1-16-17 Monday

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We have an update! First, a few pictures of what she looked like as our foster.

Recognize her? How about now?

And if that doesn’t jog your memory, surely this one will.

Anyone who was reading back then probably knows already who I’m talking about, but for those newer readers, that is Khaleesi, who came to us hugely pregnant and then made us wait two weeks before she had her kittens. Then she birthed four kittens of her own and took on the care of a fifth kitten, who we slipped in between her third and fourth kittens. You can read the whole story of Khaleesi delivering her kittens here.

(On a side note, back then I had two foster rooms. Khaleesi and her kittens were in my second foster room, which has since become Fred’s office since he now works from home.)

Alton said:

We went to South Carolina over Christmas and swung through Auburn to pick up the Daughter on the way. We spent the night at her place and a some point during the night Khaleesi settled in by my feet on the sofa bed. By “settled in”, I mean that she jumped up on to the top of the washing machine in the weird closet, hopped on to the top of the three-quarter wall, jumped down on to the back of the sofa, walked across my face and down my body. Then she got comfy.

In the morning, I had to wake her up…

Me: Time to wake up, Your Majesty.

Khaleesi: Get up? It’s really early.
Me: I need to take you to “the hotel” for a couple of days.

Khaleesi: Ugh…But, I was just there.
Me: Yes, that’s because your human went to check out the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Khaleesi: Edmonton, isn’t that in Canada?
Me: Yes. Yes it is.

Khaleesi: If we end up there, we’re gonna need more fur.

An Alabama kitty in Canada? Brrrr!

Thanks for the update, Alton – and give that girl a kiss from us!


One night last week I was laying in bed reading, and I heard an unfamiliar, very loud meow, the sound of a cat in distress. I’m not used to Dewey’s “voice” yet, so I thought it was him. I went into the front room, and Dewey blinked at me from the cat tree while the meowing – and hissing and growling – continued on the front porch. I went out with a flashlight, and after I looked around for a few moments, a small orange tabby burst out of the bushes beside the porch and ran toward the house next door. A moment later, Archie sauntered out.

The orange tabby was definitely neither Newt nor Stefan (they were both inside), so we set up the game cam at the feeding station to see if this visit was a one-time thing, or if the cat had been showing up for a while without us knowing it.

I left the game cam outside for three days and got 1700+ pictures, mostly of the red chickens we refer to collectively as “the Carlas” stomping back and forth to the feeding station. There were no pictures of the little orange tabby.

I did catch a set of pictures of Fancypants making himself at home.

“You MIND?”

Regarding Fancypants: after he escaped the carrier (as mentioned in this post), Fred hasn’t been able to touch him again. We’ll likely end up having to trap him, but for now Fred wants to keep trying to make friends. We’ll give him another month or so to come around before we go that route.


Dewey would like to know why I keep following him around.

“You again, lady?”

“Ignoring you.”

“Don’t you have better things to do?”

“I have neighbors to spy on, lady. You go be somewhere else.”


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1-16-17 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. Fancypants IS rather fancy!!! I hope he comes around on his own. Trapping can be stressful.

    Update on my KKat scoop review. I put FOUR coats of Plasti-dip on the handle. It did h…e…l…p, but I still didn’t love it. I think wrapping it with a padded tennis racquet grip wrap would do the trick. Soooo….all in all, with handle AND performance, I will stick with the Durascoop. It is a great scoop that can allow you to use the corners to snag small “pieces” and power lift any clumps stuck to the side in one solid swoop. The KKat does stay cleaner and sifts quickly, but cannot get small pieces. It, also, seems to break up stuck on clumps a bit when you are scraping them off (due to the uneven surface) thus adding to the small pieces problem.

  2. How could we ever forget those big, round Khaleesi eyes and the sweetest face ever?! She was such an awesome Mama. 🙂

    Oooo, Edmonton! You will be very happy to be an spoiled, pampered, indoor kitty cuz it is cold, but Edmonton rocks!

    Dewey is such a doll…

  3. Aww… the Khaleesi update made my day! Love her! I look forward to finding out if she’s going to become a fellow Canadian! 😀

    Archie needs to cool his jets & quit being a jerk! I adore that boy but SERIOUSLY! He is not the boss of anyone and should take a lesson from Dennis to actually help other homeless kitties get the care they need instead of scaring them off! It really is too bad that you can’t reason with a cat, otherwise he’d realize the faster you were able to catch/deworm/deflea/neuter/spay/adopt out the strays, the faster they get outta his yard!

  4. yay !!!!! Kahleesi is Canadian now !!!!! It is a far way from where she was born but she will love Alberta !!!!

  5. Khaleesi and the Dragons might be my favorite of all the litters you have fostered. She is so beautiful and was such a good mama. Nice to see her living the good life.

    Fancypants holds a grudge! C’mon, buddy, Fred just wants to help.

  6. Khaleesis an indoor kitty, right? Or she will be. Thank you Alyin, for the update.that last pic of her sleeping cracks me up. She looks face planted with her back legs askew! Can’t be THAT comfortable.

    Kind of like that Archie’s still got a bit of bad boy in him. Yeah, he needs to let up on beating up little kids but I like that he stands his ground in HIS yard.

  7. Khaleesi isn’t a Canadian yet, but it might happen. I suspect the thing she will miss the most about Auburn is the tree right outside her window and the birds that nest in it every spring.