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I spent quite some time this weekend posting all the Maddy entries from 2006. She was our foster for just under two months, so there was a lot of cutting and pasting required.

You can see the Maddy entries starting with this one.

If you don’t feel like reading the entries, I suggest you don’t miss these:

A letter from Mister Boogers regarding the stinkin’ kitten.

Spidey vs. Malevolent Madeleine.

Maxi (who I refer to as “the black momma kitty who showed up about a month ago”) and our first spotting of Newt.

Maxi brings us her babies.

What happens when Maddy’s sleeping on the printer and I need to print something (a video).

At the time that Maddy was our foster, we’d closed on this house, and were beginning to renovate, so Maddy did a lot of traveling back and forth with us. I kept her in one of the rooms while we were working on the rest of the house, and I’d go in and play with her as often as possible.

She was just SO freakin’ CUTE.

Also, I came across this picture, and it made me laugh out loud.


The Corbie video I promised for Friday (and then forgot) is below. I originally thought it was from 2012 for some reason, but when I double-checked, I found that it was from March 2011. No wonder he looks so young in the video – he was just over 1 year old. Also, Alice was TINY.

YouTube link.


If there’s one thing Bitsy Beans likes to do, it’s get up high and then whine about how she’s stuck and doesn’t know how to get dowwwwwwn.

“HOW did I get up here? HOW do I get down? Oh, WOE, I don’t WANT to live up here forever!”

I finally realized she was stuck and showed her where to jump down (onto the mantel).

Barney was purring SO loud when I was taking this picture. You can see that he was kneading, too. That boy sure is a lovebug.

Bitsy gives me the Eyes o’ Lurve.

Rough life, Bitsy Beans.

Bitsy likes to lay here and watch the birds through the window.


I don’t know what it is about the top of this pagoda, but Alice LOVES to lay there.

Miz Poo doesn’t much appreciate her upstairs neighbor, though.


2012: No entry.
2011: The kneading paws KILL ME DEAD. Is that one happy kitten or what?
2010: “Who, ME?”
2009: Samba and Rumba.
2008: She is such a SWEET girl!
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1-21-13 — 26 Comments

  1. Mizpoo seems like the type to bang on her ceiling to tell the upstairs neighbour to shut up.

  2. Ah yes, get up high, knock stuff off the high place, complain about being up high… that’s a capsule description of my Sweetpea… even when there’s a perfectly accessible route to the floor just three steps to the right!

  3. Miz Poo needs a tiny broom that she can bang on the ceiling when Alice Mo walks around too loudly. Also, I’m amazed by those headphones. I’ve noticed them there in previous pictures and I can’t believe the cats leave them there. I can’t think of a single feline in this house who would be contents to have them sit there like that.

    I’m with Bitsy. HOW did she get up there?

    • It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? The chair in that room is where Fred sits and writes, and he leaves his laptop (on a laptop desk) there, just begging to be messed with/ knocked over/ barfed upon, and it has remained pristine for months. They don’t even seem to notice that those headphones are there. I think maybe he’s got them under some sort of spell!

      I suspect – though I’m not positive – that Bitsy jumped up from the chair underneath. It’s a big jump, but she’s a pretty skilled jumper. She hasn’t been back up there since… or should I say YET.

      • When he was young, my cat Fuzz could and would jump from the floor to the top of the refrigerator! And that was nothing compared to my Cleo, who could and would jump from the floor to the top of doors. Some cats are just good jumpers!!

  4. It is nice & warm here in Hell..
    That video of little Maddy & the hideous printer Beast is so precious. But then when she is all a’ hissing and backing up… Well, I felt guilty !!
    Miss the Boogie too- :-{

  5. I love the unintentional “before and after” pics you took of Bitsy. Now you see the white bottle next to the adorable kitten… *THUD*. Now you don’t! Magic!

    Also, from the way it is positioned, that Pagoda looks like it gets a lot of sunlight. Maybe Alice is just trying to make sure she gets a tan?

    • Exactly! I’m surprised the pig was still intact… although maybe that got pushed next!

      • I managed to save the pig, but the big bottle got knocked to the floor. I was lucky that the bottle didn’t smash on the floor and go all over!

  6. rescue a cat from a perch it can’t get down from you rescue again and again, teach a cat to rescue itself, and man you are just askin for the kitty to find more complicated places to get into.. 🙂

    I do that too though, I rarely just ‘save’ a kitten, I teach it how to get down on it’s own.

    • I was actually trying to grab her, but she was just a liiiiittle too high for me to reach, and she didn’t get the concept of hanging down so I could reach her. 🙂

    • I’ve heard of that movie! When I first came up with the name for this site, I Googled to make sure there wasn’t something weird by that name (because you just never know) and read about the movie. 🙂

      • I just finished watching it and it’s pretty naive (as you would expect for a movie made in 1937). Sadly, there was not one cat nor kitten in it!

    • Isn’t it amazing? I know that when we first saw them, I thought that they were both CLEARLY fully grown, but now I look back at pictures of them and think they were so young. I laughed when I read my entry about taking them for spaying and neutering, when I reported that they were both under 8 pounds. Maxi isn’t much bigger now (she’s at about 9 1/2), but Newt is over 14 pounds.

    • I think she’d started to crawl into the cat bed with Mister Boogers, and he likely smacked her, because he was no fan of little kittens, and then she just froze and hoped it would stop. 🙂

        • No, we had more. Let me think… we had Spot, Spanky, Mister Boogers, Miz Poo, Tommy, and Sugarbutt! So, 6. In other words, we’ve doubled our permanent population in 6 short years. 🙂

  7. I was one of those following the Maddy postings over the weekend as they went up. The printer video was a guilty delight.
    I didn’t know Maxi and Newt ‘s backstories and was delighted to learn. You had several pictures of the Orange Wonder before you named him – I shouted out when I finally realized that gorgeous boy I had been admiring was NEWT! (And I never bought that Daddy Kitty theory even before the vet kaboshed it…he was a kitten himself!)