1-10-10 – The Cookies.

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If you missed yesterday’s entry, we’re talking about crystal litter in the comments.

Now, how about the Cat Genie – anyone have experience with that?

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First, the good news because I can’t wait to tell y’all – yesterday, Orange AND Blue were adopted! Not together, but to very good homes. Didn’t I say they were going to go quickly?

When I got to the adoption center yesterday, I put the three girls in a big cage and Hydrox and Keebler in a smaller cage. The girls just flopped down on the beds in their cage, completely unconcerned. Hydrox and Keebler, on the other hand, went and hid in their litter box.

I hate it when they do that because it makes me feel EXTRA bad (like I need anything to make me feel even worse, right?)

I went to their cage and talked to them, and they both came out to be petted and cuddled, and then when I put them back in, into the litter box they went.

I told them I loved ’em and to stop being drama queens, and then left.

I don’t suspect either of them (or Pink) will be there much longer, though. Who can resist those little faces?

Okay, before we get on to pictures of them, how about a look back to how they looked when they first came to us, way back at the end of October:

And now:

Hanging out atop Elwood, who doesn’t appear to mind much.

Sweet little Blue.

Keebler. What a smug little face!

Snoozin’ Keebler.

Hydrox on the printer.

“Behind you! Quick! A serial killer! Or nothing at all! One or the other!”

Hydrox snuggles with Miz Poo and Tommy. Never thought I’d see the day when Miz Poo would put up with this.

Keeping an eye on the other kittens.

Orange, in the bed with Miz Poo. I love how annoyed they both look.

Last weekend, Fred kept putting kittens in his sweatshirt and walking around with them. They were not so thrilled.

Blue, Keebler and Hydrox, snoozing.

I do have a few more pictures, which I’ll share with y’all tomorrow. ‘Til then, here’s a movie to keep you entertained. This is just after I bought the new carrier, and Hydrox thought it was THE BOMB.

YouTube link

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Tomorrow, you also get to meet the new guys. That’s right, new guys!

Here’s a peek (there are two of them):


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1-10-10 – The Cookies. — 13 Comments

  1. It’s FLOOF! Not as ridiculously much as Gus had, but somebody up there must know that you’d gotten completely smitten with the grey floofiness and sent another grey floofy cat your way 😀

  2. I’m going to miss Hydrox! The rest of them, too, but I’m especially partial to little tuxedo boys.

  3. OMG, I cannot say enough bad things about the Cat Genie.

    I know there’s a new model out but as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing they can do to make that concept work.

    We were really excited to switch our cats to it so we followed the instructions exactly. We took away all but one of their litter boxes and put the Cat Genie in the exact same spot as their favorite box.

    They REFUSED to use the Cat Genie. So we tried not cleaning the other litter boxes, hoping that they would switch to the Cat Genie out of desperation. Nope. The other litter box became so dirty I wanted to condemn it and just start new. In the end, the cats won. Back when the Cat Genie (that was fun, btw, packing it up and shipping it! oyy) and they triumphantly resumed using their regular litterbox.

    Also, this review is probably the most accurate description of all the Cat Genie problems while also being side-splittingly hilarious:


  4. Hooray, horray for the Orange and the Blue! Wonderful news, Robyn! And can’t wait to meet the new kids in town!

  5. Haha, yeah, that review made me laugh with the “mechanical poo soup maker” comment. We thought about the CatGenie a while ago before we got Gus&Mike when we were planning for kittens, and decided against it because of the horrible reviews. But the 120 looks so promising! Reviewers who owned the old version say that most of the problems with the old model are fixed, that’s what got us excited about it now. We’ll see! If we end up getting it, I’ll post something real quick just to let y’all know if it works well.

    Also, can’t wait to meet the new guys!! They look gorgeous~

  6. That is great that they got forever homes so quickly…YAY! We can’t wait to see the new ones too. Let us know about the Cat Genie…that looks sort of interesting…but the noise might spook us!

  7. Yep, I just knew those darling little faces would get adopted pronto! So HAPPY for them, and you too, the good momma. The other two will go fast, wait and see.

    Now that new black cat? Reminds me of FancyPants. Maybe reincarnated?

  8. So happy about the Cookies!

    New grey baby is the kitten version of my 16 y.o. Zoey! I got her from a shelter when she was 3 so it’s so exciting to see what she would have looked like when she was a tiny one.

    Can’t wait to hear more good news about the last 3 Cookies, and all about the new beauties.

  9. We have one of those carriers. The cats can’t seem to understand that the black thing is just a window and not a fun hole to jump through. I like to put treats in there and watch them bounce off the window.

  10. I’m so glad 2 cookies already got adopted. The other 3 will be gone soon. And I’m probably going to miss seeing them since I’m not doing adoptions tomorrow night. The new guys are gorgeous foofy boys!

    Cat genie – I’d pass or use a diaper genie – cheaper and pretty much same concept.

  11. We had a Cat Genie. It was awful. It constantly got clogged and then Mommy had to clean out awful poopy water. It was so gross. Also, it says not to use for kittens under 6 months. We think that’s because little ones could probably get sucked into the flushing mechanism. We went back to using regular litter boxes.