1-13-17 Friday

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Alice and the ham made me think of other great singers.



It’s great to see Dewey settling in and making friends. I love his name, and every time I read it I think of the Justified episode where Dewey gets his kidneys stolen. And then I laugh and laugh and laugh. How does he get along with Archie, and your other tabby – Sheriff Mama?

Dewey is a cat-loving kitten, and he would be best friends with Archie and Sheriff Mama if they’d have him. However, Archie doesn’t want anyone in his space, though if he’s snoozing and Dewey sneaks up and snoozes next to him, he’ll put up with it. Sheriff Mama has never liked any other cat (although she’ll allow Jake to head-butt her if it’s time for their snack), and the few times Dewey has gotten too close, she’s smacked him.


GD’s litter scoop review:

Ok, Robyn, so you know I love the Durascoop kitty litter scooper and then I saw some people here raving about the KKat Innovations It’s the Scoop. So, I bought it. I gave it a trial run last night. Here is what I think…..

I love that the litter falls through it very quickly and I don’t have to do any shaking. However, the Durascoop gets smaller “pieces” out than the KKat can. The KKat gets through the litter quicker, but the Durascoop can dig down deep and get anything stuck to the sides off easier. The KKat seems like it would stay cleaner, but the handle does hurt when you use it. The Durascoop does not hurt. One rater on Amazon mentioned the painful handle and said that they did three coats of Plasti Dip. I am gonna pick some up today and put on three coats. I think they are both good scoopers, each with their strengths and weaknesses. If I could only have one, it would be the Durascoop, though.

Thanks, GD!

I have used – and liked – the Durascoop in the past, and think it’s a great scoop – I just prefer the KKat. I don’t have any problem with the handle – I will say that when I have kittens, I usually use the Litter Lifter scoop until they get older, because it does a good job of getting all the small pieces, BUT it’s made of fairly thin plastic and I suspect that the handle would snap if I tried to use it too vigorously.


My Old Man Atticus is 18 years old, and he is in good health (for an old dude). But, he has leaned down considerably, and because he’s at a George Costanza-stage of life when it comes to grooming (Jerry to George: “You know the message you’re sending out to the world with these sweat pants? You’re telling the world ‘I give up.’”) – except for paws and his brother’s ears – and he tends to get a bit maty as a result. So, I brush him regularly, but I’m concerned that because he’s so bony at his age I’ll hurt him with the bristles of the brush. I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a good brush or technique that can be used?

We had a discussion – and lots of great suggestions – in the comments earlier this week, but anyone who missed the conversation, please chime in!


I have a tab open on my tablet with the video of Bert’s first day with the new legs. I play it every time I scroll by it, and I laugh, and laugh, and laugh at this every single time.

YouTube link

I had to go look up the video, and then I cackled when I saw it. What a great little video of that silly little muffin.


I thought that the slow-down in winter was due to the cold, but I found out recently that cats need 10 hours of sunlight a day to be fertile. Isn’t that fascinating?

That really is fascinating! You know I had to just go look and see how many hours of daylight we’re getting currently… and we’re at 10 hours, 4 minutes for today. I guess we better prepare for the onslaught of kittens in about 2 months!


So, a question for next week (or whenever) – what IS the criteria for keeping a foster? It seems like “a good napper” is one of them because Dennis and Dewey are both quality nappers.

They certainly are excellent nap time companions! With both Dennis and Dewey, the main criteria was that they couldn’t go to Petsmart. Dennis did originally go to Petsmart, but he freaked out so badly while he was there that we brought him back home. And then despite my many posts about what a great (GORGEOUS) cat he was, I didn’t get any interest. By the time we had to make the decision whether to keep him or return him to the shelter, he’d proven that he could get along well with the other cats. I worried that if he went to the shelter, he’d just hide all the time, so it was a pretty easy decision.

With Dewey, I knew that if he went to Petsmart he would spend ALL his time hiding in the litter box, he might be there for months, and he is such a cat lover that it was also a pretty easy decision.

So to sum up, I would say that the criteria for keeping a foster is: (1) they’re such scaredy-cats that they’d just sit at Petsmart forever, and (2) they get along with the permanent residents. Being beautiful certainly doesn’t hurt!


I have to ask since you take such beautiful photos of kitties of all ages and temperaments. Are any of them afraid of the sound of the camera? I just got a new mirrorless camera that takes gorgeous photos, but the shutter makes such a loud clicking sound that my orange boy has taken a distinct dislike to it. He lets me take one photo if I’m lucky. Is your camera not that loud, or has efurrybody gotten used to being models?

My camera – the one I use most of the time is a Sony Alpha SLT-A55v – is annoyingly loud not only when it clicks and takes the picture, but also when it focuses. All of the permanent residents have adapted to it, to the point that most of them don’t even wake up or look in my direction when I take their pictures. I can’t think of any fosters who had an issue with the camera, though they’re a little leery of it when I first start using it around them. Then they spot the camera strap and say “Hey, toy!”

If your orange boy is at all food-driven, I recommend giving him a treat or two every time you take his picture. I also recommend taking a LOT of pictures (hey, you can always delete them, right?) If he associates treat-time with picture-time, then maybe he’ll get over his fear of the sound of the camera.


I walked in on this little configuration and like to think that Jake said “You go over there and work on your Ears of Annoyance, and no snuggling until you figure it out!”

I love it when he curls up and wraps his tail around him. It makes me want to squeeze him.

“What, lady? WHAT?”


Archie haz a yawn.

And now he looks like he’s been getting his ‘nip on.

Hold it together, Archie, ya ‘nip fiend.


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  1. My 14 year old orange boy Murphy is in early renal failure and as such, has had a TON of muscle wasting. He eats like a champ, but can’t keep the weight on, so I had the same dilemma with brushing him. His favorite brush turned out to be a boar’s hair brush like this (for humans):


    It seems to help loosen up and get rid of dandruff and distribute “oily spots”. He seems shinier and softer, too. Hope you find something that you think Atticus likes!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I think it’s certainly worth a try. I’m mainly the one worried about hurting him though, you know?

      Atticus has diabetes, and he’s in pretty good shape for an 18 year old. His insulin dose has actually gone done, and his kidneys are doing fine. I do have him scheduled for his bi-annual senior checkup in a few weeks.

  2. I have never seen Archie so close to a smile like that.

    Poor Dewey. So many snugly nap mates, so many moods to ponder.

    • Oh wow, you must know Atticus?! LOL, he would absolutely love that. I’ll have to get one for Malcolm too, so that I can get them both at once!

  3. Being beautiful certainly doesn’t hurt!

    Um, have you met a cat that wasn’t beautiful?

    Interesting about the 10 hour/fertile thing. I had never heard that before. *goes off to research

  4. I use the Litter Lifter with grown cats. One does have to be careful with large clumps, but I really like how it picks up small pieces.

    I have a different problem with my camera. It warns when using the flash to prevent red eye. One cat we were showing offsite shut his eyes on every single picture except one.

  5. I’ll second the ZoomGroom. My cat loved that thing and *demanded* we brush her a couple of times daily. Besides getting the hair it was like a massage for her. At least that’s how she made us use it–minimum 15-20 minutes at a time, and that massage was actually therapeutic for both cat and human.

    She was a shorthair, though, and kept herself well-groomed so I don’t know how it would work for mats.

  6. I just have to chime in to say that I was VERY INTERESTED in Dennis, but a trip to Alabama to pick him up would not have been possible. Plus my two cats probably would not have been thrilled with another roommate. But having you adopt him so I can see him on the blog is the next best thing!