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Tricki was standing in this big ol’ cat bed kneading and kneading. Silly, sweet girl.

John Smith considered smacking at Tricki’s tail, but opted not to. Smart move, if you ask me.

Tricki just loves that long-legged cheetah (which I bought last year at the after-Christmas sale at Petsmart. It’s actually meant to be a dog toy, but the cats love it because it has long, spindly legs and is relatively light, so they can drag it around.)

Sometimes you’ve gotta show a Cheetah who the boss is (it ain’t the Cheetah, FYI).

“I GOTS YOU, Cheetah!”

The Cheetah having been subdued, Tricki thinks about a nap in the sun.

Pretty girl.

There’s an empty cage available, so Tricki will be off to Petsmart tomorrow. I hope so much that the right person comes along who’s willing to look past her scaredy-cat nature and give her a chance. She is just the sweetest, most playful, GORGEOUS girl!

None of my fosters were adopted over the weekend, unfortunately, and in fact things were slow, adoption-wise. Someone might be interested in Bunnie, so keep your fingers crossed for her.



Tommy had to wear the Cone of Shame for about a week. We have a soft cloth one (size X-Small) that doesn’t stop him from climbing or eating, and in fact after a while he doesn’t seem to notice he’s wearing it. We needed to stop him from reaching a pad on one of his back paws, because he was messing with it and making it bleed. Once the pad healed, we took the collar off and he’s been behaving himself.


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1-20-14 — 8 Comments

  1. I’m convinced that Tricki will find the right family — her leggy beauty and your testimonials will work their magic. Is John Smith heading off too? Fingers crossed for both, not to mention the Sopranos and ALL who need great homes. Blue so suits that Tommy!

  2. I’m always amused by pictures of kittens playing with their claws out. I watched a video of some lion cubs playing yesterday, and those kitties had some HUGE claws on them! Housecat claws are sharp and pointy as it is; I can’t even imagine the cuts on the zookeepers that get scratched by lion cubs. Like a paw full of little knives, I’d wager.

  3. I have a question/problem: We have just added a 2-3 year old cat to our household that was left behind when it’s owners moved. He’s a very friendly (fixed) tuxie cat that we’ve named Felix. I brought him home last Wednesday, on a trial basis to see if my two could adjust to him. I’ve kept him separated from my two, but this weekend tried to spend some time with all doors open. Felix has no sense of boundaries though. My two would probably be OK (not happy, but OK) if he would just leave them be, but he either has a death wish, is stupid, or mean because he just won’t leave them alone. He’s gone in and gotten Jack out of hiding and chased him through the house with Jack hissing growling & screaming the whole way. Any ideas to teach him to respect space?

    • Perhaps have Felix confined (a large dog crate, or some such) in the main area where you’ll be, and your other cats have the run of the place? It could get Felix used to them without being able to run after them and harass them.

      Quite honestly, it took half a month of switching bedding, feeding by the door, etc. before I let my new cat out to fully roam, and even then, I only let him out when I was home. (these days, he coexists quite peacefully-most of the time-with the others.)

  4. for a second there I thought you got new kittens.. I was going to be a little envious, even though I’m buried under a foot of snow and you aren’t.

  5. Awww Tommy, you need to leave your paw alone now.

    Fingers crossed on the adoption front. Hard to NOT be interested in Bunnie.