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I could just sit and take pictures of that beautiful Baby Beans all day long, I swear.


Bitsy Beans is a huge fan of those mylar balls. She’s always batting one around or tossing it in the air and catching it. Obviously I need to make sure a handful of them go with her when she goes off to Petsmart.


Baby Beans, in the midst of Deep Thoughts.


Just a short (kinda blurry) video today. As mentioned, Bitsy thinks that the crinkly Mylar ball cat toys are the best toys EVER, and she especially loves it when I toss one for her.

YouTube link.


I love Loony Jake’s profile. Check out those eyelashes!

Just tunin’ his loons.


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1-22-13 — 27 Comments

  1. I need to buy those mylar balls by the dozen to keep the kittens in this house happy. Now if they would just keep those things out of the water dish. Anyone else have trouble with the colors running after they get wet? Hasn’t been a big deal in the foster room, but when I was on overflow and had kittens in the family room a pink mylar ball stained the carpeting. Of course, that was also when I had Tika the water monster in the house too 😉

    Good grief. Jake even has his eyelashes tuned to loony perfection.

  2. Awww ah but is Bitsy Beans just as georgeous as Corbie Cat I wonder… 😉 😀

    Looks like it to me! Shes a cutie of the highest order I think!

  3. I think mylar balls are a requirement, along with ping pong balls and furry mice, and a nice soft bed to sleep on, and perches, and.. and.. and..

    🙂 I have had two sets of kittens now that have ripped them to shreds.. at which point they lose their mylar privileges and they have to make due with something else.

  4. Does anybody else see a resemblance between Baby Beans and a certain other gorgeous, handsome, “most beautiful boy in the whole world!”?