Edited to add (11:35 am): Spot is gone. My entry about him will be up tomorrow.

“You s’pose they’re ever going to take this hideous bandanna off me?”

Dog update: We have a line on a local dog rescue that can, hopefully, take Buddy. I’ll keep you updated – and if anyone within a couple hours’ drive wants him, please let me know. Otherwise, it would be kinder to turn him over to the rescue so he doesn’t have to deal with the stress of traveling a long distance.

We tried contacting a board member of the Beagle Rescue Foundation of America who lives in Alabama at the suggestion of a commenter (thanks, Eliza!), and did get an email back from her but she was… well, Fred said “That’s the least helpful email I’ve ever gotten in my life!” and that’s the truth. Heh.

We let him stay out of the bathroom all day yesterday, and he alternated between wandering around the house, following us (especially if we had food in our hands!), and finding various places to nap (at one point he was napping on the carpet in the foster cat room, with Tommy nearby. We call Tommy The Ambassador for good reason!) When I was walking around dusting, he kept following me, and I said to Fred “He is JUDGING ME!” Seriously, he looked at me like “You’re going to leave that there, then? You think that looks okay right there? Okay, then. If you must. That’s not what I would do, but I don’t guess it’s my house. Up to you!”

He is absolutely house trained – he knew to lead me to the back door when he needed to go out, and he had no problem getting back in through the cat door. He does like to try to eat cat food (a problem I solved by moving the cat food to the dining room table. It’s not like WE ever use it!) and he tried to get in the garbage after I tossed a piece of paper towel that smelled like turkey bacon in it, so I had to move the garbage can to the counter.

Yes, he is a good dog. No, we’re still not keeping him.


What are the specifics of the medicine you’re giving Spot? Do you give it to him once a day or twice? And how’s he doing, poor guy?

Twice a day he gets Az0dyl (for his kidneys) and Vi0kase (for his pancreas), and once a day he gets medicine for his thyroid.

For a while, Spot seemed to rally – he’s been out more, hanging around us, he’s back to sleeping on my desk all day long. But now he’s not eating, not even his favorite foods aside from some tuna juice, and Fred weighed him yesterday morning to find that he’s lost more than a pound in the last two weeks. He didn’t even react to the dog, which is unlike him. We’re going to get him to the vet, hopefully today, but it isn’t looking good. And I should add that Fred did tell me that the vet wasn’t very encouraging when he took Spot there two weeks ago, but I heard “Might recover” and my hopeful brain turned it into “Should make a full recovery”.


Spot, sleeping in his favorite bed on my desk.


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