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If you’re in the Cary, NC area, there’s a senior cat who needs a home. The following was posted on the Love & Hisses Facebook page; I don’t have any additional info, but there’s a contact email at the bottom.

Could you help get the word out for my friend who has to find a new home for her senior cat because her (the friend’s, not the senior cat’s) elderly mother has moved in and the cat is posing a safety hazard in that the mother is in danger of tripping over the cat and taking a bad fall (and we know how devastating a fall can be for the elderly). She’s checked two nearby cat sanctuaries, and they are full up and can’t take her cat. She’s going to try contacting local vets this week and is very worried that her only recourse may be to put down the cat. She is in the Cary, NC area. I’m hoping that somehow some solution can be found. I don’t have any info on the cat just yet, but will update when I do. I haven’t yet gotten her OK to post her contact info, so for the time being, people can e-mail me at cfu (at) alumni.northwestern.edu


A bit of housekeeping: if you look at the sidebar, you’ll notice that I finally put the “adopted!” text on Mr. Stripey and Sungold’s pictures. I’ll leave all those pictures of the adopted Pickles, Weeds, and ‘Maters up ’til this weekend, whereupon I’m going to take them down. (You know there’s a link in the sidebar to a page of all the previous fosters, right?)

Along the same lines, I’m assuming that everyone’s ordered their calendars by now, so when I take down the “adopted!” pictures, I’ll take down the calendar links as well. I’ll probably leave the link to the Stompers store up for the time being just in case anyone has an overwhelming need for Stompers swag.

Which reminds me! Between the calendars, the mugs and other Stompers products, AND the people who bought some “I (love) cats, it’s humans who annoy me” gear, guess how much we raised for Challenger’s House? Go on, guess!

$163 and some change! Considering that in previous years there’s been less than $25 raised altogether, $163 is amazing. I hope all of you who bought calendars and other stuff are happy with your purchase. I bought one of each of the calendars (Stompers will be the patron calendar kitty of the foster room) and I’m loving them.


Bitsy, starting to tip over – but she managed to catch herself before she fell, and avoided the embarrassment (and the excellent picture) that would have resulted.

“I’ve got it!”

“Or not.”

Baby Beans looks like he’d rather smack Barney than the feather teaser.

I love whiskery kitten profiles in the sun.


Bitsy takes a moment to reflect and remember the time she caught the feather teaser and how awesome it was.

Baby Beans is reflecting that the feather teaser could have been HIS if that stupid Bitsy had just stayed out of the way. HMPH.

The Beans now have the run of the house during the day. After I got back from Petsmart on Saturday, I opened their door and let them have the run of the upstairs. It was my intention to do that for three or four days and then let them have a little time in the rest of the house and see how it went. But of course Fred is too impatient to do things the RIGHT way, and on Sunday he said “Let’s let them out into the house!” I hesitated and he said “I’ll take that as a yes!” and went up to do so.

It went just fine, as it always does. Bitsy and Barney are a bit more drama queen-y than I would have expected them to be, and Baby Beans just wants to be friends with the big cats (which honestly surprised me a LOT). I was laying on the couch Sunday afternoon, and Bitsy was laying against me. She started whining and growling, and I looked down on the floor to see Corbie looking up at her. Just looking, but she was all “DON’T LOOK AT ME! I KEEL YOU!”

Nothing less threatening than a growly, hissy kitten, by the way.

Another thing that surprised me – but shouldn’t have, given how he got his name – Baby Beans really came to life when he walked into the kitchen and smelled the meat loaf I was making for dinner. Oh, his eyes got all BRIGHT, and he paced me as I walked across the kitchen, and then when I sat down to eat, he said “DON’T MIND IF I DO!” and tried to stick his face in my plate. I was able to dissuade him with the help of the can of compressed air, but he remains positive that the kitchen is where dreams are made.

They – specifically Bitsy – were very unimpressed when we put them back into the foster room at bedtime, and Bitsy whined for a while, then settled down for the night. First thing in the morning, as soon as she heard me moving around, she was yelling for me to come let her out.

Spoiled rotten, those kittens.


Yesterday was so cold (33ΒΊF) and rainy and dismal that all Newt wanted to do is cram himself into a warm spot and sleep the day away.

Later in the day, after a bite to eat, he moved to a box for a change of scenery.


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1-15-13 — 27 Comments

  1. That Bitsy has a cute little tattoo, doesn’t she? And I love that photo of curled-up Newtles!

    So good to her Challenger House got some moolah! Have they received the litter coupons yet?

    • Yes! I’ll answer this in Friday’s post so everyone will see, but the short answer is that they sent 8 coupons good for product up to $12 each, and they also sent Challenger’s House’s info to their customer service group to get rejected litter from local retailers (I assume that means they’ll donate damaged containers that retailers won’t put on the shelf).

  2. Cary, NC – have they tried Wake County SPCA? That’s where I adopted my Katia from. They were wonderful.

  3. Newt – ” cram himself into a warm spot and sleep the day away”….cramming is certainly what he was doing in that box! LOL… Such a pretty boy!!

  4. Please cover Bitsy and Barney’s eye if they’re reading, but Baby Beans is my favorite kind of bean. Something about the rumpled expression and kitchen full of dreams makes me think he’s like my Norman.

    Those shaved spotted belly pics are phenomenal.

    I wish I had a box like Newt’s so I could cram myself inside and sleep the day away… just no one take a picture of me. It wouldn’t be nearly as cute.

    • She was actually spayed before I got her – so it’s been, I guess, three weeks or so? Her belly isn’t quite as bare as it looks in the picture, it’s fuzzing in quite nicely. πŸ™‚

  5. Newt – that seems like a great way to spend the day.

    I have to admit, for all the fosters that go through here, a couple of the adults still feel the need to give the customary 2 day growly greeting to all new kittens. Some freak out and some are all “what – you growl at the cute?” Cracks me up…..

  6. I have to say that I kind of love the idea of a hip flask with the picture of a kitten on it (I was checking out the Stompers store.)

  7. I received my Stompers calendar, can koozie (which is sitting to the right of me holding my diet Mt. Dew as I type) and my shot glass a few weeks ago. I used the shot glass this weekend while playing board games with friends and having one Rumchata shot after another. Everyone loved it, thought it one of the best shot glasses they’ve seen.

    Our boys are FINALLY going off to be neutered this Thursday. It was originally supposed to happen in December but the hussle and bussle of the holidays just took over and we never got around to it.

  8. Robyn, thanks so much for putting out the appeal for my friend’s cat. One L&H reader has already responded with an offer to help! The L&H community is just the best!

    I’ve since learned a bit more about the friend’s cat and situation. Turns out the cat is an outdoor-only semi-feral. And she (I think the cat is a “she”) comes into the garage and “messes” in the garage, posing a slip-and-fall risk to my friend’s elderly mother. My friend has tried getting the cat into a barn cat program, but was told the cat was too old (which frankly makes no sense to me: too old to hang out in a barn???). If anyone knows of any other possible solutions (other barn cat programs? adding her to an existing feral community? building an outdoor shelter in someone’s backyard?), you can reply to me here or via the e-mail above, which is cfu (at) alumni.northwestern.edu

    Also, had to share this video, which had me busting out laughing. It’s the first post on this page:

    Thanks to everyone.

  9. I’m hitting the jackpot with funny videos today: Kitten squeezes inside hamster ball. Robyn, I think we your loyal readers need to see this added to the toys available to the Beans and all future kittens (hmm, Beans might be a little too big for this now…)

  10. I take back everything I said about you under my breath, Robyn, as I scrolled back and forth when you said you had the adoption banner up for Mr. Stripey and Sungold.

    No way. Same pictures, unadorned as always. What was Robyn going on about then?

    Somehow, the voice of a former boyfriend, a bit of a nerd, came to me, advising me to refresh the site. I did – AND THERE THEY ARE! Happy forever home, boys!!!!

  11. Aw, Baby Beans in the kitchen reminds me of good ol Hydrox and that chicken or turkey you made that fell. Please give that boy just one teensy bite of meat, ok? πŸ™‚