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The last of the Beans pics – just a few, and Baby Beans wasn’t around for them. We had a short Da Bird play session in the front room.

Barney takes flight while Bitsy supervises.

Corbie loves Da Bird, and he always comes running.

Bitsy captures Da Bird!

I don’t know why, but the fact that Corbie just looks like a big blob here makes me laugh.

Barney (left), and Bitsy.


“I can’t believe I had to wear a stupid tie to work today. Stupid meetings. Stupid ties. Stupid bosses.”

“Wait. I AM the boss. Shouldn’t that excuse me from wearing a tie?”

“Stupid Board of Directors and their stupid meetings.”

“Intern Bitsy, where’s my cup of catnip? I’m not going to make it through this stupid meeting without my catnip.”

“Intern Bitsy, you’re kind of in my space.”

“OH, Mister Cullen, I’ve had a crush on you forEVER, can’t I just get a little bitty kiss?”
“Intern Bitsy, don’t make me fire you. GO GET MY CATNIP.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the company…

“Intern Barney, what time is this stupid meeting? I’m hoping to make a good impression on my boss, Mister Cullen. I’m hoping for a promotion this year!”

“::GASP!:: Mister Sugarbutt, you can’t wear that tie! That’s the SAME tie Mister Cullen is wearing!”

“I believe I’ll take a nap and ponder my next step. Maybe by the time I wake up, the meeting will be over.”


2012: Someone asked in the comments yesterday if Lucy is still “cockeyed”, and the answer is that yes, she is still slightly cross-eyed.
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1-24-13 — 36 Comments

  1. Corbie doesn’t just look like a great big blob (it’s the angle, people!), he looks like a great big ghostly blob. He’s materializing in the same way that Dandelion was in that super jumping pic you took of her! Fingers crossed for the Beans at adoption hours today. Hope the cold won’t keep prospective families from their appointed goal.

    • I know I would not be able to resist the Beanly goodness if I were in the market to adopt.

  2. But when will we be discussing the true scandal? Forget identical ties! ((whispers so that Sugarbutt and Tommy can’t hear what will surely shame them…)) Those ties say “woof”. Robyn dresses her cats in DOG CLOTHES!

  3. As I am on my way out of town to a stupid meeting you don’t know how this made me laugh!! 🙂

  4. Oooohh, I see white tips on Miz Poo’s feets!! Now that I think about it, I’m sure there have been tons of pictures with her feet, but she’s such a purrty girl that I can’t get past the face!! ♥♥

  5. Corbie IS beautiful. But Sugarbutt? He’s downright HANDSOME. Mr. Cullen is also good looking-I’m just partial to the orange tabbies 🙂

    • He certainly is a beautiful boy. And SO laid back – I always say that if he were human, he’d be a pot-smoking surfer. 🙂

  6. Love the ties!

    I bought my husband that book “how to tell your cat is plotting to kill you” for Christmas because he’s certain our Siamese cat is plotting his demise even though both I and the vet have assured him that our Siamese most likely isn’t, lol

  7. Corbie as “big blob” made me laugh too, and that was before I even saw your caption!

    I’ve been waiting for Da Bird to show up again on one of your blogs to share this, which I found on Amazon when I was trying to decide if it would be worth spending the money to buy one. (I did eventually decide that it would be, and it arrived about a week ago, and it is definitely a hit! I’ve now made two cat-related purchases that I otherwise definitely would not have had they not come so highly recommended by you, Robyn. These companies should pay you a commission!)

    Herewith, the Amazon review on Da Bird that I thought was just hysterical: Caused K.O.C.D (Kitty Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)http://www.amazon.com/review/R2638FB70ORH78/ref=cm_cr_pr_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B001BOVEU4&linkCode=&nodeID=&tag=#wasThisHelpful
    Not sure if that will actually show the specific review I want, so I’m copying it here too:

    “I felt compelled to tell our story with Da bird. First off, I really struggled with whether to give this toy 5 stars or 1 star. So let me just qualify this review by saying the Da Bird toy works great, it is sturdy, simple, easy to use and our cat LOVED it. So technically it gets 5 stars.

    “BUT we grew to hate it because our cat became obsessed with it to the point where he begged for it all day every day and we started feeling like slaves to the thing! Pathetic, I know. But we felt guilty if we didn’t pick it up once a day and play with him with it. We’d pawn off the play session on each other like it was a chore. We were SICK of it and our cat was obsessed with it, demanding it as though nothing else in life mattered, not even us. He would snub us unless we had that thing in our hand. And he would lose his mind while playing with it and do the craziest acrobatics to chase it. It brought out all his hunting instincts but in an artificial, unsatisfying way.

    “We began hiding it different places in the house because if we left it out anywhere he would just sit by it and meow at anyone passing by to get it flying for him. It became a REAL annoying part of every day for over a year. He wanted nothing else, not even us. He would not sit on our laps anymore or give any love anymore. Just sat and waited for the next thrill ride with his birdy.

    “For so long we thought that it must be the greatest cat toy EVER! But fast forward a year and several feather refills later and I FINALLY woke up and realized our cat was absolutely obsessed with it. And obsession is not a good thing. Ever. Hense the 1 star review. So do you see my struggle in reviewing this thing?

    “So those who read the worst product reviews first (as I do), I just want to issue an honest warning about this thing. There may be cats out there who react differently, but for our cat, it was like kitty-cocaine and we just quit him cold turkey and finally had to throw it away

    “Now it’s been a couple of months and he has finally re-adjusted to life without da bird. 🙂 He’s back on our laps again, plays with other toys again and acts like a normal cat again. And I am so glad to be rid of such an fabulous/terrible toy! :)”

  8. Will Sugarbutt and Tommy get to the meeting only to find the CEO’s nephew Jake wearing the same tie as a headband?