1-13-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen, and Miz Poo.

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“Hey! HEY! You know how we barfed on that other bed and the lady got all grumbly and told us she had to wash it and then took it away and we’ve been sleeping on the COLD HARD FLOOR (or maybe on the cat tree) ever since?”


“There’s a WHOLE ‘NOTHER bed here all of a sudden! And not only is it purty…. it’s SOFT!”

“Say… this IS pretty nice!”


(Thank you so much to Katie, who sent not only the barfed-upon cat bed, but the replacement cat bed as well – the cats shall never have to go bedless again!)

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A few days ago, Annette asked:

Fagen looks like my late cat Miss Cleo aka Cleopatra. It’s been 15 yrs and I still miss her, always will I guess. She was very friendly, except to my husband who she tolerated. She lived for me and our other cat, Sylvester. We had the nerve to get our first dog when Cleo was 9 yrs old and man was she pissed! I’ve loved a lot of cats but doubt I’ll ever have another one w/the same deep connection. Do you have one special cat of your life, Robyn? Is it Miz Poo?

Oh, absolutely. I think that Miz Poo is definitely the cat with whom I have the deepest connection. From the moment I first saw her, I fell in love, and she is just the sweetest cat. We’ve had her since she was about 10 weeks old, and now she’s 10 YEARS old!

Although she’s, without a doubt, “my” cat, she’s also a people lover. She went through a brief stage where she was scared of strangers (which she learned from her scaredy-cat brothers), but she got over that pretty quickly when she realized that even strangers will pet her and give her love, so now if you come to our house, she’s all up in your grill demanding that you pet her and love her. SHE WILL NOT BE DENIED.

She’s spent almost every night of her life either snuggled up to me, or within arm’s reach, depending on how needy she’s feeling (and believe me, she can be very needy!). Every morning starts with me turning over onto my back and her climbing onto my stomach and laying there. If I pet her, she purrs. If I don’t pet her, she purrs. If I talk to her, she purrs. If I don’t, still she purrs. She is one happy girl, and nothing makes her happier than to curl up on top of me, usually tickling my nose with her whiskers.

Sometimes I’m amazed she’s still around, because girlfriend has had some ISSUES when it comes to her health. She had an allergic reaction to (we think) a bee sting that required her being rushed to the vet when she was just a few years old. She had an issue with her eyes – she has wiry fur, and it was growing into her eyelid. They had to cauterize part of her eyelid to stop the fur from growing in and scratching her eyes. She had a blockage that made her very ill a few years ago (actually, a quick look reveals that it was in 2003. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago!), and she ended up with a long incision down her abdomen, which got infected, and a very long recovery time. She has rodent ulcers on her upper lip which requires the occasional steroid shot. She tends to overgroom the hair on her stomach and the ONLY thing that makes her stop the incessant grooming (and resultant bare belly) is a low dose of Elavil. In November of 2008, she had a cyst near her tail burst, and when we took her to the vet, found out that it was an anal gland adenoma (which can recur, so you better believe I keep an eye on her back end and make sure nothing’s developing).

But she’s still here, she’s still ticking, and she’s as happy as she’s ever been. 10 years isn’t that old for cats, right? I expect we’ll see this one hit her 20th birthday – the expensive ones do seem to keep on ticking, don’t they?

She’s also got a bit more tolerant in her old age. Back when we first started fostering, if any kittens looked at her sideways, she’d smack ’em, and smack ’em hard. Now she’s as likely to just give up and let them stay next to her. (Though don’t be fooled – there’s still plenty of smackin’ going on!)

So yeah, Annette, I’d say that although I love all my cats with all my heart, I love Miz Poo just a teeny bit more. I mean, look at that face – how could you not?


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1-13-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen, and Miz Poo. — 21 Comments

  1. Awww Does Miz Poo have that famous tortitude that all torties are supposed to have? 😉

    She is a beauty and I do hope she lives until 20 at least!

    My Sooty lived until he was 18 and he was well loved too just like Miz Poo!

  2. She sure does, Martin – though she’s mellowed out as she’s gotten older.

    I still hold out hope that she’s going to turn into a kitten-loving Charlene Butterbean type (but I think I might be dreaming!)

  3. Torties are the bestest kitties (imo). Not only are they gorgeous, but their personalities are usually super awesome. Looks like Miz Poo fits right into that category! She really does have a sweet face.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Robyn! I’m so happy to see that Steely Dan & Fagan are liking the beds!

    Also, Gillian the tortie (who is currently sitting on my lap purring, after sitting on my lap trying to sneak a bite of my breakfast) agrees that torties are awesome. 🙂

  5. I loved what you wrote about Miz Poo. She’s a bit like my Tortie, Mya. She was the happiest cat EVER when we had a barrage of contractors working in our house – she was all over them, as if they are her personal guests! I had to apologize for any fur they’d find in their tool bags.

    She was also absolutely thrilled when we had our housewarming party; it’s as if we had an extra host around. We placed our dining room chairs in the living room as extra seating and guess who took up one whole chair while all were sitting and talking!

  6. Oh Miz Poo is a cutie – what a life she has had though! She is lucky to have a wonderful caring mom!

    And Steely Dan and Fagan are adorable! I missed the bed barfing post somehow but it doesn’t surprise me. For a while it was a rare day that I woke up and didn’t find barf so I just expect it everywhere now.

  7. I’m a total sucker for Calicos. Especially if their nose (the wet part) is two toned. I fall every single time. 🙂

    Steely Dan looks like our stray Mama cat. Same coloring (white chest!),sass and everything! He’s so pretty.

  8. If only I could, I would adopt those new guys. You know how it is, suddenly, some cat just grabs you. Fagan love! And, Steely Dan looks like a long haired version of my two kitties.

  9. Oh Steely Dan and Fagen look so funny in that last photo…they totally have the “Oh yeah! We’re snuggling! Got something to say about it?” look on their faces 🙂

    Love your description of Miz Poo…she sounds just like my little angel Poppy who I used to call our “welcome committee chairwoman”…no man, woman or child could enter our home without Poppy running up and demanding to be pet 🙂 I miss her every single day…

    I also laughed about your “the expensive ones do seem to keep on ticking” 🙂 Our little Gambino (my little “mama’s boy” that I love just a teeny tiny bit more than the rest) has had so many health issues that I’m tempted to tell my boss to direct deposit my salary into our vet’s account…two years ago our vet predicted he wouldn’t live more than 2 weeks…she still predicts his imminent demise every other week, but my sweet little boy keeps on ticking…and I hope he keeps ticking for many more years 🙂

  10. Ahhh, I love to see Miz Poo through the years. I’ve had many cats in my life but there are definitely one or two that live in my heart more than others.

  11. Hi there! This is my first time to your site. Those are some beautiful kitties you have there.

  12. Did they barf from hairballs? I’ve had short haired cats since Cleo died but I remember a lot more cat puke when she and our only other long haired cat Sylvester were alive.

  13. Chemmy! Kara is actually named after Cara Gosselin! 🙂 (Most of the rest of the Gosselin kids’ names have been used by the shelter, though, so I doubt there’ll be a Gosselin theme. And I don’t know the Duggars’ names, but I think I’d need about six litters to use up all those names, wouldn’t I?!)

  14. Miz Poo is so cute! 🙂

    I love all my kitties, but I think Pandora is my ‘heart’ cat. She’s very needy (like Miz Poo) and I can hardly be sitting for more than a minute or two before she’s up on my lap, or licking my cheeks. When I get home from work, she jumps up into my arms and gives me kisses. I usually don’t even get the chance to take my coat off! and of course she sleeps right next to me every night. 🙂

  15. Lucky kitties to be sent a new cat bed!

    Miz Poo is so sweet ~ I am sure she will be around to give you many many more years of love and enjoyment! hugs and kisses to her!

  16. Miz Poo looks (and sounds, personality-wise) a lot like our older girl Snack, also about 10 years old. We adopted her as an adult, though, so we have no idea what she looked like as a kitten. I’d like to think she was as adorable as Miz Poo was when she was a wee babe.

    Last summer we found out that Snack has mammary cancer, which, we have come to accept, will eventually be fatal. She’s had her tumors removed, though, and she still seems happy, playful, and ready to eat anything that comes her way. Here’s to Miz Poo and the Snackers — those torties just can’t be stopped.

  17. Yay for another 10 years with Miz Poo! I’m hoping for 10 more with Pimp, too — he’s 10 just like Miz Poo, and he’s definitely my baby.

    Miz Poo was the most adorable kitten. No wonder she stole your heart.