1-12-17 Thursday

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Way back in the fall of 2010, we had two little bottle babies we named Starsky and Hutch. That was a long time ago, so here’s a little reminder as to what they looked like.

Starsky on the left, Hutch on the right.

They were pretty small little muffins.

Was this around Halloween, do ya think?

Starsky and Hutch were adopted by Jennifer and her son Kiefer, who drove all the way down here from Indianapolis. Starsky was renamed Jack, and Hutch was renamed Percy, and this is what they look like today. Look at these big, gorgeous boys!

“MOM. How about a little PRIVACY?!”
That’s Jack (formerly Starsky) in the shower, and Percy (formerly Hutch) on the bath mat.

I cannot even believe it’s been over six years since those boys went home. Time flies!

Thanks for letting me share, Jen! Give those boys kisses from all of us, please.


Dewey is stretching his wings, but Fred’s bed is still his go-to safe place. When I went upstairs the other day and saw him snoozing with some of his toys around him, I had to kiss him on top of his little head. (Luckily, he’s learning to like being kissed!)

He has, however, already learned something I hoped he wouldn’t learn for a while yet.

Ears of Annoyance! Of course, I think they’re born with this particular skill.

Such a pretty boy.


Dennis went to the vet last week for his regular yearly visit. While he’s at home, Dennis is a chill little lovemuffin, but strangers – and the vet – scare him silly. When the exam was over, the vet tech put Dennis on the floor to offer him a treat, and he skedaddled over to the corner, where there was a little kitty condo, and hid inside it. Fred took this picture.

He is just such a beautiful boy!


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1-12-17 Thursday — 16 Comments

  1. Ok, Dennis is sooooo pretty! Love his eye color. Bless his heart, but he looks adorable in that kitty condo with the stuffie.

    Starsky and Hutch – wow, time does fly!!! Big boys!

  2. Loving the foster updates!! Keep ’em comin’, people! 😀

    Dennis is such a funny little furmonkey and he really does have beautiful eyes. The look on his face is utter shock that you would allow those strangers to poke at him!

  3. Poor Dennis, I’ve seen those eyes before on my kitty, Daisy. She is such a sweetie with us, but strangers terrify her (even in our own home), so going to the vets is just awful for her. She gets those big eyes like Dennis has and just starts shaking uncontrollably. It totally breaks my heart so I try to snuggle her as much as possible while we are there and whisk her home asap.

  4. Dewey is adorable. Starsky and Hutch hae grown up from being such teeny little muffins. Thanks for the updates. Poor Dennis though. My cat Oreo also hates strangers. If you are a stranger you are NOT welcome to be in the same space (or planet) as she. The vet visit is horrible.

  5. When I first saw the shower picture on Facebook and realized it was Starsky and Hutch, my first though was “those boys aren’t fitting in a coffee mug anymore!” 😀

    And you know both the coffee mugs picture and the buckets picture need to be banners!

    • I know, when I was looking at the pictures, I thought “Surely these are already on banners?” Apparently not! I’m a slacker. 🙂

      • But I think you had the mug picture on one of the old banners, before you started the rotating versions. So not that big a slacker! 😉

  6. What gorgeous boys! So good to see former fosters, happy and smug.

    How is the cat condo staying in the air like that’s? It looks like it’s floating In the air.

  7. Robin, I have to ask since you take such beautiful photos of kitties of all ages and temperaments.

    Are any of them afraid of the sound of the camera? I just got a new mirrorless camera that takes gorgeous photos, but the shutter makes such a loud clicking sound that my orange boy has taken a distinct dislike to it. He lets me take one photo if I’m lucky.

    Is your camera not that loud, or has efurrybody gotten used to being models?

  8. Dewey has certainly mastered the Ears of Annoyance!

    And poor Dennis – that’s way Allie is at the vet, too. So terrified, for no apparent reason….