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Bobby Brady, hanging out atop the cat tree.

Peter Brady approaches.

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Almost a year ago, I got an email from Lita, who wanted to send something for the cats. I gave her my mailing address, and she sent it, but it never arrived. We figured it’d gotten lost along the way.


When I was checking the PO Box at the end of December, I got a notice that there was a package too large for the box. I went and stood in line, and they handed over this package from Australia.

I looked at it, and saw that the date “2/12/10” was written on it in black marker, which is what they do when they leave a notice in your PO Box. I pointed it out to the postal worker, and she basically shrugged and offered that perhaps it had been misboxed.

So it’s a mystery where it’s been all these months, but the important thing is that it arrived!

And what, you may be wondering, did the package contain?

“What’s this? This for us?”

Marcia and Cindy, investigating.

Cindy, pulling the cube over on top of herself.

Two cubes! Attached!

Bobby finds this very tasty.

Hello, Crazy Eyes.

They even hold up nicely under the weight of a kitten!

All the kittens are quite fond of these cubes. Reacher LOVES to get in and roll around in them, and in the evening when it’s time for the Bradys to go to sleep, we have to wrestle Reacher out of the cube to remove him from the room. (There’s a second package of the cubes, which I believe I’ll set up outside the kitten room so Reacher can cube-sit to his heart’s content.)

So Lita, Sam, Niles and Zorro, thank you so much for the gift. It’s been very much appreciated, as you can see!

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Today’s movies are Brady-centric, of course. The first is Peter Brady, playing with a toy he found.

YouTube link

The second is from back in November, shortly after we got the Bradys. They’re so TINY! It ends kind of abruptly, sorry about that – a talented videographer I am not.

YouTube link

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With the snow outside, Coltrane is perfectly happy to spend all his time inside. On the heated bed, thank you.


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1-12-11 — 23 Comments

  1. You and me, we must be living a kitten dream….

    Hee hee πŸ™‚ Do the kittens ever shove toys under the door into the hall?

    I really giggled a lot with these two videos

    • Oh Bean, the kittens spend a LOT of time shoving toys under the door. And usually Jake’s on the other side of the door, grabbing them and running off to play with them. πŸ™‚

    • That IS Boli-Buster in the upper left. Good eye. Wasn’t he the most gorgeous thing, with those big blue-turning-green eyes?

  2. So cute!! Our kitty boys have these very same cubes – and they LOVE them. We had others before (which had to be thrown out for various reasons…) which they liked, but they really like these better! πŸ™‚

  3. We have some of those cubes. The terrible furry ones love them. They have destroyed one and I put them away from time to time to change up their environment.

    My neighbors 3 year old child also contorted herself into one on a random New Years Eve. The cats were not amused.

  4. My boys have 2 of those cubes. They really like them. They get torn up fairly quickly, but they are still usable. I am now reminded I have to find them again – last one I got was from Wal-Mart.

  5. Heh, I just love it when kittens do that little tough-guy dance on their hind legs as they try and teach that sparkle ball who’s boss! Those cubes are so cool! Apparently all the cool kats have them, my guys are telling me. (And I wouldn’t want other cats to think they weren’t cool, now would I?)

    • Feel a bit naughty replying when it’s not my blog! But I hope one guest can talk to another, and host and other guests can join in too? Anyway, when cats kick a toy with their back feet, a friend of mine says “Duff, duff, duff, duff, duff.” Duff as in “duff/beat something or somebody up”. Always cracks me up. Another friend described her cat doing the same; “I woke up to see Nala disemboweling a sock!”

      • Of course, Attila, you should always feel free to respond to another commenter! (And there’s something absolutely perfect about saying “Duff, duff, duff, duff, duff” when the cats bunny-kick a toy. I’m going to have to do that. πŸ™‚

  6. Love the videos! The video with the kitten on your shoulder is so fun to watch. They were a little unsteady on those wee legs. Fun to watch them to the hop-attack on the toy.

  7. For people of European descent, 2/12/10 is December 2, 2010, not February 12. So it might only be a few weeks late rather than all those months.

  8. Hey Robyn!
    I just came back to work today after 2 1/2 weeks off and decided to treat myself to catching up with the L&H shannanigans first (i normally save it till my last one)when what do i see? The cubes have FINALLY arrived! And oldcat, i really did send them way back in Feb of last year!
    Happy New Year to all, i have to work my way back to the 21st of Dec and then read forward. How dull will that be..? Pff! It’s that or start work for the year…
    I look forward to many delicious posts from you this year, robyn, and gorgeuos photos of all your kids – foster or permanent resident.
    Happy New Year to Master Fred, too. And George and Gracie and the chickens and…

  9. PPS: Did you only get red cubes? I could have sworn there were blue ones packed, too…

  10. aww! that second one of the bradys is just adorable. I love their baby kitten-fuzz, and how awkward and uncoordinated they are at that age. and their pudgy kitten bellies! excuse me, I have to go pet some kittens now.

  11. I love the roly-poly video. What a hoot! Don’t tell the European date thing to the folks at the Post Office, Robyn, you might get it back at some future time as an excuse!

  12. Robyn, I’m an avid stamp collector so I’d gladly send you a SASE if you don’t want those stamps πŸ™‚
    Love the blog, keep it up! (And what was the name of the kitten someone thought looked like an alien? I see her now in your header for the blog).

  13. Awww the clips are just precious!! The Bradys in November are so tiny!! Awwwww!!! Thank you for sharing these!! Glad you got your package!! The cubes are brilliant!! Yay!!!

    Take care