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I never noticed that Tommy had a spot in his eye! Did anything happen to him?

No, we took him to the vet (actually, two different vets) to have it checked out. Basically, it’s like a freckle. We take pictures of his eye every couple of months to make sure it’s not growing, and it’s about the same as it was this time last year.


You are right! His left fang is out! So cute! Am I right (or is the picture just deceiving) but he looks odd-eyed?

I see what you mean – I went and tracked him down, and in person he looks normal, so I’m thinking it’s just the angle or the lighting.


For those of you who have followed their progress, Mr. Stripey (Stripey) and Sungold (Sunny) have adjusted well beyond expectations to their new home. This a.m., they sat together with Ms Tabby and Ms Tiki in front of the glass door to their room – all four of them sitting waiting to have the run of the house and more freedom! So far, no marking, no fighting, minimal hissing, no wreckage. Just lots of energy! At night they all go to their cathedral-windowed room and settle in on their respective perches without another sound. Dogs come in for the night and don’t even know they are there. All is well at Zoo Acres.

I love so much hearing how well it’s going. I thought that it would work out well, Lynn and I had extensive email conversations about the boys, but it’s going even better than I could have anticipated, and I’m so glad!


that first bean photo reminds me of this

HA – yes!


had to share this video, which had me busting out laughing. It’s the first post on this page


I’m hitting the jackpot with funny videos today: Kitten squeezes inside hamster ball. Robyn, I think we your loyal readers need to see this added to the toys available to the Beans and all future kittens (hmm, Beans might be a little too big for this now…)

I’d seen the kitten in the hamster ball before (and yes, I DO need to get a hamster ball!), but the first one made me laugh out loud (and then feel evil for laughing… which didn’t stop me from watching, and laughing, again.)


Do I spy a shaved belly? Did Bitsy have her bits removed? I LOVE baby bellies!

She was actually spayed a couple of days before I brought she and Barney home (and Barney was neutered), so it’s been (I had to look at my notebook to see when I brought them home) almost a month. Her belly isn’t as bare as it looks in those pictures, it’s actually fuzzing in quite nicely.


So good to hear Challenger House got some moolah! Have they received the litter coupons yet?

They did get the coupons from Cat’s Pride, 8 coupons good for product up to $12 each. They also sent Challenger’s House’s info to their customer service group for rejected litter from local retailers (I assume that means they’ll donate to Challenger’s House damaged containers of litter that local retailers won’t put on the shelf). While I would have preferred to have, oh, A HUNDRED coupons donated to Challenger’s House, 8 is a fairly decent number. (For those who don’t know/ have forgotten why Cat’s Pride sent coupons to the shelter, read the top of the entry here.)


Robyn, I mentioned the cat I was taking care of a few days ago and told you I’d put pictures up. I finally got off my butt and took some decent ones with my phone. This is Dave!
Look o’ lurve
Saying hi!

Dave is one gorgeous boy! I definitely see the Corbie resemblance. Thanks for sharing, Matthew – you know I can never get enough of the gorgeous brown tabbies. 🙂


I hope everyone can see this. Maybe since I am on FB now I will figure out how to “like” you Robyn and reshare there as well. For those who don’t click links, it’s from Pawnation and is a classified ad asking for a kitty sitter. Someone who will work 8-12 and be available for the cat to cuddle with and be petted so the owner can get some work done. Here is the link.


Am I the only one who wonders when the “Serial Killer Used Cat As Bait” headlines will start rolling in…?

Ha. My favorite part of the ad is that breakfast AND lunch are provided! I bet that person was FLOODED with resumes for that position. 🙂


Re belly-rubbing: how many of the perms allow you to indulge in that particular activity?

Actually, I cannot think of a single permanent resident who wouldn’t allow me to rub their belly, although I would never attempt it with Stinkerbelle because I’d be too worried about losing my hand, if not my entire arm. Some of them like it more than others – Miz Poo would let you rub her belly 24 hours a day – but they all enjoy it for at least a little while.


I saw this on MSN & thought you might appreciate it & might want to share it with those who are uniformed about introducing a new cat to a household.

Kodi and Shorty! I love those kitties. 🙂


Sherry said: Yesterday I clicked the link to see what a year ago was, and when I saw the picture of one of the babies last year doing the leg kick – all I could think of was the attached.

Ha – I LOVE it! (Those kittens are the Sons. I think that’s Clay with his leg kicked out, with Jax and Tig supervising.)


I bought one [a self-heating cat bed] for my older girl, Hope, and she let me know in no uncertain terms that she DOES NOT LIKE IT. I’m not sure why, I thought she’d love it, as she loves soft, warm things. But she just does not.

I’ve left it out. Maybe she’ll grow to like it. Who knows.

Donna, I am not kidding when I give this advice to you: move the bed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had cats completely ignore a bed when I put it in their favorite spots to hang out, but then I move it elsewhere, and it’s the BEST! THING! EVER!

On the other hand, she just might not like it – I think the crinkly noise it makes when they step on it bothers some cats. But move it and see if she warms (see what I did there?) to it.


Bitsy, in one of the cat beds near my computer. Sooner or later, all cats end up in these beds.

Bitsy and Barney on the window bed, in the guest bedroom.

Stretch-n-yawn time.

And then Bitsy LEAPS to the top of the pagoda cat tree (you can see Baby Beans on that curved shelf, below Bitsy.)

“We havin’ a cat meeting, lady. Go ‘way.”

“I SAID good day!”

Bath time for Barney.

Bitsy, just so darn pleased with herself.


Laney sent me this last week:

What is Corbie?
Corbie is a gorgeous tabby cat who sure does love his mommy, yo.

Is Corbie safe?
Corbie is safely gorgeous!

Is Corbie safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?
Sure! Corbie is so gorgeous, if you hold him over your belly or next to your baby, he will infuse it with his gorgeousness.

What do I need to know about Corbie?
Corbie is gorgeous. That’s all you need to know, really.

What is in Corbie?
Da Corbs is entirely composed of gorgeous stuffings, silly putty and marshmallow fluff.

Does Corbie have to be taken with food?
Yes. Corbie absolutely needs to be given food, preferably several times a day on fine bone china as he is His Majesty Da Corbs.

What are Corbie’s side effects?
Correct usage of Corbie will result in mild euphoria and general happiness.

What are the symptoms of a Corbie overdose?
Excessive drooling, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior, such as excessive cat toys shopping and posting Corbie pictures on the internet.

How much Corbie do I need?
Corbie can be held several times a day for several minutes at a time. If you require more Corbie, but Corbie’s cuddling function is inoperative, you can use the method called forced cuddling, which consists of laying in bed holding Corbie under blankets to prevent escape. However, that method should not be used more than once a month, as this could impair Corbie’s natural cuddling functions.

Can Corbie be used at the same time as any other cat?
While Corbie himself probably wouldn’t mind too much, we don’t recommend that you hold Corbie at the same time as you hold Kara as this could result in grave injury, such as loss of face, impaired vision and excessive bleeding.

(Thanks again, Laney – I laughed just as much this time as I did the first time I read it!)

There has been a lot of laziness on Corbie’s part lately. If the sun ever shines again, maybe he’ll get up and move around.

‘Til then, he’s fine just where he is, thank you very much.

(PS: I just realized I forgot to share the Corbie video I promised yesterday. I’ll save that for Monday!)


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  1. ‘Is Corbie addictive?’ Yes. Withdrawal symptoms can be avoided, however, by not withdrawing. Embrace the addiction.

    The caramel hues in his lovely coat make me want to bury my face in his fur. When I do this to our current foster cat, she makes a funny little vocalization, half mild alarm, half what do I do with this? (By the way, Robyn, we’re on our third foster cat now! And it’s mostly because of you!)

  2. Wanted to tell you I tried using those windshield reflectors underneath a blanket as a self-heating cat bed. Worked great! At first, my two indoor cats (on sun porch with heating lamp at night) were a bit hesitant about the crinkly noise, but when we hit the 30s, they quickly adapted!

    I’m going to buy more for the outside cats so they can enjoy a bit of warmth in their quarters. BTW, you can get those windshield reflectors at Dollar Tree for a buck apiece, so that goes a long way toward making cat beds.

  3. “I SAID good day!” narrowly beat out “fang” plus arrow for chortle-maker of the day! Thanks for a Bean-packed week and have a great weekend, Robyn et al.!

  4. You are definitely getting the Mr. Boogers’ patented “Look O’ Het”, during the cat meeting. They must have been talking about you! Only good things, I’m sure.

  5. I love the stretch-n-yawn picture so very much!!! I love all the Beans, I must say.

    Ah, Corbie… as gorgeous as he is, I guess he can be a wee bit lazy 🙂