About the True Blood Kittens.

These six sweethearts came to us on August 4th at the age of about six weeks old. Their eyes were goopy when we first got them, so we put ointment in their eyes several times a day. As their eyes cleared up, it became clear that something else was going on with their eyes. A trip to the vet, and it was determined that to some extent, they all have what is called “Eyelid agenesis” – basically, their upper eyelids didn’t form correctly. Some of them have it worse than others.

They’ll all require surgery, and you can read more about that here. (Edited to add: They all had surgery at various times, and came through with flying colors and very few complications!)

They are very sweet and playful kittens, who love to snuggle and then go racing off to jump on each other. Their eye issues have not slowed them down at ALL!

You can read about these sweethearts starting here.

You can see all the pictures of them over at Flickr, here.

As of December 11, 2009, all six True Blood kittens have been adopted into happy homes!

Update: In the fall of 2014, Terry was returned. A few months later, he went to live with Christine in Georgia, and is doing great!

In November 2014, Sookie was also returned. She sat at Petsmart for a while, but was finally adopted again on January 17, 2015. She went home with a family of 5, to be a companion/friend/big sister to a 4 month old kitten.


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  2. I don’t understand how kitten go back? Do people just change their minds. From what I know there is usually quite the vetting process in approving adoption. Especially with having gone through medical issues. Even though resolved
    Often early issues, especially deformities of any kind, are indicative of likely future issues as you never know what may be deformed inside. I just get so upset. It has to be quite traumatic and confusing to their little young souls. Just sad.

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