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Regarding the elderly cat in the Cary, NC area (which I mentioned at the top of yesterday’s post), Charlene added:

Robyn, thanks so much for putting out the appeal for my friend’s cat. One L&H reader has already responded with an offer to help! The L&H community is just the best!

I’ve since learned a bit more about the friend’s cat and situation. Turns out the cat is an outdoor-only semi-feral. And she (I think the cat is a “she”) comes into the garage and “messes” in the garage, posing a slip-and-fall risk to my friend’s elderly mother. My friend has tried getting the cat into a barn cat program, but was told the cat was too old (which frankly makes no sense to me: too old to hang out in a barn???). If anyone knows of any other possible solutions (other barn cat programs? adding her to an existing feral community? building an outdoor shelter in someone’s backyard?), you can reply to me here or via the e-mail above, which is cfu (at) alumni.northwestern.edu


He gives me this baleful look an awful lot, even though he’s purring up a storm while he does it. I should rename him Baleful Beans.

Isn’t he just the prettiest thing?

Baby Baleful Drama Beans (Esquire) on top of the cat tree condo, and Barney chillin’ inside the condo.

This isn’t the greatest picture, but I’m posting it so you can see the difference in their eye color. Barney over there on the right has green eyes, Bitsy (in the middle) has orangey-brown eyes, and Baleful Baby has dark brown eyes.

Bitsy needs a snuggle.

Yesterday morning when I let the Beans out of the foster room, Baby decided to go back to bed, so he climbed into the wall basket (which, I’ve probably mentioned, has a bed warmer in it). Three hours later I realized I hadn’t seen him, so I went up to check on him. He heard me coming and decided to get his butt out of bed.

Don’t work too hard, you lazy thing.


Fred noticed this orange and white kitty hanging out in the area between our property and the church property next door. Please note that that downed tree fell onto our property from the church property almost two years ago, and as you can see, they’ve really rushed to do nothing about clearing it off our property. Maybe Jesus needs to take the chainsaw.

This picture is particularly bad because it was taken through the window AND I didn’t take the time to switch to the longer lens, but I think you can see that it’s a cat, kind of.

Fred went out to see if it was friendly, and the instant it saw him, it vamoosed. I don’t know if it belongs to someone or not, but I do know that a light-colored cat showed up briefly in our side yard a few nights ago (might be the same cat, might not – it’s hard to tell). Fred went out a few hours later to see if the cat was still around, and saw nothing. So either we’ve got a new guy coming around or we had a cat wander through on his way elsewhere.

If it ever stops raining, I’m going to set up the game cam on the feeding station and we’ll see if he shows up to eat there.


I have a Spanky video for y’all today. Nothing much happens in it – I was trying to get Spanky to “talk” to me, and he was staring at me like I’d lost my mind – but I’m posting it anyway, because awwww, Old Man Spanky, you go on with your spry self.

YouTube link.


“I’m a cat!!!”

“I’m a CAAAAT!!!”


“I’M A CAAAT!!!”


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  1. Oyyy…what’s the elderly lady doing in the garage anyway? Is it so hard to clean up a mess before going in the car? I don’t understand people who are so willing to put a cat to sleep if it’s not convenient for them. I hate that threat. The place I’m living now had 5 semi-feral cats when I moved in and now I can’t move because no one else will feed them. I would never put them to sleep but I am essentially stuck here living in a broken down trailer because I won’t abandon them.
    BTW, 4 of them are over 11 years old which I think is amazing for outdoor kitties and there is a busy road out front which scares me for their sake. Not to mention the coyotes, aggressive dogs and fox that are around.
    I hope someone can help that poor kitty.
    Okay I’m off my soap box now, lol.
    “I’m a CAAAAT!!!” [CENSORED] had me cracking up this morning. Thanks for that, I needed it and Baleful Beans is awesome!

    • You could put a sandbox in the garage and I’d bet the cat would mess in there instead of elsewhere.

  2. LOL at the Tommy series!! Although I do wonder what the [CENSORED] is going on in that third photo!!


    I think the Baby is looking at you with eyes of LURVE. It’s just that he doesn’t synch the ears with the eyes! Spanky should show him how to do it.

    Thanks for yet another wonderful morning wake up. I’ve even mastered the art of swallowing several sips of morning tea before opening the site to avoid saturating my keyboard!


    • It’s a take-off of a very rude shark meme. I won’t link to it, but if you Google “I’m a shark”, the meme should show up. 🙂

      • Glad I missed that meme! Still, thanks for letting me know. Sigh, the internets are wonderful and internets are stupid, nasty and [CENSORED]!

  3. For those of you who have followed their progress, Mr. Stripey (Stripey) and Sungold (Sunny) have adjusted well beyond expectations to their new home. This a.m., they sat together with Ms Tabby and Ms Tiki in front of the glass door to their room – all four of them sitting waiting to have the run of the house and more freedom! So far, no marking, no fighting, minimal hissing, no wreckage. Just lots of energy! At night they all go to their cathedral-windowed room and settle in on their respective perches without another sound. Dogs come in for the night and don’t even know they are there. All is well at Zoo Acres.

  4. “Maybe Jesus needs to take the chainsaw” made my morning. Tommy is just gorgeous, by the way. Having fostered a black cat and knowing how hard it can be for them to get adopted, I’ve already told my husband that the next cat we adopt will be a black one (not that I’m wishing the speedy demise of either of our felines. I’m hoping I can sneak a third cat — we used to have three! — into the mix without him realizing it).

    Also, thanks to Lynn for the update! Glad to hear those ginger boys are doing well.

  5. Ginger boys! I love it! I’ve been wanting a term for them other than “oranges” “twins” etc.

  6. Yay for Stripey and Sungold happy in their new home!!

    And Robyn, I think Spanky has taught you to “talk” quite well! 😉

  7. I really like that last picture of Tommy. I zoomed in on Flickr to get a better look and can see his little fangs sticking out. Such a pretty boy.

    • You are right! His left fang is out! So cute! Am I right (or is the picture just deceiving) but he looks odd-eyed?

      • I see what you mean – I went and tracked him down, and in person he looks normal, so I’m thinking it’s just the angle or the lighting.

  8. The convergence is happening. The tabby is just the first to show up. Your property is clearly the initial rally point for apocalyptic cat army.

  9. We can discuss how I am going to hell for giggling hysterically while picturing Jesus handling a chainsaw set to Carrie Underwood crooning… after I recover from the case of the vapors brought on by seeing Spanky animated and up close.

    • I can’t see it from work, it’s blocked, but I’m pretty sure it’s getting a lot of views, which approximately 4,631 of those are you just watching it on a loop. 😉

    • No, we took him to the vet (actually, two different vets) to have it checked out. Basically, it’s like a freckle. We take pictures of his eye every couple of months to make sure it’s not growing, and it’s about the same as it was this time last year.

    • Google “I’m a shark meme”, and you’ll see the original meme that I took off from. Be warned, it is very much NOT safe for work or small children. 🙂

  10. Photos of Sunny and Stripey later. I am not computer savvy, so Robyn will have to upload them and hope that I got their frontsides!

  11. I adore “Baleful” Beans! My cat Diedra – a lovely torti-tabby – has the baleful glare down to a science. And yes, she even does it when she purrs. She is also fond of high places and will loom over us, glaring with her yellow eyes, leading me to believe she is at least part gargoyle. Perhaps your little Beany has the the same mix. 😉

  12. The (CENSORED) picture made my day, Robyn! 😀

    (P.S. I’ve had days like that, too….)

  13. The other day you ref. an article about a crazy cat lady in SC- she has created an foster program and has about 300 cats. She’s from Italy. Why not contact them regarding kitty at the top of your post

  14. Love love love the Spanky video! Have you ever mentioned to get Joe Bob talking on camera? You always say he is a big talker.

  15. That was supposed to be in response to Lynn’s comment about the ginger boys, but it didn’t stack properly.