1-11-10 – The Cookies & the new guys.

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I completely forgot – someone asked in my comments the other day if the other Cookies had caught up, weight-wise, to Hydrox. I didn’t know, so the last night they were here, I weighed them all.

Orange was the lightest, at 3 pounds 9 ounces.
Blue, Pink, and Keebler were all right under 4 pounds.
And Hydrox? Hydrox blew them out of the water at a hefty 5 pounds! He is going to be one big boy, I’m telling you.

Awww, man, I MISS ORANGE!

“Hellooooo, laydeez!”

Snugglin’ Orange and Blue.

I love it when they sleep like this!

Orange and Crazy Jake. I always say to Jake “Your tunes are looney.” Does he look like a complete nut, or what?

Friday night, watching TV. It gets cold in the front room, so I always have my electric throw over me. The Cookies (and Miz Poo) appreciate the electric throw, too! (All five Cookies were on me!)

This is when you know you have too many cats in the house – when you’ve got six cats on you, and you think “WOW, that’s a lot of cats!” and then you realize there are an additional TEN cats in various places in the house. Oy.

I really missed the Cookies a lot yesterday – I kept wishing they were still here, because it was awfully nice to be able to snatch one up, flip him or her on his (or her!) back, and rub their belly, and just have them lay there and smile up at you while purring to beat the band.

Here’s a short movie of Hydrox, up close and personal:

YouTube link

And Pink haz a complaint (“She’s TOUCHING me!”):

YouTube link

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, the new guys. They are scaredy cats, these guys. They’re both boys, and they’re about three months old. I hadn’t intended to have more fosters so soon – I’m going in for surgery next week – but at this age, they’re pretty easy to deal with, and they need some attention to get them over being so scared, so I told the shelter manager I’d take ’em. They were already named when I got them, so let me introduce you to…


And Steely Dan.

A couple of people have mentioned that Fagen looks like Mr. Fancypants, our cat who disappeared 7 (!) years ago. He certainly does – he doesn’t have the Fancypants sass just yet, but give him time, I’m sure an attitude will develop.

Steely Dan, markings-wise, reminds us of a long-haired Mister Boogers. And check out that first picture of him, above – looks like he’s got a case of the het going on!

They’re both pretty skittish, but they’re certainly not the most skittish kittens we’ve had. They’ll allow us both to pick them up and hold them and they’ll purr. They haven’t approached us yet, but it’s still early. I have high hopes for these guys.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miz Poo is patiently waiting for Sugarbutt to leave the cave, so she can steal his spot.


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1-11-10 – The Cookies & the new guys. — 10 Comments

  1. Wow Hydrox is going to be big! I thnk he is even beating Barney in the weight department! It is sad they are gone but they will have great homes very soon I am sure!

    And the newbies are cute too – I am sure they will be much friendlier after they are able to spend some time with you! I am surprised they are only 3 months – they are very cat-looking already!

    And I love the pic of Miz Poo just waiting to get into the cave. Very funny!

  2. Good luck with your surgery! I hope all goes well.

    The photos of you and the six cats are so cute – I wish my two were as cuddly as your fosters. Maybe they will.

    Steely Dan? What a name for an innocent kitten. Where’s Becker, then?

  3. I wish my apartment were bigger – my two kitties would love the Room with a View, I just can’t fathom where I could possibly fit it.

  4. Fagen looks like my late cat Miss Cleo aka Cleopatra. It’s been 15 yrs and I still miss her, always will I guess. She was very friendly,except to my husband who she tolerated. She lived for me and our other cat, Sylvester. We had the nerve to get our first dog when Cleo was 9 yrs old and man was she pissed! I’ve loved a lot of cats but doubt I’ll ever have another one w/the same deep connection. Do you have one special cat of your life, Robyn? Is it Miz Poo?

  5. Fingers crossed for a good surgery and speedy recovery, Robyn!

    My, oh, my… your two new little mancats are just adorable. But then you’ve got a house full of cute! Got to get me one of those electric thingies! You looked sooooo comfy!

  6. Oh dear, that little, well, not so little, Hydrox just kills me…I love all the meezer Cookies, but Hydrox is just awesomeness galore! Hope the remaining Cookies get adopted really really quickly 🙂

    The newbies are adorable…bet after a couple of days of TLC and squishy hugs and lots of kisses, they’ll forget that they were ever shy and skitties.

    Good luck with your surgery next week…we’ll be keeping fingers and paws crossed for everything to go perfectly well 🙂