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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2012-01-19 (5)
Cardinal on the fence.

2012-01-19 (4)
Bluebird on the fence post (sorry it’s not a better picture – I had the long lens on the camera, but was shooting through the window and, well, SOMEONE needs to clean that window so I can get better pictures, obviously).

2012-01-19 (7)
Bird of prey, checking out the chickens.

2012-01-19 (3)

2012-01-19 (1)

2012-01-19 (6)
Ditch between the front of the property and the back forty.

2012-01-19 (8)
Time for another trip to the pond, duckies.

2012-01-19 (9)

2012-01-19 (10)

2012-01-19 (11)

2012-01-19 (12)

2012-01-19 (13)
A panoramic view (yes, the ducks are stitched together oddly; blame the camera) to show you that the deep end of the pond is finally getting close to full! It’s not anywhere close to overflowing, but it’s nice to see this much water in the pond when we were starting to wonder if it was EVER going to fill up.

2012-01-19 (14)
Rock Star is rockin’.

2012-01-19 (15)
“You know you want fancy feather leggings like mine.”

2012-01-19 (16)
Madame Featherhead tries to decide whether to come out of the coop.

2012-01-19 (17)
Chickenbutt. This cracks me up:

2012-01-19 (17) - 2
“Oi, Madge, do I gots somefin’ in the end uv my beak?”
“Naw, Harriet, yer all clear.”

2012-01-19 (18)
“Wot? Can’t a young rooster enjoy some sun without you stompin’ all around with that camera?”

2012-01-19 (19)
I think this rooster is so pretty. I always tell Fred that he reminds me, color-wise, of a toasted marshmallow.

2012-01-19 (20)

2012-01-19 (21)

2012-01-19 (22)

2012-01-19 (23)

2012-01-19 (24)

2012-01-19 (25)
“That is some tasty water.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reminder: the Sons are going to Petsmart tomorrow, and Everett, Lucy, and Sally Peppers will be coming back home with me for a break!

2012-01-19 (38)
Jax and Clay, hanging out on my bed.

2012-01-19 (26)
Tig doesn’t like to be kissed (he doesn’t like it when you get all up in his business), but he’ll lay on you ’til the cows come home, and if you want to pet him while he’s there? So much the better.

2012-01-19 (27)
Opie, on the other hand, will let you kiss him a million times, hold him on his back like a baby, whatever you want to do to him, he’s A-OK with it.

2012-01-19 (29)
(Jax is also a snuggler.)

2012-01-19 (30)
“Got it!”

2012-01-19 (31)
Clay’s the snuggliest of the bunch. He’ll come and lean up against you and purr like a madman (if madmen purred, that is).

2012-01-19 (32)
Opie McSmuggypants.

2012-01-19 (33)
Miz Poo came up to see what was going on, and laid down for a snuggle. Note that Opie’s laying on my hip, Clay’s up against me, Jax is flirting with Miz Poo. Where’s Tig?

2012-01-19 (28)
Laying behind my knees licking his toes, of course.

2012-01-19 (34)
Jax and Miz Poo’s tail.

2012-01-19 (35)
“I wasn’t thinking of smacking her tail.”

2012-01-19 (36)

2012-01-19 (37)
“That would be wrong.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-01-19 (41)
“Someone needs to vacuum.”

2012-01-19 (40)

2012-01-19 (39)
“Alls I know is it won’t be ME.”


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1-19-12 — 8 Comments

  1. Oh, I will miss the sweet little Sons!! And I hope the lack of tails doesn’t hurt anyone’s chances of finding a forever home…to me it just makes them even cuter!!

    And you must have twisted yourself into a pretzel to take some of those shots of the Boys all laid up and around you! But I think cat people get to be contortionists after a while, since we are forever reaching for things while trying not to disturb the kitties napping on our bodies!

  2. Sorry, Robin! That’s another vulture. I do believe Miz Poo secretly loves kittens.. she looks pretty happy to be surrounded by the little ones!!

    And thanks for the shots of my other love, Joe Bob the smiling cat.

    I still think you oughta find a pond with duckweed and scoop some up!!

    Happy Thursday and thanks once again for all the joy!!!!!!!


  3. Out of all your animals, I think I love the pups the most. Please don’t tell my cats. I don’t think they’d like me anymore. Well, not that they really like me much these days anyways because I don’t see them much because of work and exhaustion. If they knew I loved your pups the most it would be the end of me. I think I like Loony Jake and Elwood the second most. Maybe. I don’t know. The ducks are funny. I like funny animals. Oh my, too many animals to rank like that. Just know that I think I love the pups the most. I would like to sneergle up with them and kiss their pretty faces. Yes, I would.

    :). Tired Brooke.

  4. Can’t wait to see the Peppers again, and I have full faith that the Sons will be scooped up soonest. Godspeed, young sirs! Thanks, as always, for a super Joe Bob Thursday — that boy just makes everything better (well, maybe not vacuuming…).

  5. Is Miss Poo’s tail safe?? Looks like the kitten restrained himself just in time!
    Has feathery leg rooster ever had chicks with rockstar chicken or Madame featherhead or even angry muppet? Because I bet they would look freaky but cool!
    I made myself giggle by calling the hip sitting kitten a hipster kitten(I think I need more sleep..)
    Yay, looks like the ducks like the pond now??
    Gracey looks all stern in that last picture, like she’s saying “your ducks have fowled my water” (oh no, I cracked myself up again, nap time!)
    Ok, one more.. Jo Bob the smilin’ cat, sure does love to sleep on.. that! Sorry, but you have those kind of songs stuck in my head, so it’s kinda your fault!

  6. Hey, Robyn, the pond has still water in it, right? is it clean enough for the doggies to drink? and doesn’t still water become mosquito breeding territory in the summer? just wonderin’. please kiss the Sons before they have to go. and when they get there. and when they go in the new cages. and just before you leave…and…

    • Yes, it’s still water. It’s clean enough, I suppose – not any dirtier than the puddles they drink out of. And yes, I expect we’ll see plenty of mosquitoes this summer. The dogs are on heartworm preventative, which they get every month along with their flea and tick preventative. 🙂