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That look on his face is cracking. Me. UP. “Yep. It’s my mouse!”

“Om nom NOM.” (Obviously this picture is a few days old, since that’s Bunnie in the background.)

A boy and his mouse.


Tricki’s got her feather.

John Smith cannot hold his licker.

“Gots! My! Featherrrrrr!”

Such a lovah of the feathers, this one.

Silly girl.

“Hallo, feather.”


“Hallo, jingly ball. You’re NEXT.”

I am headed off to take John Smith and Tricki to Petsmart bright and early this morning (I have an appointment on that side of town and errands to run, so it’ll be a busy morning for me!) Hopefully they’ll settle into their cages without too much of an issue, though I just KNOW Tricki’s going to head right into the litter box. Oh, Tricki. Why you gotta break my heart, you little scaredy cat? It took her a while to calm down after I got her here, but once she calmed down, she turned into the sweetest, goofiest girl. Hopefully she won’t be at Petsmart too long… Hopefully NONE of them will be at Petsmart too long. Fingers crossed!

You’ll see the rest of my pictures of these two in tomorrow’s post.


Oh, my Suggie. I remember when Suggie and Tommy were the little guys. Can you believe they’re going to be 9 years old in June? It seems impossible!


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1-23-14 — 12 Comments

  1. Brought Da Bird out last night and Gracie Lu lost her mind. She is so quick it is amazing. Too bad there are no Olympics for the kittehs.

    • Jack got hold of Da Bird and stripped all the feathers. I know you can buy replacement birds for it, but it cracked me up. He is also quite possessive of it and will crouch over it and growl.

  2. Heavens what ever are we to do with all the kittehs gone? I know there will be more but the not knowing WHEN there will be more is too much to handle.

  3. John Smith has such a sweet nature, doesn’t he? Happy with a toy, cheerful when you put hats on his head, just a real joy.

  4. Godspeed, John Smith and Tricki — may you and all those in need find super homes. Thanks for allowing these two to flourish, Robyn, and fingers crossed for them as well as the Crooked Acres three who’ve been waiting for families for a bit!

  5. I can’t believe Sugie and Tommy will be 9! How can that be?! They’re still babies, surely?!

    Fingers crossed those gorgeous babies get adopted lickety split!