So the other day Fred and I were despairing because Moondance was spending all her time hiding in her room (even though the door was open) or under the spud’s bed, and that is just NO existence for a cat. Then Fred got the bright idea of carrying her downstairs to see what she’d do, both of us fully expecting her to haul tail back upstairs, only she looked around, settled on the couch a few feet from Fred, and decided this whole “downstairs” thing wasn’t too bad.

She’s settled into a routine of spending most of the day upstairs – with the occasional foray downstairs to see what’s going on – and once Fred gets home from work, she follows him downstairs and hangs out, giving him the Eyes of Love and all the other cats the Eyes of You-Go-To-Hell.

It works out pretty well. She likes to show her butt as much as Mister Boogers does, and if the two of them ever got within a foot of each other, I’m fairly certain there’d be a nuclear-like explosion and we’d be screaming for Jack Bauer to save us.

“I hate you, and you, and you, and especially you!”

JoeBob (FNKAMM*) is a plant eater, much to my displeasure. At least he doesn’t barf up the leaves he eats on the carpet or the couch. Or at least not YET.

Mudderly love.

Sleepy Cosette.

“I am IN the box, but I do not LIKE IT.”

Javert in the box – and Cosette giving it a taste test.

Eponine and Cosette in the box, giving me attitude. Who do you think gave you that box, brats?

“Hey, I think Mom’s in the box!”
“Mom, you in the box? What you doing in the box, Mom?”
“Mom’s in the box! Hey look guys, Mom’s in the box!”
“Hush up, you little monsters. Alls I want is some peace and quiet.”


2006: No entry.
2005: No entry.

*Formerly Known As MoonMan.

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