1-26-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen.

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Fagen TRULY does not like being alone. If he’s in the room alone, he howls and howls. Luckily, Jake and Elwood are very good about going in and keeping him company (though to be honest, I’m pretty sure their interest lies more in the fact that there’s a bowl of Science Diet kitten food in there and fun toys). He ran out the door yesterday evening, so we waited to see how he’d do, running around the house.

Not very well, is how he did, and having him out running around actually made Dan start to revert to his skittish behavior. So back into the room we put Fagen. My parents are coming to visit later this week with their dog Benji (who is a very nice dog), and I’m curious to see what Dan’s reaction to the dog will be.

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At Christmas, Fred’s father and stepmother offered us a few things they’d cleared out of their attic. One of those things was a basket. I liked the size and color of it, though when I took it, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with it. I tried putting a cat bed in it, and put it in the front room, and one of our cats reacted by peeing in it. (Grrr.) So once it was cleaned up and destinkified, I put another cat bed in it, and we put it on top of the canning cabinet in the dining room, where Stinkerbelle always sleeps.

Oh, she had a FIT because we took her old bed away and replaced it with this horrible basket FILLED with cat beds to make it ever more comfy for her Highness. She made her angry high-pitched meow, she stomped around, she glared at the basket. Fred caved in less than an hour.

“I’m going to put a bed back up there next to the basket,” he said. “She doesn’t like the basket!”

“Well, give it a DAY before you give up on it!” I said, but he would not be dissuaded, and he put a bed up there next to the basket.

The next morning, I was leaving the house, and glanced into the dining room. There, curled up in the basket, looking as happy as she could possibly look, was Princess Stinkerbelle. I snapped a picture and sent it to Fred, saying “Poor, poor Stinky. It’s a rough life!”

Note that the basket is actually sitting on top of a cat bed so it doesn’t rock back and forth when she’s climbing in and out. SO SPOILED.


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  1. They are so fussy about their sleeping spot! What I have always wondered about is why they will sleep in particular spot for weeks and suddenly abandon it for a new special spot. Then they look at you like you’re crazy if you try to put them back in the old(apparently now, tainted in some way) Sleeping spot. So weird, gotta love um.