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Ran across this and thought of you. Chickens!

YouTube link.

That is awesome!


Which one of your cats would be likely to enjoy something like this? 🙂

YouTube link.

I can’t imagine any of them putting up with it, let alone enjoying it. Mayyyybe Stefan, but I kind of doubt even he would let that happen.


I have a question/problem: We have just added a 2-3 year old cat to our household that was left behind when it’s owners moved. He’s a very friendly (fixed) tuxie cat that we’ve named Felix. I brought him home last Wednesday, on a trial basis to see if my two could adjust to him. I’ve kept him separated from my two, but this weekend tried to spend some time with all doors open. Felix has no sense of boundaries though. My two would probably be OK (not happy, but OK) if he would just leave them be, but he either has a death wish, is stupid, or mean because he just won’t leave them alone. He’s gone in and gotten Jack out of hiding and chased him through the house with Jack hissing growling & screaming the whole way. Any ideas to teach him to respect space?

Alyslinn said: Perhaps have Felix confined (a large dog crate, or some such) in the main area where you’ll be, and your other cats have the run of the place? It could get Felix used to them without being able to run after them and harass them.

Quite honestly, it took half a month of switching bedding, feeding by the door, etc. before I let my new cat out to fully roam, and even then, I only let him out when I was home. (these days, he coexists quite peacefully-most of the time-with the others.)

I agree with Alyslinn, I’d go back to keeping them separate for a while longer, and doing the switching-bedding and feeding by the door before you even let Felix out to meet the other two. You could also (if the other two would put up with it) confine them to one room and let Felix have the run of the house for a little while. I imagine that the newness of his situation is making Felix pretty wound up, and the introduction needs to be a gradual one. Also, I’m pretty sure that Connie would recommend the book Cat vs. Cat, which should be helpful in this exact same kind of situation.


Robyn, I was watching Cats 101, they were featuring the American Curl and mentioned a term you need to know about: “ear furnishings” aka floof.

Oldcat said: I know that term. My kitten Rhea Silvia has the biggest ear furnishings of all time!

Ear furnishings! That’s the best description EVER.


Challenger’s House has been using Oxyfresh Pet Dental Hygiene Solution in the water bowls for many years. With 25-35 cats in the catroom at any given time, I’m not sure if it is effective for all of them but I haven’t had to take anyone from that room to the vet for teeth/mouth problems. I’m still a distributor for Oxyfresh so if anyone wants to buy it using our number it is 180669120.

If you’re interested in buying Oxyfresh and using Challenger’s House’s distributor number, go to Oxyfresh.com, click on Customer Sign In from the top right hand corner. Click on Register as New Customer. Select one of 3 types of customer (new customer, most likely). On the next screen where it says Heard About choose Distributor ID Number from the pull down choices. Type in 180669120 & click Search. (Alternately, you can search by the name Challenger’s House). This should bring up Challenger’s House. Then create your account!


Thought you might get a kick out of this…This medieval manuscript curses the cat who peed on it

I can certainly relate!


Where did you get the Corbs Cave? I have been looking for exactly that and have yet to find one.

Wal-Mart! I got it at least two years ago (if not longer), and while I keep waiting for someone to pee in it or spray on the side of it, it hasn’t happened yet. I think it cost about $15, and was very much worth the price.


From today’s archive link from 2007: “Every time we go to Smallville and [Newt]’s hanging out on the front porch, he runs for the front door. If we leave it open for longer than a few seconds, he moseys on in and wanders around the house, meowing in his high-pitched big-baby squeak.”

Do you have any video of Newt’s so-called “big-baby squeak”? I always love it when I get to hear the voices of the permanent residents and fosters! Even if it’s like Stinkerbelle’s screech-o’-doom from a few days back. 🙂

I initially said that I didn’t have any video of Newt’s meow, but then I remembered that I do! The video part is awful because it’s from the Dark Ages (2007ish), but you can certainly hear him.

YouTube link.




“Hallo, shweetheart.”


“Rawr. I. Say.”


Flirty Tricki.

“She’s kinda purty.”


“My feather. MINE.”

She is such a sweet little goofball.


They’re pretty sure they saw the red dot over here, but it appears to be GONE.

Pretty girl.

John Smith sang and sang and sannnnng the entire way to Petsmart yesterday morning. Tricki curled up in her carrier and didn’t say a word. When I put them in their cages, John Smith flopped down on top of his litter box (they’re covered litter boxes) and said “How YOU doin’?”, and Tricki went into her litter box and hid. When I stopped back by the store a couple of hours later after running errands, he looked as relaxed as he could possibly be. She was still in the litter box.


I got to spend some time with my beloved Tony Soprano, and I LOVE HIM. I don’t get why he hasn’t been adopted yet, he is the silliest, sweetest, friendliest boy! Livia was happy to see me and purred and purred and head-butted me. Maybe this will be their lucky weekend. FINGERS CROSSED.


I love it when Corbie is sound asleep with his paw curled over the side of the bed. LOVE IT.


2013: “I can’t believe I had to wear a stupid tie to work today. Stupid meetings. Stupid ties. Stupid bosses.”
2012: Someone asked in the comments yesterday if Lucy is still “cockeyed”, and the answer is that yes, she is still slightly cross-eyed.
2011: It was a slipper. No wonder it wouldn’t purr.
2010: No entry.
2009: No entry.
2008: The Annoying of the Poo.
2007: She follows him downstairs and hangs out, giving him the Eyes of Love and all the other cats the Eyes of You-Go-To-Hell.
2006: No entry.
2005: No entry.



1-24-14 — 14 Comments

  1. My best “get-adopted-soon” vibes to Livia, Tony, John Smith and Tricky! Maybe her elegant looks work against sweet Livia, because people expect her to be very aloof. Hopefully someone will see her true self very soon!

  2. You say ear furnishings and I think of those shoulder duster earrings I used to wear. On a cat. Like the way Egyptian cat statues had earrings.

    (Read a great short story years ago about a cat who had earrings. But when the earrings came off, she transformed into a woman. I remember some element of menace but not clearly enough. Totes McGotes.)

  3. Yup..cat vs cat.. totally

    I have been thinking about this since I saw the original comment. It is hard when the new comer is a bully and doesn’t understand “office politics”if you will. I would recommend you tell the resident cats it is ok to stand up to him and put him in his place. Right now they are being prey like so they are being treated like prey.

    My odd ball suggestion is a cage. Something big enough to be comfy.. put the new guy in it so he can see the others and how they interact. This will also let the residents learn more about him as well, and to feel more empowered since they see him “in jail” feed the residents near the cage with out giving any to the new guy. Pat and praise residents and tell me boy when he learns manners he will earn his freedom.

    Cats have a hierarchy, if you do not respect that and treat the new cats the same things get confusing and when cats get confused they lash out

    • I have tried to understand the original two’s hierarchy but they’re just weird! 🙂

      I also don’t think Felix is really mean, he mostly just wants to play it seems like. but my other two don’t play that way and he’s gotta learn to adapt. He’s pretty unflappable, so I feel like he’s going to win them over eventually (if not interact with him, at least tolerate his presence in their sight!)

      I also admit I’ve been inclined to let any scratches happen – if Felix gets his nose scratched from chasing Jack – it would help him learn. So far no contact has been made, and Felix hasn’t chased or routed Jack out the last few days so I think we might be past that possibility.

      • Hierarchy is very complex.. it is why a lot of us miss it entirely, and we think we should be treating all of the cats equally..

        yup, with time the upstart will learn how to properly behave.. glad it is starting to work out. I would encourage the resident cats to stand up for themselves more..

      • I’d still dial it back a bit and keep Felix separated. If you can get a larger cage or dog kennel type thing set up, Felix could hang out with everyone, but not be chasing them.

  4. About Felix – I agree about setting them apart again and starting from scratch. That being said, some of his behavior could be how he was socialized when he was little. My youngest has some “stalker” issues as he was a single kitten and trapped as a feral at 3 months. The current smallest foster in the house has some stalker issues as well (fortunately my adults are all “whatever” but I can see a different cat thinking he was weird).

    Love that Achilles is OK – and First Coast is a great rescue organization. Accidents happen and it is sad that the law can be so black and white.

    That John Smith is a heart breaker….but we want to see Tony go home!!!

    And omg….read the link to last year and the ties and almost burst out laughing in my office. 🙂

  5. Thank you Robyn for putting my comment/question/concern here!! I have kept them separated by a closed door for all but 2-3 hours a day. My original two (“O2”) are very happy in my room with the door closed and don’t cry to get out so Felix has had the run of the place during the day while we’re gone, and then I open my door when I get home, and my O2 stay in there and Felix mostly stays out. When I go to bed I close him in the kid’s room and let my O2 have the run of the place. they seem to prefer my room either way. they venture out once he’s locked up; but mostly just stay in my room. This weekend I’ll be able to spend some time with all and see what we can do to ease the tension for the O2.

  6. Fingers and paws crossed for some adoptions this weekend. Tony is SO friendly, I don’t get it. And Tricki is so playful and sleek. She’d be a perfect spokesperson for, something. Someone lucky is going to get John Smith, he is a total sweetheart. I can see him dressed up in doll’s clothes for some little girl’s tea party, and loving it. Livia is such an elegant beauty. Someone will realize that soon.

    Robyn, still laugh at that slipper below your desk story,

  7. Fingers crossed for fast adoptions! Poor Tricki, she was just starting to get comfortable. And she’s a black one – her human will have to be super extryspecial, so extra purrs and prayers for her human to come along fast.

    For those of you who don’t know and watch kittencams – FDJ’s got a new trio (mama and two 9-week-old babies) and Shelly from tinykittens is on nest watch, and man oh man is the mama a STUNNING cat.

    • Hi Hi, fellow kitten cam addict! I’m a longtime lurker both in FDJ’s critter room and in Shelly’s house. My two cats are both elderly, so I get my doses of kitten antics from the cams. They are an integral part of my days.

  8. I must be ancient, because every time I see a pic of Tricki, all I can think of is that old Run-DMC song (“It’s tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time, IT’S TRICKY! IT’S TRICKY!”). Yep. Am old.

  9. Thank you for posting that video of Newt caterwauling in the back 40! Hearing from the fosters, permanent residents, and outside visitors is always fun.

    I hope John Smith and Tricki (and all the other fosters) get adopted lickety-split!