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You guys left a lot of great suggestions on what to call the new litter! I’ve opted to go with Joe’s suggestion –

How about the Players, as in “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”?

I love it! (And like Leonore, I hear it as “Playahs” in my head.)

So without further ado, meet The Players!






Yesterday was the day where Maria said “Hmph. You don’t scare me, lady!” and flopped over for a belly rub. The others are still skittish, tending to shy away if I reach for them, but the fact that I had Maria rolling around purring her head off helped a lot. Until yesterday, Orlando was refusing to even come out and let me see him (though I know for sure that when there were no humans in the room, all five of them were out playing), but once I had Maria purring like crazy, Orlando kept circling me, juuuuust out of my reach. I did get hold of him before I left the room and gave him love, but I’m pretty sure that now Maria’s been conquered, the others won’t be far behind.

“Stop lookin’ at me, lady.”

Maria, keeping an eye on me. And those of you who noticed – you are NOT kidding about Maria’s long, long tail. Obviously she stole Mariette and Ferdinand’s tails on her way through the birth canal!

These guys really like to sit and look out the window.

Despite the blur, Ferdinand’s face cracks me UP.

Angelo spends a lot of time on that cat tree (I always make a point of petting him at least a few times while I’m in the room), and he gives a lot of the Love Eyes.

Ferdinand’s tail stub and…Maria? I think? (When these guys calm down, I am SO going to put collars on them so I can tell them apart in pictures. In person, I don’t have much problem, but it’s harder when looking at pictures!)

Players gonna play.

They like that big bed a lot – there’s usually one or two of them snoozing in there.



Sheriff Mama is thinking about ticketing Newt for overfilling that box.

But Newt is pretty sure that he fits just FINE, thank you.


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1-28-14 — 22 Comments

  1. Players is awesome. Wonder were they will be for Will’s birthday April 23rd also St Georges Day of course.
    What bothers me though is the lack of stimulation on show in that foster room, Im certain I saw at LEAST 6″ sq of bare floorboards! get another catnip mouse in there RIGHT NOW.

  2. I like Players, reminds me of the Not-Ready-for-Prime Time Players of our generation. Well, at least some of our generation 😉 The NRFPT Players kind of were the Shakespeare in the round during the 70s, though not quite as poetic. 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure this batch of kittens have some fennec in them. Check out those ears! Especially Orlando, he’s got ears like the big Mouse.

    Marriote and Orlando’s eyes are just mesmerizing.

    Newt, you fit just fine love, just fine. You’re just overflowing with sweetness.

  4. As an English major, I heartily approve of the names! Beautiful new bunch o’kittens you have.

  5. Cats with little stub tails are SO CUTE. For some reason I think Ferdinand is going to grow into one of those big burly cats that look like Ron Perlman.

  6. Looks like Newt’s been watching too many Maru videos and got himself a craving for cardboard boxes that are one size too small!