!

    • No, but YOU do! 😛 All I can hope is that after waiting so long, Livia’s family is going to be something special!

  8. Yea!!! More adoptions!! However, Livia’s such an elegant beauty and Tony is such a sweetheart. Someone needs to stop and see that.

    Fred is SUCH a softie. Cookies for the opossums? I remember him and that nest of robins from a few year’s back. Hand feeding them worms, I bet he’d fix a splint on a sparrow.

    That’s a keeper.

  9. Thanks Robyn, for the cross post about Indiana, Jackson, and Darby. Still have not heard a peep. . But I am sure their forever homes are right around the corner

  10. What a wonderful post, not least because of the great adoption news, the chickens, Tricki and John Smith, and the ever-captivating Miz Poo. Then along comes Fred, who includes possum and sparrow charming among his many gifts. He and Robyn are far from the only ones who’re lucky they met!

  11. Chickadees are supposed to be fairly easy to teach to eat seed from hands…never had the patience/time to try it! (seeing the sparrow, then the chickadee made me think of that).
    Yay for Bunnie and Melfi…betting you won’t have an empty foster room for long.

  12. Is it me or does the picture of Rockstar look like calico/tortie colors ?? I never thought I would like chicken and rooster pictures so much but I always look forward to them !!!

    Miz Poo I could kiss and snuggle you all day !!!!

  13. How can it be that Livia and Tony have not been adopted???? Maybe their forever families are busy getting the house ready for them – you know, redecorating for them! That is the only possible explanation….