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No adoptions of any of my fosters over the weekend, unfortunately. They did move things around a little so that now Tony is sharing a cage with two little cuties rather than being in a cage alone. I know he’s thrilled about that, because he loves everyone!

My foster room was empty for a little more than 24 hours before it was filled again.

All five of them are present in this picture, though you can’t really see them that well. One’s under the little blue tree and another is under the big cat tree.

The orange tabby on the left is Ferdinand.

This is Mariette. She’s got no tail (uses the litterbox just fine, though!)

Ferdinand, jumping up after the feather teaser.

I believe this is Mariette.

Ferdinand has just the littlest nub of a tail. That’s Maria on the right.

Bath time for Ferdinand.

Maria. She and Ferdinand are the least scared of the bunch.

She (well, the whole litter) LOVES the feather teaser.

This is Orlando, I think.

And I think this is Angelo.

So, there are five of them. They were all given names of Shakespearean characters – Ferdinand, Angelo, Maria, Mariette, and Orlando. (If you guys have suggestions on what to call the litter as a whole, I’m all ears (I’m currently calling them FAMMO.) They were all pretty scared at first, but we’ve been able to get them all to come out and play – even Angelo, who tends to hide under the doll bed or under one of the cat trees, has come out and swiped at the feather teaser several times. None of them are asking to be petted yet, but I don’t think it’s going to be much longer, especially for Maria and Ferdinand.

The first night we had them, they kept going into the closet (where the litter boxes were) to hide, so I put the litter boxes in the room and shut the closet door. Hopefully once they relax, we can move the litter boxes back to the closet, and they’ll have that extra space to run around.

They’re 4 months old, and they came from a feral cat colony when they were 6 week old (their mother was TNR’d). They’ve been at another foster mom’s house since then, and have come here to get the full Crooked Acres Spoiled Rotten treatment. They need to be spayed and neutered, but they’re already up to date on their vaccinations, and they’re all healthy and well. Fred loves it when we get skitty bitties (he takes their skittishness as a personal challenge), AND they’re the age he loves the most, so it’s like Christmas for him.

I’ll get pictures of each of their faces for tomorrow’s post; I avoided taking the camera into the room for the first couple of days so as not to freak them out.


Alice Mo, judging you.

YouTube link.


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1-27-14 — 47 Comments

  1. How about the Players, as in “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”?

  2. Awww, love the term skitty bitties….they’ll be well adjusted sweethearts in no time :)! They could always be “The Bards”. Can’t wait to follow their adventures; have fun!

  3. I really don’t think Pippa could be any more adorable! What a cutie-pie!

    Welcome new kitties!!! You will be enjoying your stay even if you don’t know it yet….

  4. Silvio and Ferdinand loves their bellies rubbed. Spoil them rotten! I like Liz’s suggestion for a litter name “The Bards.”

  5. I was thinking the Spears, but I love whoever suggested the Bards! That’s awesome.
    Just woke up my hubby playing Alice’s theme song, hee hee, can’t help but play it when I see it! It’s ok, he laughed! And I thought I played it reallly low, lol

    Robyn I love love love that you have the link to my fundraiser for Winnie’s Wish up still. I wonder if you would mind changing it to the new one called Spread The Love?? Please please and thank you so much for the support! http://celestialkitties.blogspot.com/2014/01/spread-love-fundraiser.html

  6. I was going to suggest The Bards, but I see some people already beat me to it, so I’ll just second that idea, and I’ll also offer up The Characters or The Elizabethans.

  7. We may need a measurement on Maria’s tail. That seems super long for such an itty bitty kitty.

  8. I think “The Sonnets” has a nice ring to it! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of those cute little skittens.

    Also, I learned what TNR meant after a quick search: Trap-Neuter-Release. I guess the mama was too feral for fostering.

  9. KITTENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was really, really hoping a new batch would fill the foster room !!!

    The Bards or The Players are great suggestions !!!

    Alice Mo the Calico !!! It’s OK if you judge us as you do seem to do it in a fair manner !!!

  10. Hmm, I like the Bards, but how about the Blanks, since Shakespeare wrote in blank verse? Or the Iambs, for iambic pentameter? It’s also possible that I’m just really a lit nerd. 🙂

  11. OMG, bobtails and siblings! Adorable! We’d like to think the tailed ones share their tails with the bobs. Orlando and Angelo are very handsome! We can’t wait to see them warm up to all Crooked Acres has to offer!

  12. That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse..

    oh wait.. that’s not Shakespeare.. that’s Walt Whitman..

  13. Beautiful new cats! The Bards seems a popular choice for this group but in a Shakespearean theme I have to suggest “The Groundlings”.
    Wikipedia informs me pre-Hamlet the commoners attending the Globe were “also referred to as stinkards or penny-stinkers”, which I’m sure won’t apply to these little ones.

  14. I do believe I’m in love once again. I want to snorgle Ferdinand’s polka dot tums. It’s so friggin’ cold up here in Canada I’m pretty sure snuggling with them would do me some good. Although my guys might have something to say about that…

    I like the Sonnets, or the Bards.

  15. I was thinking “The Thespians” too, but I like “The Players.” Well, whatever their names, they’re cuties.

    Speaking of cuties, Pippa is ADORABLE. I want to kiss that face so bad… Actually, I want to pluck off whatever is on her nose and THEN kiss her face.