1-25-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen.

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So, on Saturday, we separated Fagen and Steely Dan for the day. Fagen was SO super friendly every time I went into the room to hang out with him, that when I opened his door that evening to go inside and he ran out of the room, I decided to let him have the run of the upstairs for the rest of the evening, and see how that went. I pulled the half-door across the hallway so that in addition to having the run of his room and part of the hallway, he could go into my room and the bathroom as well. He did a lot of low running around, and when I approached him, he’d skeedaddle away from me. We brought Steely Dan upstairs to hang out with him, and Steely Dan was more curious than scared.

At 9:30, we went upstairs to gather them up and put them in the foster room. Dan was no problem at all – Fred went upstairs, picked him up, and carried him into the foster room. Fagen, on the other hand, was hiding under my bed and wouldn’t let either of us touch him. We finally got him to run out from under the bed, and when he ran toward the foster room, Fred opened the door, and Fagen ran right inside.

So separating them seems to have had a different effect on each of them – Steely Dan is pretty much your average kitten now. If you approach him and hold out your hand to him and talk softly, he’ll come over and bump his head up into your hand for a pet. Fagen is friendlier than he was, but if you give him too much space to roam, it makes him nervous, and he reverts to his scaredy-cat ways.

Yesterday, we let Steely Dan have the run of the house, and brought Fagen downstairs to hang out in the guest bedroom (with plenty of visits from Fred and I, and Jake and Elwood, and even Steely Dan a few times). It went well – Steely Dan really likes having the run of the house, and doesn’t run from us or hide. He sat with us last night while we were watching TV. Fagen just needs a little more time, apparently!

That’s okay, we’ve got plenty of time.

When I say to him, “Fagen, are you the pretty boy?” he stops and thinks about it for a moment, and then meows. Apparently the answer is “Yes. Yes I AM the pretty boy!”

Dramatic Kitteh is Dramatic.

Dan in the guest bedroom.

Talk about your sultry look!

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Suggie in the Sug Cave! (Also known as the Room with a View, which I got for half price back in December! Sugarbutt has claimed the cave part as his own, and the other cats seem to be respecting that, for the most part.)


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