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Alice Mo Fumes.

It all started because of this:

2012-01-25 (1)
Loony Jake, excited about chasing Da Bird, landed on Alice Mo. To say she didn’t care for that is an understatement.

2012-01-25 (2)
“You come any closer, I will unleash the Paw o’ Doom!”

2012-01-25 (3)
“Look how he pretends I’m not here. I hate his stupid loony face.”

2012-01-25 (4)

2012-01-25 (5)

2012-01-25 (6)
Focusing all the hate in her portly little body on one target… But watch this.

2012-01-25 (7)
In one fell swoop…

2012-01-25 (8)
..the hatred is transferred…

2012-01-25 (9)
…to that whippersnapper Everett Peppers, who surely deserves it.

2012-01-25 (10)
And Loony Jake is free to live his life unencumbered by The Hatred of Alice Mo.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey, remember when someone asked if the cardboard scratchers made a mess and I was all “No, not too bad. There are some cardboard pieces around it from time to time, but I just vacuum them up…”?


2012-01-25 (12)

I don’t know who did this to the scratcher…

2012-01-25 (11)

That’s Everett Peppers checking out the damage, but it wasn’t the Peppers, it happened overnight while they were safely locked away in the foster room.

I guess it’s lucky that I have another five stashed away in the closet, isn’t it?

I guess it’s also lucky that I’m seeing the cardboard on the floor instead of in the litter box!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-01-25 (13)
It’s impossible to tell from this side which two Peppers those are, but I’m thinking it’s Sally and Lucy. Everett is visibly bigger than both his sisters, and these two are about the same size.

2012-01-25 (14)
That’s Maxi out on the side stoop they’re staring at. She likes to sit there and act like she desperately wants to come in, and then when you open the door for her, she looks in the door, then turns up her nose and walks away. I guess she finds our accommodations lacking.

2012-01-25 (15)
They also like to stand there and watch the birds.

2012-01-25 (17)
Everett found the platform in the front room within a day of being let out of the foster room, and has claimed it for himself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adopted last night: Opie and Tig! Not together, but I think they’ll be okay. Opie went to his new home last night (he’s going to have a small dog to play with), and Tig goes home Friday. I’m cleaning at Petsmart Friday, so I’ll get to see Tig (as well as Clay and Jax) one more time. Yay Opie, yay Tig!!!

I meant to share this video last week before the Sons went off to Petsmart, but forgot to. So here it is now! It was a few days after I started letting them have the run of the house, and they’d gone into the guest bedroom and discovered the toy hanging over the closet door. They had a blast with it, as you’ll see. You won’t see Clay, though – he was too busy sitting in my lap and purring.

YouTube link


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Loony Jake is loony.

2012-01-25 (21)

2012-01-25 (19)

2012-01-25 (20)


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1-25-12 — 16 Comments


    As for the cardboard scratcher. I am going to point a finger at Miss Alice. I think that pent up anger had to go somewhere……

  2. I didn’t see Clay, but I sure heard him!

    The Peppers look like they’re trying to figure out if the pretty black kitty outside could be related to them!

    Jake cracks me up with his loony grin.

  3. I’m pretty sure Jake is my favorite of your permanent residents – he seems like he’s just so even-keeled/doesn’t mind a thing and I love his looniness.

  4. I have seen Alice Mo’s glare on my cat, Holly. Usually it’s because her brother has dared to come into the room without her express permission.

    Loved the video of the Sons… especially Clay’s big purr!

    Those Pepper girls are so cute. Makes me want to adopt a black kitty. Too bad I’m already at my limit. 🙁

  5. I wonder if Opie’s new dog is black and white and has a stumpy tail too?

    Also …how is it possible that the beauty that is the tabby Jax has not been snapped up?

  6. No! No! No! Alice Mo.
    Looney Jake is not your foe!

    No! No! No! Alice Mo.
    Everett still needs to grow!

    Go! Go! Go! Alice Mo.
    Until you can tell friend from foe!

  7. LOVE the pictures of the those Pepper girls standing tall and keeping watch…! (What is it about kitty heads from behind that’s so unbearably cute?!)

    And that picture of Everett — could he BE any more handsome?

    And Jake!!! Too funny… I’m glad he escapted the ire of Alice unscathed 🙂

    And the adopted Sons — yay!!! This is very good news indeed. Now let’s hope for the same for the other two!

  8. OMG, I literally just burst out laughing at Alice’s “hateface”. The person in the next cubicle (I’m at work) is all “????”. Then I kept giggling as the hateface transferred within a split second. That was too funny. Did you see it as it was happening or did you only notice it when you were reviewing the images on the camera? This totally made my day. Also the fact that Alice looks like she has no neck, it’s just her little head on that blob..err..body. 😀

  9. Oh my gosh, too many cute things comment on! They’re all great, love it all! And especially Jake’s loony face! Especially Alice’s hate face. Especially the video, and the purr in the video. And… and… see, I said there was too many!