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Thought of you, Robyn, when I saw this photo of a Cat Lady Tree, ready for harvest.

I must be doing something wrong, my cat tree isn’t ready for harvest yet. Should I water? Does it need more fertilizer?

(Oh, wait. It produces its OWN fertilizer, doesn’t it?)


Wanted to tell you I tried using those windshield reflectors underneath a blanket as a self-heating cat bed. Worked great! At first, my two indoor cats (on sun porch with heating lamp at night) were a bit hesitant about the crinkly noise, but when we hit the 30s, they quickly adapted!

I’m going to buy more for the outside cats so they can enjoy a bit of warmth in their quarters. BTW, you can get those windshield reflectors at Dollar Tree for a buck apiece, so that goes a long way toward making cat beds.

Awesome! I have a windshield reflector now, I just need to make beds out of it.

Although, Rachael emailed and told me that she wanted to test the idea first before she cut up a reflector, so she put the whole reflector under a blanket on the couch, and her kitties approved. Maybe I should just do that instead of making beds.


Oh my gosh! Jake can curl his tail into a little circle!!! More looney-ness! Love it!

In case anyone missed it, here it is again:

That Jake is a multi-talented fellow, no?


I am curious about the headphones that are hanging off the pagoda in every shot. What gives? πŸ˜€

There’s a recliner in the corner of the guest room, where Fred sits and writes on his laptop. When I watch TV in the living room (which is the only room in the house with a TV)(OH THE HUMANITY), it distracts him, so he puts the headphones on so he can’t hear the noise of the TV.


We have that exact same throw downstairs, and a beige heated throw upstairs on our bed. My husband will walk in and see my two cats snuggled up on the throw, curled up, paws intermingled, totally blissfully asleep and he’ll holler to me wherever I am, “You’re baking them, aren’t you???” I call those blankets “cat traps”. They’re like the flypaper of the cat world.

At night, when I get on the couch, I have to move them off the blanket. (They will sleep on it if it’s on or off, because they know that SOMETIMES it gets magically warm.) They’ll grudgingly move off and go get food, and then I’ll drape it over me and yell after them, “Oh BOOOOYS! Mom’s got the blue blanket on for you!” That brings them back in a hurry, whereupon they stick themselves like velcro to me all night. It’s delightful.

Had to add photos.

This is Ray, nested under the throw (Ella our dog looks on dejectedly in the background).

This is Frank in the other throw, making what I like to call a “purrito”.

I love this so very much (and am glad I’m not the only sucker who turns on the electric throw for the cats!)


So, it just occurred to me that you only had 3 permanent residents at the time???? What a ridiculous notion!!

This is regarding when we had Maddy as our foster. At the time, we actually had six cats – Spot, Spanky, Mister Boogers, Miz Poo, Tommy, and Sugarbutt!


I just wanted to share this sundance short I found on the dangers of catnip lol…

YouTube link.

I love that video – it’s so well done!


Do you read the Bobcats over at The Oatmeal? Because if you don’t, you totally should after the whole boss/tie thing – I think you would enjoy it!


Robyn, you (and any other cat lovers here,) NEED to get the book “How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill you.” Bob Cats are in there and it’s HYSTERICAL!!

I do read the Bobcats (and LOVE them!), but for some reason I didn’t realize there was a book. Or maybe I did know and forgot. I’ll be getting that ASAP, believe me!


Um. Excuse me?


Have we met? You look familiar.

“Of COURSE we’ve met, lady. I’m offended that you don’t remember. How could you forget this beautiful face, these gorgeous stripes?”

“I did some of my growing-up in this room! It’s me! Maybe this pose will jog your memory…”


That’s right, folks, it’s Kennebec. You might remember him as one of the Taters, who was here last Summer with his sisters, Fianna and Agata, as well as Norland (General Grumpy) and Russet (Cap’n Floofy), and the fabulous Stompers.

Well, Kennebec was adopted back in the middle of August along with another Challenger’s House cat, who wasn’t one of my fosters (more on her in a bit). Earlier this week, he and his sister were returned due to a move. When cats are returned to Challenger’s House, it’s policy that they be retested for FeLV and FIV, so even though there was room at Petsmart, they needed to be retested first. Since I had the room, they came here. In fact, I picked them up Tuesday evening when I dropped off the Beans.

Along with Kennebec came Mercury.


I mentioned Norland (General Grumpy) and Russet (Cap’n Floof) up there, as two of the Taters bunch. Here are pictures to refresh your memory.



So, Mercury was actually from the same litter as Norland and Russet. Their litter of six was found in the middle of the road. Three of the litter – including Mercury – were fostered by another Challenger’s House foster family. One of the kittens was adopted. And Norland and Russet came to us. And then Mercury and Kennebec were at Petsmart at the same time and were adopted together.

Pictures do not do this pretty girl justice.

The original plan was that I would keep Kennebec and Mercury here for a couple of days, take them for their testing, and then take them to Petsmart tomorrow. The only problem? Mercury wouldn’t eat. Would NOT eat. I asked Susan to call their former owner and find out what they’d been feeding the cats. I wasn’t able to find the exact kind of food at our local grocery store, and Mercury was just NOT eating. So I told Susan that I’d keep them here over the weekend, at least, and keep an eye on her.

She wasn’t eating, she was acting excited when I’d open a can of cat food, she’d run over and sniff at the food, then walk away. Oh, was this driving me a little bit crazy, you think?

It was Fred’s opinion that she HAD to be eating. The bowls of food didn’t look like they’d been touched, but she was so curious and bright-eyed, and NOT in distress that maybe she was eating so neatly that we didn’t realize it?

Finally, yesterday afternoon, I saw her take a couple of bites of food. THANK GOD. And I’ve got to say – she’s a REALLY neat eater. The bowls she’d eaten from didn’t look like they’d been touched at all.

“I’m a LAYDEE.”

So I decided to keep them both here with me until next Friday (February 2nd), just to keep an eye on them and make sure all is as it should be. This is a terrible inconvenience to me, as I’m sure you can guess. To have to go into the foster room and give snuggles to the friendliest boycat in the universe? Oh, the AGONY.

I just love her stripes.

Mercury’s a little more skittish and nervous than he is, but she’s decided we’re not so bad, and so when I walk into the room, they both stampede over to me for love.

They’re both about nine months old – she’s a couple of weeks older than he is – and I have hope that there’s a happy ending for them both right around the corner.

So for the next week, we get to just hang out and enjoy these two!


I love that Corbs.

I love his beautiful eyes and his big ol’ ears and the pretty “M” on his forehead.

Just love love love da Corbs.


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  1. I made a bunch of those reflector beds the other day when the temperature dipped below zero. They have been well used. I plan to do something more permanent, but for the meantime I just cut the material to fit inside pillowcases and slid them inside.

    FYI, I know it works because I slept with one myself the past couple nights. πŸ˜‰

    Awww… Hugs to Mercury and Kennebec.

  2. Breaks my heart for Kennebec and Mercury. So, did these people get rid of their human kids too? You know, can’t drag them along either if you move! [*rolling eyes*]

    • I’m with you. My cats reciprocate so much love I cannot think of one single reason to ever get rid of them. The only sad thing is these people always end up getting more pets later on down the road that they wouldn’t hesitate giving up again.

      • Agreed. I would be crying hysterically if I had to part with my babies! You would have to tranq me!
        I volunteer on Sundays (and at adoption events) at my local shelter. There is a 6 yr old kitty there that was owner surrendered. He got a dog and since the dog and his cat did not get along, he dumped his cat at the (kill) shelter. His poor ex-kitty is sooooo terrified there that he stays curled up hissing and growling. You can pull him out and take him into the interaction room and he is fine then, but it will prevent him from getting adopted. We are trying to find a foster for him and then home him that way. Poor baby.

        • aww, that’s awful! I get emotional just thinking about something happening to my kitties…ugh. stupid people!

    • I don’t want to start a flame war, but feel compelled to say that we don’t know the details of Kennebec and Mercury’s surrender. It’s best to realize our strong feelings are in reaction to what we imagine the situtation is. That could very well be very different than what the situation actually is.

      Their people might have had to move for economic reasons and didn’t have any choice in terms of pet-friendly homes. Their move might have been to a homeless shelter or a even a nursing home. They may have been totally heartbroken to surrender their pets but didn’t have any choice.

      We just don’t know.

      We’ve been trained by the media to think the worst of our fellow humans over the past couple of decades, but it only harms us as people and as a society. Could we please just reserve judgement unless we know the details? Could we please realize that most people are o.k. and try to do the right thing?

      Thanks for hearing me out.

      • I took the surrender of the 2 cats and can tell you the young woman who brought them was upset about having to surrender them. I let her have whatever time she needed to say goodbye in the cat room. She told me we could keep the carriers. I don’t know what transpired in the 5 months they were in this home, but I don’t think it’s something the family planned on or wanted to have to do. Bummer for them and the cats, BUT I’m glad they remembered Challenger’s House takes the cats back for any reason for the rest of their lives and now Kennebec and Mercury will get another chance at forever homes and hopefully really will be FOREVER.

      • I know you don’t want to start a “flame war” (good term!) and I totally respect your opinion, but generally when someone has to give up a pet for that reason, they say so up front and show some kind of emotion/remorse and in “I had no other choice, have to go to nursing home” or “my aunt died” or some such thing. From all Robyn says, they “just had to move.” Huh? That doesn’t cut it for me. As for the media whores, if they make people look bad, there’s usually some truth to it, sorry! I’m always on the side of the animals. Bite me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        • I’m with you, Lynn. Bite me, too! I just couldn’t give up my babies…..no matter what! But at the same time, I realize that I am very blessed and in these economic times, some people are being forced to make sacrifices they wouldn’t normally make. So I’ll hope that the people who gave them up had no other choice and wanted a better life for them. And if that’s true, I feel very badly for those people. I hope like everything that happens for a reason, that Kennebec and Mercury came back because they deserve better and as a result, get a forever home that loves them….forever! And they’re happier than ever. What can be better than being loved and spoiled by Robyn and Fred for awhile?!?

      • In support of Doodle Bean:
        Last year, I spent every Thursday afternooon at our local shelter, which has a lovely room where the adoptable adult cats can roam free. Anyone can come in and just sit and play with the cats if they wish. There’s a notebook there, where you can read the details about each cat and how they came to be there. At the time, I didn’t have a living situation where I could have a cat (still don’t.) I would read the notebook and see how many people gave up their pets for what seemed like ridiculous reasons, and thought those people were awful, and “I would never do that!”
        Fast forward to three months ago, when I was suddenly turned out of my (very low rent) home of 8 years. I am STILL looking for a place I can afford. I have had many desperate moments of panic and fear and distress that I will never find a place. I can’t imagine the distress I would feel if I had cats, cats that I loved and were responsible for, but couldn’t afford or find a place that would allow me to have them.
        I guess my point is that while yes, there are heartless people who give up their cats for silly reasons (“I got a new couch and I don’t want cat hair on it!”), there are plenty of people who just can’t keep their pets, and rather than setting them loose into the wild, they at least do the decent thing and take them somewhere where they might find a better home.

  3. A couple of friends sent me the “How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You” book. It’s pretty funny, but I don’t think there’s any new material that you can’t already find on the Oatmeal site. But it does come with a poster!

    • I get soooo tired of hearing “moving” as an excuse to dump an animal back. I don’t even pick a place to live without first checking that my “zoo” family can go/fit in/be well there. Don’t these people plan ahead or do “moves” just fall on them out of the blue? REALLY disgusted here and so sorry for the kittens who now have to re-adjust – again. If anyone can do right by them, it’s Robyn.

      • And….”we had a baby”… really????, if you have a second baby do you dump your first child?! Sheez.

      • It’s been addressed upthread, but I want to add my two cents as well:

        I’m usually the same way – I always do assume the worst and feel angry about it. But I’m also a natural-born contrarian. I was at my parents’ house a while back and they were doing a local news story on one effect of the poor economy/housing crisis has been overflowing pet shelters. My initial instinct was to think how horrible all these people are for getting rid of their pets “because The Economy.” Then my dad said pretty much exactly the same thing, and added, “It’s not that expensive to own a dog [the focus of the segment was on dogs], they can eat the same food you do for a while if need be. Cook up some rice or noodles, it’ll tide them over. There’s just no reason to give up your dog even if you DID lose your house.”

        That was when it clicked: We were all looking at it from the perspective of homeOWNers. It’s not that long ago that I was renting, and it was indeed a problem. Most places have strict rules about pets, accompanied by heavy financial burdens. The last place I was renting required a $500 non-refundable security deposit PER PET, and had recently adopted the policy of adding a $50 “pet convenience fee” to the monthly rent, again per pet. (I had moved in before they adopted this policy, so I was exempt.) There was a weight limit of 25 pounds, if the neighbors complained about noise or smells you had 30 days to get rid of the animal, and male cats were specifically prohibited. (The owner believed that all male cats spray all the time. I was able to convince him that this was incorrect and I had already proven myself a responsible tenant so he gave me a 3-month “trial period,” at the end of which he would come back and do an impromptu inspection; if he saw/smelled cat urine the cat would have to go. Those three months were the cleanest my cats’ litter boxes have ever been.)

        In my position I had been fortunate – I moved by choice, was not forced into it by foreclosure or bankruptcy, and I had established myself as a model tenant before I added more pets to the lease. Even so, it was expensive and worrisome.

        I lost my job of 12+ years about six months ago, and although I was fortunate in finding another job right away, it pays about half of what I was making before. I was worried sick that I’d have to let my house go to foreclosure – not worried so much about the house itself (I’d prefer an apartment, to be honest), but worried because I have five cats and a dog, and I know how impossible it would be to find a place that would allow that many pets – plus if the requirements were similar to my former landlord’s, I’d be looking at a non-refundable $3000 pet fee and an extra $300 per month tacked on to the rent – there’s just no way I’d have been able to do it. (It looks like a refinance will ease my worries on that, if we can ever manage to close on the damn thing.)

        Anyway – ever since that evening, I’ve been a bit more tolerant in that regard. I know it’s probably a minority, but still I choose to think, every time I hear someone had to rehome a pet because they were moving, that the circumstances may have been like this – that they were forced into a move because of a foreclosure, maybe a fire, something like that – and not that they just thought “Enh, a cat’s a PITA when you’re moving, I’ll just get a new one in a few months.” I’d like to live in a world where no one ever abandoned their pets for any reason, but as sad/awful as it is, sometimes there ARE reasons.

        (And even though I usually FEEL very strongly “so would you abandon your kid because a two-bedroom place is too expensive?” the sad truth is that there are social programs and private charities available to help people with children through financially tough times – not so for people with pets.)

        • Your reply was excellent and gave me much to think about and be – perhaps – a BIT more forgiving. I’ve not lived in those shoes. Also, some would call me selfish πŸ™ because I am an “older woman” and have 5 cats and 4 dogs and I hear a lot, “what if something happens to you?” I covered that before I took in all my strays (didn’t go looking for most of them). My kids would take them in. But it is a factor also when choosing to “parent” animals. They don’t live forever. Neither do we. Good post, yours. And good luck.

        • Thank you, elyane. Thank you. This is why I wish terribly that I could afford to buy a home, just a little one. But it is not in the cards at this time.

  4. I went through my e-mail to search for Kennebec for some reason and found one I’d sent to you telling you I was holding him and he started sucking on my shirt. I felt so bad for them when they came back Tuesday night. He did pretty good, but poor Mercury was so scared. I’m glad you got there before they even had a chance to warm the beds.

  5. I don’t know the specifics or the individuals involved in Kennebec’s situation but man, that is so disappointing.

    At least he’s with you for awhile.

    • I am glad that they didn’t dump them where ever they are moving to. At least Robyn has them and they will be safe. This sort of thing really gets my hackles up!

  6. Glad to see pics of the Tater boys again. Makes me want to see pics of Stompers again. Sad they got returned but maybe it’s for the best.

    That foil video is SO funny. I’ve never seen a cat jump that high!

  7. Poor Mercury – of course she wasn’t eating much, her world has just been turned upside down! This hurts my heart…I’m trying not to be judgemental, but growing up we moved almost every two years with my father’s job, and my cat KC made 3 of those moves with us over his life (and even was cat-napped out of our hotel room on the move from Georgia to Illinois – we got him back though!). But I’m glad Mercury and Kennebec (such a handsome big boy now!) are safe with you for a while!

  8. I saw the aluminum foil video yesterday when a friend posted it on Facebook and watched it several times in a row, giggling and feeling bad for doing so. We’ve used foil in a couple of places (in the baby’s crib before her birth, in the potted plants when SOMEONE decided they were a better litterbox than the real deal) but never on the counter. It sounds heartless, but I’m tempted to do it just to see the reaction…

  9. (((((HUGS TO MERCURY)))))))

    I’m with SC Amy — I think Mercury is heartbroken due to losing her humans. I know some people think cats don’t miss/grieve for their owners, but I do not believe that. I’ve witnessed cats being miserable when left by owners.

    My uncle gave me a peki-persian cat (gorgeous!) due to traveling a lot. When she first came here, she’d sit in the window and stare, stare, stare. When I’d take her down, she’d immediately return to the window and stare out. She wouldn’t eat either. My uncle traveled in an RV, and had taken her with him on many trips–so maybe sitting in the window was her way of “watching for him to return.”

    It took a good while for her to adapt, eat and be a happy cat again. Also, the cats I’ve had with FIV become sick in one way or another if I’m gone a few days. Literally, missing me makes their immune system weaken.

    At any rate, I’m sure you’ll shower enough love on Mercury that she’ll be okay.

    Oh, that cat on the counter with tinfoil? Hilarious!

  10. I was sitting here watching the foil video going, what’s so darn funny, it is just a kitchen covered in foil.. and then it happened.. and I too guffawed.. Priceless.. πŸ™‚

    I had a couple of my fosters returned for moving πŸ™ I had another set returned for service – that one broke my heart.. it does kill me that some people don’t seem to be thinking long term when they adopt and see pets as something to be traded in when circumstances aren’t idea..

    Many purrs to Kennebec and Mercury. I can only smile at dainty eater Mercury, as I have had a few of those over the years that have completely freaked me out as well.

  11. I think some people don’t realize that pets aren’t lamps. They are living, breathing, FEELING beings!!!

  12. So sad to hear that Kennebec and Mercury were returned (I had a bit of a crush on handsome Kennebec before), but at least this way they can find a forever family that hopefully won’t return them.

    That tin foil on the counter video was hilarious!

  13. I have to get this off my chest…MOVING IS NO EXCUSE FOR GETTING RID OF YOUR ANIMALS! It makes me so angry I could just spit. You have human kids and have to take them with you…when you adopt an animal, you adopt him or her for life and when you move you move them with you! People make me so mad sometimes I WISH I COULD SWEAR AT THEM!!!!!

  14. P.S. Then I think these guys will be better off with parents who will really love and appreciate them for being the purrfect little beings that they are!

  15. glad Kennebec and Mercury wound up there with you, Robyn! Totally don’t understand that mentality, but they’re getting a better deal with you, for sure!
    I used some foil on the windowsill under the window birdfeeder, as the ‘girls’ think that’s their tv and don’t mind keeping the birds away from the seed, and in the awful cold we’ve been having, I worried….well, it kept the traffic down a bit but then the ‘girls’ figured out how to pick their way thru it, or spring from the floor and cause alarm that way! Some of the birds have realized the cats can’t actually touch them and it’s really okay.
    Oh, the gorgeousness of Corbie! breathtaking.

  16. Robyn you are so great!! Very sad that Kennebec and Mercury given up. I know they will get lots of cuddles and love from you.
    Love the video of the startled cat. I think I will will watch that one when I need a giggle.
    Chin scritches and cuddles to Kennebec and Mercury and all other kitties that may want some. The Corbs just keeps getting even more gorgeous, I did not think this was possible but he has proven it !!

  17. OMG – I almost snorted water out my nose at the foil video. OK – I SHOULD feel bad, but man was that awesome!!!!

    Love on the kids….the reason they came back isn’t the point – they are back and getting some love and their new family will find them.

    And I still want to kiss the Corbs!!

    • I cried the first time I read that months ago. And here I am reading it and crying all over again! Thanks for sharing.

      A couple I know in Michigan lost their home to foreclosure and moved into a rented trailer down a country road. They had 5 or so cats at the time and the cats went with them. Over time, cats got dumped or somehow found their way to this trailer that must have had an invisible sign saying “cat haven here”. They ended up with 20 cats as of this winter. The husband drives a truck, doesn’t get paid well, is gone a LOT. The wife is alone in this trailer with all these cats and her health, both physical and emotional, have been deteriorating. Her father-in-law has offered them to move into his house with him. He needs someone to help care for him. My friend needs to be back in civilization and have someone to take care of her when husband isn’t around. BUT, father-in-law would only let them bring ONE CAT. This started in early December I think. I thought for sure most of the cats were going to end up getting PTS. My friend, several online friends, and several rescues managed to get all the cats adopted into new homes or to no kill shelters in the area. Now my friend can get the help she needs and get out of the little trailer in the country. She’s heartbroken that she had to let the cats go, but most of them she never intended to have in the first place. They were still hers. It was very tough. Animals adjust. As much as we hate to see one come back to the shelter, it’s better that we know they are safe, cared for, given whatever medical treatment they need and then given another chance at a forever home.

  18. I am telling you guys this long story because sometimes pets get returned for ridiculous reasons, but it ends up for the best.

    I got my cat CJ from a PetSmart through an organization pretty similar to Challenger’s House 7 years ago. He was a little over a year when I brought him home. His previous family gave him back because they were having a second child. WTF? I had lost my dear Elliott kitty 4 months prior. I had wanted to get another kitty right away, but my mother lived with me and told me not to get another cat. β€œGo get one when I’m not here anymore.” Mom died that November. A few days after she died I was just roaming through the mall trying to stop crying and wandered into PetSmart. There he was – a kind of skinny grey kitty with a goofy crooked patch of white on his nose. My mother had always loved grey cats. I asked to see him and he just came over and leaned on my leg. The foster organization checked me out and CJ came home with me the next day. He helped me through my Mom’s death and is the best cat ever. He is my baby. I found out from the foster organization that he was returned the day my Mom died. I kind of like to think that she sent him to me.

    And – he isn’t skinny anymore.

    So – I am sure after Robyn gives Kennebec and Mercury some extra loving, they will find a wonderful loving and forever home. Hugs to all the kitties!

  19. So, I would have weighed in earlier, but I’ve been kind of scattered today.

    I try not to ask for too many specifics when my fosters are returned to the shelter, because I prefer to believe that the owners who are surrendering their cats back to the shelter are heartbroken about it and have absolutely no choice at all. I know that that’s not always the case, but you know – the cats are coming back whether I believe the best or the worst about their people.

    I can tell y’all that it took about three days for Mercury to come out of her shell, but now when we walk in the room, she immediately wants love. (Kennebec, on the other hand, had no shell to come out of. He was instant LOVE.)

    I think what this experience means is that that wasn’t their forever home, and that their true forever home or homes are still to come.

  20. Kennebec and Mercury are adorable, they will get a great home, I’m sure of it. Poor things need some extra Robyn lovin’ before they get that forever. We have to be thankful that they brought them back to Challenger house rather than just leaving them to fend for themselves. They must have loved them to do that.

  21. For good reasons or bad, Kennebec & Mercury’s people did the right thing by returning them to CH. They are in the best possible place to find a new forever home. You have to give the people credit for that. Someone will adopt them and they will end up being where they were meant to be all along. I’m glad they are back in your care… could have been much worse.

    BTW- If you can imagine Mercury as an extra floofy longhair you would have a pretty close copy of my youngest female Sheba. So please let us know if & when they get adopted. Keeping my fingers crossed for them.


  22. Hi Robyn, I was wondering if you knew whether challenger’s house goes out and picks up strays who need rescuing? I ask because my daughter and i have been seeing a group of 3 stray kittens (2 brown tabbies and a black one) with no mother in sight for a week now. I am very worried about them as they are living near a busy parking lot (they are living in the staples lot in huntsville next to costco and across from home depot i saw them going in and out of a pipe) but i don’t know the first thing about catching kittens safetly and i hate to call animal control bevause they are a kill shelter. I wasn’t able to find this info on challenger’s house website. I thiought you might know though…. please let me know as i nor my daughter can get those poor kittens out of our mind. Thanks!

  23. Robyn, how can they be part of the same litter and Mercury still be two weeks older than Kennebec…huh?

    • Like this:

      Mercury – Norland – Russet: From the same litter
      Kennebec – Agata – Fianna: From a different litter than the above

      Mercury went to another foster home, and Norland and Russet came here, and we put Norland and Russet into a group with Kennebec and his sisters (Agata and Fianna), known as The Taters (Stompers was part of that group). Then Kennebec and Mercury (not related to each other) were adopted together. So, they’re not blood relations!