1-23-09 – Samba and Rumba.

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They’re coming around, these two.


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Rumba allows petting more than Samba does – though I can’t blame Samba, really. Twice a day we pick her up and shoot medicine down her throat, who can blame her for being a bit skittish? She’s still an angel about it. She sounds better, but still congested. I think I might put a humidifier in the room with them, I think it would help with the congestion.

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They are super-playful little girls. It always amazes me how hard kittens play, kicking and biting and leaping on each other, and no one gets hurt. It’s just part of the day, jumping on their sister and biting her neck, then racing around the room, running up the cat tree, leaping off, and racing in to use the litter box.

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  1. Susan: Most of the time, I use a Sony DSLR-A100, but occasionally I use my smaller camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W300. And, thanks! 🙂