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GD TNR’d* this gorgeous tortie girl and named her Laney.

(Edited to add: Actually, I misunderstood – GD says that someone else TNR’d her.)

GD said that she thinks that Lizzy is going to look a lot like Laney as she grows up (I agree!) and it turns out that Laney is a big ol’ snugglebug. GD’s going to attempt to transition her to being an inside kitty, so fingers crossed that that goes well.

Laney’s a smart girl – it looks like she picked just the right place to show up. She’s no dummy! πŸ™‚

(Thanks for the picture, GD – and for being willing to take that sweet girl in!)

*TNR is Trap-Neuter-Return


Four of the five – I love how Stevie is sitting there with one half-squinted eye. She haz the Skepticals.

Five of the five! Pat would be looking at the camera, but she’s too busy trying to take Stevie DOWN.

Such a pretty girl.

I love that moment just before…

The fangs come out! (The Crazy Eyes, too.)


Sunshine makes that girl sleepy.

Lita in the sun, and Stevie’s butt as she hoppity-skips over the toy box.

Lita and the Ears of Annoyance.

Auntie Elaine sent this playset for Christmas, and the girls love it. They especially love it right after I’ve set it back up, because that means they can knock it over again.

“Awww, yeah. It’s going DOWN.”

Saturday afternoon, we decided to finally put the screen door up at the bottom of the stairs and open the foster room door, so that the girls could have more room to run and play and flop down for naps. I expected that it would be a couple of days before Molly would even come out of the room, so imagine my surprise 20 minutes after we opened the foster room door to see her already at the bottom of the stairs. She sat there and watched Sugarbutt and Jake – who sat and looked at her – and then wandered back up the stairs.

Lizzy is the most freaked out by this new development, but if I sit down in the foster room, she comes right over to me. Molly and Pat really like to hang out in the pagoda cat tree in the hallway together, Stevie is usually somewhere around the cat tree, and Lita likes to hang out under Fred’s bed (but comes running if she sees me.) Lizzy spends most of her time in the foster room still, in the condo on the cat tree, but I’ve seen her out exploring the other rooms. I expect in another couple of days, they’ll all make their way to the bottom of the stairs to watch the big cats go by.

Dennis has asked to go upstairs a few times since we put the screen door up. He just goes up, checks things out, and comes back downstairs, most of the time. He’s pretty good about making his wishes known (he smacks at the screen door until we let him in or out). The girls think he’s DREAMYYYYY and follow him around and watch him sniff toys and check out their food. Yesterday afternoon I went up to hang out with the girls and, okay, there might have been napping involved. When he saw me going upstairs, Dennis wanted to go too. I ended up on Fred’s bed with Dennis, Lita, Stevie, and Molly. Lita and Stevie touched noses with Dennis briefly, but Molly could NOT take her eyes off him. It was adorable.


Joe Bob on his bed o’ shoes. I still have no idea why he likes so much to snuggle up to shoes, but it’s his favorite place to snooze.

Speaking of Joe Bob, eight years ago he was with us as our foster. He was Moonman then, and he was with us with his sister, Moondance. We nicknamed them Joe Bob and Myrtle while they were with us. I don’t remember exactly, but I think he was adopted out and returned to the shelter. Then, at the end of January 2008, after we said goodbye to Spot, we adopted Joe Bob. So, it’s been almost 7 years since we brought him home for good. And he’ll be 10 at the end of June!


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  1. Thanks for posting my beautiful Laney. I will have to clarify that I did not do the TNR-ing. I found her that way. I remember seeing her as a kitten (she came up to me for pets) then I didn’t see her for many months and sadly she became a skittish girl. I put a collar on her with my cell phone number to see if I would get an phone call telling me to not put a collar on their cat! Ha. For over a month, nothing. So she is now mine! Shots, micro-chopped along with flea/tick meds. She now trusts me ( I can hold her and kiss on her as she purrs) but isn’t so sure about indoors. I find that I do nothing but worry about her outside (cars, dogs, hawks and owls…) egads!

  2. β€œAwww, yeah. It’s going DOWN.” made me laugh!!
    Of course Dennis is DREAMYYYYY!!!! and I think Joe Bob needs a kiss on top of his blaze!!!

  3. Love Lita’s actual ONE ear of annoyance… lol

    And I bet Dennis is lovin’ having the Rocker chics as his adoring fans! Sounds a little like stalking groupies already… Too sweet!!

  4. I have a stray who comes by my house to visit about every week or 10 days. He must belong to a neighbor because he’s happy to visit the cat food buffet but he’s never terribly hungry. He likes to talk, a lot, which none of my cats appreciate. He’s gray and white so naturally I call him Joe Bob.

  5. I want pictures of the girls hanging on the screen like groupies at a Led Zeppelin/Stones concert.

    Now if we could get Dennis in front of the screendoor in the same pic, that would be the moneyshot.

  6. Robyn, do any of the permanent residents drool when they get overwhelmed with the loving’? I adopted a kitten a couple months ago and she turns out to be a drooler πŸ™‚

    • YES. Maxi will drool buckets, Kara is a bit of a drooler, and Jake will drool, too. I think that’s it, but I could be missing a drooler. Oh! Miz Poo is a drooler. When she’s not sneezing, that is. πŸ™‚

  7. Well, duh. Of course the girls think Dennis is DREAMYYYYY! Who wouldn’t? I predict that they’ll go all Beatlemania on him when they see him, Uncle Tommy and Uncle Jake strut their stuff on the other side of of the screen door.

    I know that seeing Joe Bob would make me go all gaga, *sigh*…

  8. so if you keep a kitty you intended to TNR, wouldn’t that then make it
    TNK (keep)
    or TNC (catnapped)
    or TNPTTGL (promoted to the good life)
    TNW (win)
    TNJ (Jackpot)

    and yes, I am cracking myself up over here.. why do you ask?