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On Saturday, Barney AND Bitsy Beans were adopted, separately. I’ll admit, I’m surprised that they were adopted so quickly, I figured we’d be waiting a few weeks, but no – off they went!

Baby Beans is still there, and not thrilled with, well, ANYthing. He’s allowing petting, but he’s giving the stink eye to anything else, it sounds like. Hopefully someone will come along and fall in love with his grumpy ways, the sooner the better.


Kennebec and Mercury are continuing to chill out in the foster room. They are so freakin’ CUTE when I walk into the room to visit with them. They both come running over to me, and Kennebec talks to me and walks back and forth with his tail so far up it almost brushes the back of his head. Mercury will hang back a little until I sit down, and then she’s right there asking to be petted.

Kennebec has got to be the most laid-back cat ever. You could do just about anything to him, and he’d just lay there and purr. I trimmed his claws over the weekend, and all he did was lay there in Fred’s arms and purr and occasionally lick my hand. He flops down next to me and lets me rub his belly, and has never once grabbed my arm to bite it (you know how cats get sometimes with the vigorous belly rubs), just lays there and purrs.

He’s a big boy, too – we weighed them both over the weekend. The petite Mercury weighed in at just under 8 pounds, and the behemoth Kennebec, at 9 months old, is already at 11 1/2 pounds. And he’s not overweight, either – he’s just a big-framed cat with lots of muscle.

We’ve been calling him “Meatball” and “Meathead.”

Pretty Miss Mercury.

I LOVE her stripes and spots.

Not to mention her heart!


They weren’t sure what to make of the long-legged cheetah.

Then Kennebec thought he’d climb up on the box, only to find that it wouldn’t quite support his weight.

Hallo, pretty boy.

Mercury’s a BIG fan of the track ball.


Newt jumped up on top of the fence post and looked grumpy while shooting dirty looks at the side yard, so I stepped out on the side porch to see what was going on. There was a large brown dog wandering through, but as soon as he saw me, he took off. Newt stayed on the fence post for a while longer, just to be safe.


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1-28-13 — 33 Comments

  1. Are Mercury and Kennebec close? If so will there be a provision that they be adopted together again? They make a lovely pair!

    • They really aren’t close – in fact, he’ll try to play with her, and she just looks at him and tells him to take his shenanigans elsewhere. If they were adopted together that would be cool, but I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker.

  2. What a beautiful cat – Newt on the post! Now I want to come and get him too. Not to worry. I’ll restrain myself. 🙂

  3. Cats with markings like Mercury has remind me of plastered brick walls with the bricks showing through in places. She is so pretty.

      • On her “heart” side, I think she looks like someone was trying to decide on the paint they wanted to use, so they put three splotches of paint on her – a striped splotch, a spotted splotch, and a stripey-spotted splotch.

  4. Oh that Mercury! Love those stripes in the white. And Kennebec, the big mancatly mancat! I think I’ll go cuddle my big house panther Percy. There’s just something about those boys that melts my heart 🙂

  5. Wow, Kennebec is HUGE compared to Mercury! That picture of both kitties checking out the toy cheetah really shows off the size difference.

    Also, I LOVE that picture of pretty miss Mercury in the sun, looking at the camera and showing off her heart! 🙂

  6. Congrats to the Beanie Boys! Best wishes to Baby (I hope he’s not in the corner lol)
    Kennebec and Mercury are just stunning. They will find the rightful owners soon I hope.

  7. That Newt is a smart boy! 🙂

    I love grumpy kittens.. but then again I have this personal mission to make them all not grumpy kittens..

  8. Love those kittens….though can you still call him that if he already weighs over 11 pounds? haha

    Congrats to Bitsy and Barney. 🙂 And good job Newt on guarding the yard!

  9. YAY for Barney and Bitsy! I hope Baby finds a home soon, too, with someone who loves his stink eye. Kennebec and Mercury look very happy and it’s great to see them playing, even if it’s not with each other. They’re obviously adjusting well to a new situation, with lots of Robyn and Fred lurve.

  10. Hurray for Barney and Bitsy! They are adorable! Baby, your new mama is on her way….promise!