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2012-01-18 (1)
Beautiful Cutie.

2012-01-18 (2)
Bat-like Cutie.

2012-01-18 (3)
Loony Cutie.

2012-01-18 (6)
Cutie Son ASSessing the situation. (Ha!)

2012-01-18 (7)
Fleein’ the box.

2012-01-18 (5)
Elwood requires roomier accommodations.

2012-01-18 (4)
“Who you callin’ fat? I prefer ‘flabulous.'”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Corbie and the Sugs.

2012-01-18 (8)
Corbie doesn’t ever initiate contact with the other cats, so I’m not sure if he realized that Suggie was in that bag (the cats love to climb in those cloth Publix bags).

2012-01-18 (10)
In fact, judging by this appalled look on his face when Suggie’s head popped out of the bag, I’m thinking Corbie probably believed there were groceries in that bag.

2012-01-18 (11)
Corbie’s reaction after Sugarbutt turned around and smacked him. Suggie is no fan of the other cats, except for the occasional snuggle with Tommy.

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2012-01-18 (12)
Tig keeps his eye on the feather teaser. Corbie’s coming up the stairs behind him to see what’s going on, and Opie’s over there on the bedside table acting like he’s supposed to be there.

2012-01-18 (13)
“Oh, I’m sorry. Is this the one piece of furniture you don’t allow cats on? Sh’yeah.”

2012-01-18 (14)
Tig’s goatee.

2012-01-18 (15)

2012-01-18 (16)
Jax on the stairs, considering a descent to the ground floor.

2012-01-18 (17)

2012-01-18 (19)
Miz Poo wandered by, and Jax got flirty.

2012-01-18 (18)
A casual monkey walk to show off his muscles… But Miz Poo was not impressed, and kept on going.

2012-01-18 (20)

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Weren’t you just saying you needed another video of Spanky “talking”? Well, HERE YA GO. (He cracks me up, our old man.)

YouTube link

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2012-01-18 (21)
I see at least three cat beds that are unoccupied on that table.

2012-01-18 (22)
And yet he sleeps on that hard chair. Silly Newt.


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1-18-12 — 15 Comments

  1. I join his brothers in asking: Is it just me, or does Jax have a super-long tail for a (beautiful) boy his age?

  2. Around here we call it “chunky”, as in “my, *insert chunky cat’s name*, you sure do love your crunchies…the vet’s gonna be all over your chunky ass because of it”.

  3. Just how cool is Tig’s little goatee?? Want him I really really would like to take him home with me!

  4. You know dear Elwood is plotting his revenge for that “flabulous” crack, don’t you? I imagine it has something to do with a horribly misshapen Cuties box.

    Simba sympathizes. My 7th grader has an English exam today that includes grammar and appositives. The example he is using to remember that an appositive is a noun that renames the noun right next to it? “My fat cat Simba”. 😉

  5. Don’t go criticizing Newt! None of the cats beds had the option of putting his leg through something!!!

    Thanks for the Loony Cutie photo… well, thanks for all the photos!

  6. Just utterly love cute little kitties sitting on stairs or stuff with posh little paws just so.

  7. I gotta say…I sure am glad I’m not the only kitty momma with cat beds on my kitchen table…hehehehe! My mom is appalled when she comes to my place, lol.
    I just lurve the Sons and Loony Jake and Miz Poo, oh and the fab Corbie and Newt too.

  8. i don’t know but Corbie looked like he knew there was a cat but to his horror, it was Sugar. and then he got smacked like, ” i knerw she would smack me”

  9. LOL at Spanky! He’s all like, “What are you guys saying? It sounds like you’re speaking cat, but you MAKE NO SENSE! Guys? Guys? What?”

  10. Ive been thinking about asking this for a while:
    How on earth did Sugarbutt, Miz Poo, Stinkerbelle, Mr Boogers, and Spanky get their names? Are those the names you gave them in the first place? I know Sugarbutt and Mr Boogers had different names to begin with, but what about Miz Poo? Were they just nicknames that stuck?

    also Jake is my favorite. He’s so adorably loony.

  11. How old is Spanky? He looks so spry. And thanks for another great pic of Loony Jake… It makes my day!