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I realized yesterday that I had some pictures from the last time I subbed for the morning cleaner at Petsmart. I think it’s been about a month and a couple of the cats have actually been adopted, but I thought y’all would like to see their sweet faces.

Creed! Creed was one of my fosters and was returned last year. He’s about six years old, and still up for adoption.

Sookie! Another of my fosters, actually. Sister to Terry (and Bill and Hoyt and the other True Blood 6 kittens). Like her brother Terry, she’s a talker. Here she is, having an important discussion with the wall.

Tadpole, the old lady kitty who’d been returned after a year because the people thought she didn’t seem happy. She was adopted right after Christmas, and is reportedly doing wonderfully well. You can see a picture of her in her new home on the Challenger’s House Facebook page, here.

Trick, who was returned along with Terry a few months ago.

I love how he’s sitting with his tail neatly resting on his front paws.

And the freckles on that sweet nose! He’s a true sweetheart.

Sparkle. Isn’t she gorgeous? She was also adopted!

Sookie again. It appears that that wall had a lot to say to her.

Silly, sweet girl.


Have I pointed out Pat’s strikingly gorgeous eyes often enough? Because SO gorgeous!

Lita and the tip of her tongue.

Stevie, the pretty poser.

Lita and those teef. See ’em?

Silly girl.

Stevie and the tip of her tongue. I don’t know what it is about these two girls and their inability to keep their tongues in their mouths.

The sun is making her sleepy. Also, probably making her melty.

Molly and her mostly orange tabby arm, having a discussion with the teaser. “Now, feather teaser, I know you try your best. But you are NOT an ostrich feather, and you’re just not what I like. It’s not you, it’s me. Now go away.”

Lizzy the poser.


So, you knew it was coming, right? The girls are all going to Petsmart tomorrow evening. There’s room for them, they’re definitely ready, so off they go. I really hope they’re adopted quickly. They’re a bunch of super-sweet lovebugs (given a little time), and whoever adopts them will be super lucky!

(You will, of course, be seeing them for a while longer – I’ve got plenty of pictures left to share.)


Looky looky!

It’s Alice D. Frog. You KNOW who she was looking at, with that smile on her face!

Perhaps you’ve heard that she’s a fan of her Daddy?

YouTube link.


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1-14-15 — 21 Comments

  1. Well, Yaaay, now I get to pet, cuddle, play with the little sweethearts this weekend… but like you I am sad to see them leave your home! Prayers for very quick adoptions!!

      • You know I will, with pix, IF they don’t get adopted before I get there Friday! 🙂 Ya’ know – the cool part about when they arrive, I (and the other volunteers following your page) will already know them by their names & not have to look at the name tags! We’ll take good care of them, but it won’t be the same as your bed… Here’s to quick travels to their own, new bed!

  2. Here’s to continuing the trend of quick adoptions started by the Grocers!!

    And Alice, your frog hat brings the green out in your eyes so beautifully!!

  3. Godspeed, Girl Rockers. May you all be playing lead guitar in your future hit-making groups soonest. Meanwhile, I hope Dennis will be back on nap duty soonest.

    • She is super duper cross-eyed. Although, I don’t know if “cross-eyed” is really the right term, because they don’t actually cross – they’re pointed in completely different directions! It doesn’t seem to affect her ability to see – and I think it kinda adds to her charm. 🙂

  4. I would need to trace that exclamation mark on Creed’s nose with my finger. A lot. Followed with a kiss on the nose of course.

    I hate that Trick and Sookie are still in Petsmart. Just hate it. Trick just looks like a lovey, doesn’t he? Charismatic guy.

    Alice is such a Daddy’s girl. And she loves that.

  5. Wishing speedy adoptions for the Rocker Girls !!! and also a smooth transition to Petsmart.

    Alice Mo !!!!!

  6. Your earlier report on the old lady kitty who was returned for looking “unhappy” really broke my heart – I am SO HAPPY to hear she found her real home! Thank you for the update!

  7. I would adopt Sookie in a heartbeat. What a sweet face and looks so much like my old man Atticus (who has a torch burnin’ for his Miz Poo).

    Baby girls! Pack your little kitty bags, because I just know you’ll be heading to your forever homes quickly.

    Lol, Alice! No wonder you can put all those hats on her sweet little head, all she needs is her Papa.

  8. Rock on, you superstar kittens! Wishing you godspeed – and speed – in finding your new, forever gigs. Kisses and cuddles to all (sneaking in an additional hug for Molly…)

  9. Looking forward to seeing them before they go to their new homes. God bless you Robin and Fred for your wonderful work.

  10. I think maybe Tapole didn’t like her name? :p

    actually those people just don’t know how to appreciate her

    anyhow wow Alice will smile even with a frog hat as long as Daddy’s there? how about trying a full costume on her :p