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Bitsy Beans, hanging out in the cat bed on my bed, and giving me attitude.

Barney looks very pleased with himself, doesn’t he?

The doll bed in my room. I think it’s safe to say that Baby Beans enjoys curling up in warm spots (that’s one of those self-heating beds he’s laying on.)

Bitsy’s always got something to say.

Baby Beans sings the blues ’cause he’s got such a rough, rough life.

Baleful (Baby) Beans, purring up a storm.

I love it when they stretch and their tails curl under like that.

That’s the window shelf Miz Poo and Tommy like to hang out on; apparently it meets King Baby Beans’s approval as well.


Bitsy, watching Corbie sniff her behind. In the next instant, she hissed at him, and he was like “I don’t need to take that from YOU!” and stomped off.

The Beans do seem to be mellowing, though. Yesterday, Barney was laying on a cat bed on my desk. Corbie came up next to him, and they sniffed each other, then Barney licked Corbie on top of the head a few times. Naturally I didn’t grab my camera fast enough to catch it, but I suspect (hope!) there’ll be more opportunities in the future.


I was poking around on my hard drive yesterday, and discovered a folder from last April with a couple of videos of Corbie (which I’ll share on Friday), and a couple of videos of the kittens (and mama cat) in residence at that time. Emmy and the Noms! Not much in the way of action, but OH the cute (that’s Newbery licking water off his paw at the beginning.)

YouTube link.


Smilin’ Joe sure does love some dirty boots to snuggle up to.


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1-17-13 — 15 Comments

    • I bought one for my older girl, Hope, and she let me know in no uncertain terms that she DOES NOT LIKE IT. I’m not sure why, I thought she’d love it, as she loves soft, warm things. But she just does not.

      I’ve left it out. Maybe she’ll grow to like it. Who knows.

      • Donna, I am not kidding when I give this advice to you: move the bed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had cats completely ignore a bed when I put it in their favorite spots to hang out, but then I move it elsewhere, and it’s the BEST! THING! EVER!

        On the other hand, she just might not like it – I think the crinkly noise it makes when they step on it bothers some cats. But move it and see if she warms (see what I did there?) to it. πŸ™‚

        • Heh. I did this – I put one up on top of a bookshelf overlooking my desk when I work. My skinny girl has discovered it and it’s her nightly perch. Warm, high, and in sight of Mommy – what’s not to love if you’re a cat?

  1. When I was taking care of the most friendly cat in the world (AKA Dave the sometimes-lives-in-a-barn cat), I began to understand why you would mention not being fast enough to grab the camera for something. Cats can be so mercurial!

    He’d be doing something cute and I’d reach into my pocket for my phone, at which point he’d get really curious about what I had in my pocket and think it was maybe a spare hand I could pull out at will to give him extra petting.

    • It’s so frustrating, because they’ll be doing THE most adorable thing, but the instant you grab the camera they’re no longer interested in doing it. Grrrr!

  2. Just have to share this with other cat-loving people: I lost one of mine today. Gabby, who just turned 18 at Thanksgiving, died in my arms a couple of hours ago. I had been sick with the respiratory crud that was going around, and I hadn’t realized how sick she was until tonight. She was lying in her bed, occasionally crying, and I went to check on her and found her a dehydrated bag of bones. Apparently she stopped eating or drinking. I cleaned her up, warmed her up, and was giving her water with a syringe and was going to take her to the vet in the morning, but she slipped away. I had had her since she was about three months old.