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So glad Alice is home and through her procedure! Has the vet considered whether it might be asthma? And/or an allergy? We have a cat with the wheezies and that’s what our vet thinks it is. Many purrs and best wishes for Alice.

I… do not know. I need to find out, I guess! 🙂


I remember you mentioning potential problems from the other cats when Coltrane first started coming into the house. I’m curious how the other cats are reacting to Coltrane? Is there (relative) peace among the kitties with Coltrane now?

There seems to be complete peace when it comes to Coltrane. I don’t know how it is, but none of the other cats hardly ever give him a second glance. He’s fit in well, and when we had our big snow storm a couple of weeks ago, Coltrane didn’t step foot outside for three days, and there were no issues at all. It probably helps that he’s not got those annoying “alpha cat” behaviors, and he’s quite willing to be submissive.


I’m dying to adopt Corbett, but I’m at college and my parents said no! 🙁 I’ve wanted him since the Bookworms first arrived, but my parents won’t get another cat. Sigh. I hope he finds a forever home soon!

Awww! Parents just don’t understand, do they?


I think I forgot to mention that Bobby and Peter Brady were adopted on Tuesday! Bobby was adopted alone, and Peter was adopted with another Challenger’s House kitten.

This leaves Jan as the last Brady standing. I will be very surprised if she isn’t adopted this weekend – she’s such a sweet little lovebug.


We’ve taken to calling Alice “the princess”, because she’s such a smug little brat. Fred loves how tiny she is, and how sassy she is, and how playful she is.

Which is to say, the love affair between Fred and Alice is NOT one-sided.


I’ve probably never mentioned before that I think Corbie is the prettiest cat on earth, have I? No, surely not.

SO SO pretty.

Rhyme (snuggling with Tommy) ain’t bad, either.


I’d say that the cat shelves in the kitchen are definitely a hit…


Kara (that bed above her is where she spends a lot of time.)


And Jake.


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1-28-11 — 9 Comments

  1. I’ll bet it’s a kick to walk around your house, never knowing where or when you’ll happen upon a kitty 🙂

    • Indeed it is. They manage to surprise me just about every day with the places they decide to hang out! 🙂

  2. That Kara sure is a looker too (whoops, good thing I re-read that and didn’t post “hooker” – really should use 2 hands when typing)!

  3. I love Alice, too! Hope she has recovered from her procedure. I’ve had that same procedure done and it’s no picnic, believe me. It would be good to see her in a picture where we see her size. Is she growing at all?

    • She’s gained a little less than a pound since we got her. The vet said when she’s fully grown, she’ll likely be about 5 or 6 pounds. It’s my goal to get a picture of her with one of the adult cats – she seems to know when I want to take her picture, though, and she’s being difficult. 🙂

      • Good news! I’m sure her weight gain is a reflection of the care you are giving her and the love she has for Fred! 😉

  4. Oh Jan Brady!! Please please please get adopted!!!! I have everything crossed for her!! Yay for all the Bradys!!! Brilliant news!!!

    And Corbie and Rhyme!! You guys will find forever homes soon- of course you both will you are too too handsome not too!

    Alice and Fred!!! And Robyn!! What a lovely threesome!! LOL!! Awwwwww!!!!

    Great to see the permanent residents enjoying your amazing shelves!! Take care

  5. Corbie looks so much like my polydactyl little (though not quite as little as Alice) girl, Gravy, in those photos that I did a double-take — she also has that lovely brownish-caramel tabby coloring. Don’t know how I didn’t notice the resemblance before!

    They’re such gorgeous guys, those Bookworms!