1-12-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen.

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Steely Dan and Fagen are making progress, slowly. Well, slowly in my opinion, since there’s nothing I’d like more than to walk into the room and have them run over and climb into my lap. So far, I’ve gotten to the point where when I walk into the room and they’re in their bed, they’ll stay there (well, sometimes Fagen will run into the closet and hide, but he comes back out after a few minutes). I sit in the chair (on the opposite side of the room) for a few minutes, then slowly get down on the floor on my stomach and kind of slither across the floor. They let me pet them, and we play with a straw (me holding it out, them batting at it), and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. I don’t want to rush them.

Fred, on the other hand, goes into the room, picks one of them up, and settles in the chair. They purr and let him hold them (usually it’s Steely Dan), and eventually jump down and run away. Well, until last night that’s how it was going for him. Last night, Fred walked into the room, picked up Steely Dan and sat down in the chair and petted him. Then Fagen dithered for several minutes before jumping up in the chair with Fred to be petted.


He’s always better with the skittish ones, because he’s more patient than I am. And more willing to pick them up. I’d rather they come to me (like I said, I don’t want to rush them), and will bribe them (hellooooo, baby food!), and both ways work; just apparently his way works better with these two.

Ah well. I’m not jealous. (Much.)

Steely Dan looks a lot like Mister Boogers here.

Fagen looks especially like Mr. Fancypants in this picture.

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Lots and lots of finches around here lately.

Miz Poo, Joe Bob, and Sugarbutt, enthralled with the birds who are SO close and yet so far away. (Please to be ignoring the mess in that corner of the room. I’m in the process of organizing. Story of my life.)


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1-12-10 – Steely Dan & Fagen. — 8 Comments

  1. The cleaning and scrubbing will wait til tomorrow. For kittens grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs. Dust go to sleep. I’m cuddling my bebeh and bebehs don’t keep.

  2. Might I suggest playing Katylied softly in the background? Maybe it’s just me but nothing soothes and calms me like the strains of “Dr Wu.”

  3. Oh Fagen and Steely Dan are so cute! I am glad they are starting to be a bit braver! That is so good to hear.

    Those finches must be driving the others crazy!

  4. Okay so maybe I should get one of those bird feeders too…

    I love the first pic. It reminds me of those pictures on TMZ when a celeb gets a camera in their face. Comical!

  5. Those two skittish boys are just so cute! I love the first picture with the “talk to the paw” attitude 😉 Bet they’ll get over their shyness soon and join in the fun…

    Oh, and bird feeder is fantastic…although two of my cats would probably be terrified of the b-b-b-birds getting so close and the other one would probably break the window trying to get to them 🙂

  6. You should go ahead and pick them up like Fred is doing. When they’re in love with you, then you start ignoring them and they’ll beg you for kisses!

    Sounds like dating advice, right? 😀