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The Beans are at Petsmart. I got the word that there was room for them yesterday afternoon, and last night I took them in. Bitsy and Barney are in one cage, and Baby Beans is in another. If Barney or Bitsy is adopted, they’ll move Baby Beans in with whoever’s left, so they’ll have some company. When we first got Baby Beans, I wouldn’t have guessed that he’d be okay in a cage with another kitten, but he’s definitely mellowed enough that I think they’ll be fine.

They’re not happy – they never are – but I’m sure by adoption hours this weekend they’ll be yelling “Get over here and pet me!” at everyone who passes by. Bitsy and Barney will, anyway. Baby Beans will probably just give everyone the stink eye.

I’ve got pictures of them that I haven’t shared yet, so you’ll be seeing their faces again in tomorrow’s post.

Barney reaches for the feather teaser, but isn’t quite quick enough. (That’s Baby Beans in the background.)

Patiently keeping an eye on the teaser.

He’s such a beautiful little thing.

I love Barney’s serious little face.

Bitsy and her beloved mylar ball.

I always send a bag of toys home with my fosters. I made sure to send five mylar balls in Bitsy’s bag.

Baby Beans with attitude.

Bitsy and Barney, sharing the couch with Miz Poo and Tommy. That blue blanket is a heated throw. I NEVER turn it on for the cats. No, I don’t. I don’t! (Please. No one on earth believes THAT.)

Six kitties in this picture! Barney and Bitsy on the window bed, Miz Poo in the Pagoda, Baby Beans below Miz Poo, Alice on the bed, and Jake on top of the Pagoda.

Miz Poo says, “GREAT. I just got rid of the party girl, and this nutball moves in upstairs. I gotta stop renting and get my own house.”


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1-23-13 — 27 Comments

  1. Awwwwwww. I’ll miss the little characters! Let’s hope for three great and quick adoptions! And that Bitsy gets all the mylar balls she ever needs in coming years!

    Miz Poo as the downstairs cranky neighbor is fabulous in that role!

  2. I am curious about the headphones that are hanging off the pagoda in every shot. What gives? šŸ˜€

    • I’ll save this for Friday’s post – I’m sure you’re not the only one who wonders – but rest assured it’s nothing exciting. šŸ™‚

  3. Miz Poo needs her own Miz Poo sized set of headphones to help her tune out the upstairs neighbors. Otherwise I foresee her installing a teeny tiny electric fence on her roof and creating mass havoc.

  4. Hoping for quick adoptions of the Beans! Does this mean you are temporarily without any fosters? No kittehs there, must be…lonely. Probably won’t be long till you’ll have fosters again. Besides, wouldn’t want Miz Poo to miss the little devils aggravating her! LOL

    • Me too! I hope that they won’t have to languish, although if that happens, Robyn can always take them back for a little break.

  5. We have that exact same throw downstairs, and a beige heated throw upstairs on our bed. My husband will walk in and see my two cats snuggled up on the throw, curled up, paws intermingled, totally blissfully asleep and he’ll holler to me wherever I am, “You’re baking them, aren’t you???” I call those blankets “cat traps”. They’re like the flypaper of the cat world.

    At night, when I get on the couch, I have to move them off the blanket. (They will sleep on it if it’s on or off, because they know that SOMETIMES it gets magically warm.) They’ll grudgingly move off and go get food, and then I’ll drape it over me and yell after them, “Oh BOOOOYS! Mom’s got the blue blanket on for you!” That brings them back in a hurry, whereupon they stick themselves like velcro to me all night. It’s delightful.

      • Ray and Frank look like wonderful cuddlers. I would love it if my kitties stuck to me like velcro!

        • I don’t know if it’s just luck, or if it’s something about the way I handle them or choose my cats, but all four of my cats have been velcro kitties. It’s tough getting out of bed in the morning because these two strategically back against me on either side so I can’t escape.

          • LOVE a velcro kitty – but it’s a bit of a pain when you’re on the couch or in bed and need to get up quickly and they’re laying there like dead weight. Miz Poo has learned to leap off of me when I say “Let me up!”, but kittens tend to not care if I need to get up. šŸ™‚

  6. I’m with Jake – I would totally hang out at a place called Poo’s Pagoda! I just know it has drinks with umbrellas (or catnip)!! šŸ™‚

    Good luck Beanie Babies! And somewhere there is a bottle baby waiting for Robyn…I just feel it…

  7. Best wishes to the beans! I’m sure it won’t be long til we see some new little kitty faces among the pictures.

  8. I’m praying that those dear little Beans will find the greatest homes ever (after Crooked Acres, of course!) soonest. I can only hope that Jake schooled them in tail-curling and Miz Poo did the same in pagoda-dwelling before they headed out. Godspeed, beautiful brown tabbies!

  9. Ok, so that throw… my older cat has learned to turn it on. It has a tap switch, and I have to unplug it before I leave the house, or he will turn the darn thing on!

    • Ha – I had that issue at one point, too, but I have a storage ottoman next to the couch. I tuck the control in there, so the cats can’t get to it. (I suspect they’ll figure out a way around it, though!)

  10. Where Alice is, on the bed… that’s… um… there’s no polite way to ask this, I guess, so here I go: That’s ALL Alice? That’s just ONE cat there? Yowza!

    (LOL @ myself, all worried that I’m going to hurt Alice’s feelings. *snort*)