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Look who it is!

It’s Orlando! Doesn’t he fit in that sink perfectly?

He’s the king of the tower!

Orlando and Rosie.


Teresa said that her husband reported that he’s seen them following each other walking around the house lately… Not just Rosie trying to mouth/play with him, but Orlando’s following her around now too! When I took these pix yesterday, I was seeing more of their new friendship too… A gentler play/chase with nuzzling added in… I think they’ve reached a better understanding… (He is closer to her size than the other two ‘big’ sisters.)

Teresa made a homemade mousie for Orlando, and it was a big hit!

Isn’t he just a gorgeous, gorgeous boy?

Thanks for the pictures, Teresa. And give that boy kisses from all of us!


Judging by the big eyes on those three, I must have been doing some serious waving of that feather teaser!

Molly climbed to the top of the condo to see if she could sneak up on the feather teaser.

I assure you, Pat’s eyes really are that strikingly beautiful.

Dancing tortie.

All five in one pic, barely!

Molly’s got places to GO.

Seesters. That’s Stevie in the front, Lita in the back.

Molly is one determined girl.

“How do we look at boy kitties on this thing?!”


A quick video! I moved the Dropcam to the closet, because someone was having a litter box issue (I won’t go into details), and I wasn’t able to determine who it was and needed to know. Of course, as soon as I got the camera moved into the closet, the problem resolved itself. I haven’t gotten around to moving the camera back into the foster room, and happened to glance in the other night to see Pat hanging out in there. Then she caught sight of something interesting… It’s not the best video ever, but I thought it was pretty cute. Molly and Stevie make appearances toward the end, too.

YouTube link.


Uh, yep. Still a loon!


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1-13-15 — 19 Comments

  1. “How do we look at boy kitties…”. LMAO – love it! And love Jake’s eyes, so striking. Pat almost caught it, maybe if her sisters don’t interrupt her next time! :-). I’m really liking Lita… her coloring reminds me of another sweet kitty…

      • I’m sure he would love Lita as a little sister, but big sister Pickles would probably complain quite loudly! 😉

    • I have to say Teresa, you make homemade mice for Orlando.

      And that brat plays with empty toilet paper rolls!

      There’s no pleasing some people…

  2. I always love it when cats & dogs get along; it makes me so happy to see Orlando in such a good place!

    And who doesn’t adore a wide-eyed kitten? LOL… Molly, Lizzy & Pat are a sweet trio. The other girls are cute, too, don’t get me wrong… but I have an especially soft spot for torties and black cats.

  3. Orlando is all “this dog belongs to me”

    Love the paw curled up – thinking about how to make the ipad look at boys 🙂

    Jake’s loon appear to be VERY well tuned today MOL

    • You made me cackle out loud with that – so true… He has most definitely marked Rosie (often) as his own doggie!! 🙂 And I’m so glad you mentioned the little curled up paw – I didn’t see that when I first looked this morning – such a cute pic is now even CUTER!! Deep ipad thought!! lol

  4. I love, love, love updates. So great to see Orlando and his bff Rosie all affetionate with each other!

    I wish that I could get my cat interested in my ipad. she’s such a scaredy cat she runs away when I try to show her the cat games that I download.

    Oh Jake, you Loon.

  5. hahahahaha. My girlie housepanther does /exactly/ this and it’s so funny! Watching her chase her tail is the bestest — and she’ll catch it and pin it down for a grooming, too.

  6. Orlando isn’t just gorgeous; he’s a hunk and a half. Great to see him looking so deeply at home. Love those Girl Rockers — and happy Jake.

  7. Oh Orlando, you look so happy. So glad you found a good friend in Rosie. She is a cutie!!!

    Kitty porn….hahahahahahaha

    Molly is so striking!

    Hello Mr. Loon! The entire internets lubs you!

  8. Jake has the biggest Cheshire cat grin I’ve ever seen on a kitty! He’s such an adorable little loon.

    Seeing Pat spin around in circles trying to catch her elusive “prey” was pretty amusing, as was Molly suddenly wanting to get in on the prey-catching fun. Until Pat said “I SMACK YOU BUTT!” and told her what for.

    Such cute little monkeys!

  9. That looney is looney!! We can actually hear the Twilight Zone theme! nee noo nee noo …

  10. Aw, Orlando, you little charmer! I’m so happy to read that he’s hit the forever home jackpot.

    OK. Are Stevie and Lita seesters from the same mother, or seesters from different mothers? I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but I can’t remember or find that bit of info.

    And Pat’s eyes are to swoon over. Such a pretty girl!

  11. this has nothing to do with L&H (sorry), but I watched this girl’s youtube and she has a Ragdoll, and I’m shocked Ragdolls are 30 pounds???

    the kitties will look like mouse next to a Ragdoll, no?

    have you ever had thoughts of having like a Siamese, Ragdoll etc.. well, not that you’ve got room for one :p