1-17-17 Tuesday

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A little over a year ago, we had this little muffin in residence.

We named her Pink because we had a floofy girl in residence we’d named Adele, and Pink was the only powerhouse girl singer I could think of at a moment’s notice. (Also, I like Pink.)

Pink and Adele, bonding over a new toy.

Pretty girl.

Pink (and Adele) went off to Petsmart, and Pink was adopted pretty quickly. She was renamed Tribble, and here’s what she looks like today!

Tribble (formerly Pink) loves to play with Kai. She will hide and jump out at him when he passes by. He also loves playing with her. When he is gone from the house for any period of time, the first thing he does is look for Tribble.

Is that the SWEETEST thing, or what? I always worry a little about fosters who are adopted into homes with dogs, since they never have any exposure to dogs here. It always seems to go really well, though – as illustrated by Tribble and her BFF Kai!

(Thanks for letting me share, Kalyn – and give that sweet girl (and her brother Kai) a kiss from us!)


This cracked me UP:

The strangest picture showed up on my screen when looking at posts from years past. In the photo that was supposed to be Mr. Boogers with his trumped hair-do, (long before it was a thing last fall) I didn’t recognize this from any of your litters. I was gonna comment that flickr was linking to the wrong photo, and then it struck me… last fall, I found and added an extension to Chrome that substitutes random pictures of kittens for photos of Trump. It does not work consistently, my guess why has to do with how a photo is tagged or something, but I got a laugh.

That’s from this post three years ago, by the way, and that continues to be one of my favorite pictures of Mister Boogers. Here it is, named differently, so that y’all can admire the fabulous Mister Boogers again.

While I’m sharing pictures of him that make me laugh, here’s a random one for you. It’s not the best picture (it was taken back in 2006), but I think you can get the idea.

(If you can’t tell, that’s Mister Boogers with a bubble over his head. He liked to chase bubbles, so we’d take him out into the back yard and blow bubbles for him. Oh, Boogie. I still miss that boy!)


Dewey, keeping Stefan company – and giving me the hairy eyeball.

Showing off his striped whiskers.

On the landing, keeping an eye on the weird lady.

Considering fleeing to his safe space.


Newt – who I suggested “might” become an inside cat 10 years ago – spends 99% of his time snoozing in one of the cat beds on my desk these days. Of that time, he spends approximately 50% snoring so loudly I can’t hear myself think, 25% gently touching my hand with his paw (it sounds cute, but it’s annoying because it interferes with my clicking around the internet, WHICH I SUSPECT IS HIS INTENTION), 15% flopping his leg across my mouse pad, and 10% staring judgmentally at me. He leads a full and satisfying life, is what I’m saying.


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1-17-17 Tuesday — 24 Comments

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA – Newt!!

    Tribble (adorable name) seems to own herself an adorable dog that adores her! πŸ™‚ Life couldn’t be better!

    Forgive me, but the picture of Mister Boogers with the bubble….well it made me think that the bubble came from his rump and that is why he looks all surprised. He didn’t mean to toot in public! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my! What a delight to see Pink’s chubby little face again first thing in the morning. And to know she lives with a Corgi! (my fave pupster) Tribbletrubble and her best friend are so adorable, this made my day! Loving these foster updates SO MUCH!!

    I’m starting to think Stefan hired Dewey to be his personal bodyguard & watch over him as he sleeps in case that jerkapotamus Archie shows up to cause trouble…

    Hahaha… that bit about Newtles cracked me up. I love it when kitties gently touch to get your attention. My girl does it with her big toe-hawked furry mittens and never uses her claws so it’s like a fluffy cloud nudging me. πŸ™‚

  3. YAY for updates!!! Love the picture of Tribble with her dog. πŸ™‚

    Oh Newt….such a tough life he lives.

    Can I just say how much Jax from 2012 resembles (at least in my mind) Cassis who is currently with us?? Something about the round little face….

  4. Well, Robyn, if you are concerned about your fosters not being exposed to dogs, you could always adopt one of those too, y’know? πŸ™‚

    • Every time I unequivocally say “NO WAY” about anything, karma bites me in the butt. So I’ll gently say “We are not dog people” and quietly tiptoe away while karma is sleeping. πŸ™‚

  5. Love, love love seeing former fosters so happy. Love seeing Triible playing with her brother.

    Love how Newt casually throws his legs over the mousepad. This happens to me too. I’ll be on the laptop when Someone lays on my forearms. It’s easy to keep typing like that, right?

  6. Robyn, this entire post today reminded me why your site is my first port of call in the morning!

    A woman who blows bubbles in the yard for her cat just because he likes it – just one more example of how the kitties you foster and the Permanent Residents live their best life with you.

    Thank you for blowing bubbles for Mr Boogers, for making Trump hairpieces for your cats, and for putting up with Newt’s snoring and paw-touching (we call that the “Michelangelo” – referring to this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Creation_of_Adam). And for sharing the happy stories of former fosters.

    And thank you always and forever for sharing them with us!

  7. Speaking of cats and corgis, I had a big tabby named Sam for a long time and he lived with my mom and her corgi, Sparky. Sam and Sparky would play exactly how you describe Tribble and Kai playing. Sam would hide and when Sparky would come by, he’d jump out and swat at him, or try to chase him down. Sparky would run down the hall just so Sam could jump out and try to catch him.

    They were grundging friend during play time, and during meal time they were inseparable, both sitting side by side waiting for something from the table. Then when Sam passed away, Sparky spend a solid week wandering the house looking for Sam. Corgi/cat friendships are special things!

  8. Newt. <3 My ornj boy, Colby, started doing something similar last year- he will tap my arm to ask for petting when I'm reading in bed. It is at once super cute and annoying. He is super shy so asking for affection is a big step for him.

    • Awww, sweet!

      Newt is not at all shy – I can only guess that if I didn’t stop what I was doing and pet him, he’d stand up and sit his behind directly on my arm until I did. πŸ™‚

  9. Love Dewey’s stripey whiskers! Our brown tabby girl, Gravy, has stripey ones too (do all brown tabbies?). The orange boy, Chopper, has white ones, and the Hauspanther, Widget, black ones. My four-year-old daughter loves finding them when the kids shed them and telling me which cat they came from. Quite frankly, I love it too; in fact, I have a little whisker collection… Am I the only one who’s that weird?

    • Years ago, not very long after I had said goodbye first to my tuxie boy and then to his sister, I found a single white whisker — and I cried and cried because I missed those two dears so very much. I still have that whisker.

      Now I have a growing whisker collection from my sweet gray tabby Clara. They are quite lovely… dark at the base white at the tip.

      So no… you are definitely not the only one!

      • I have a whisker collection….collected over many years…from 7 cats. I even have one baby tooth (Sidney’s). I know who each whisker belonged to via color and length.