1-12-16 Tuesday

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Shelton and Stefani, keeping their eyes on the feather teaser.

Nubbs (aka Pharrell) with his big ol’ foot in the air, getting a belly rub from Fred.

Noticing the ceiling fan for the first time.

Stefani and Levine: “That ceiling fan’s always been there, right?”

Levine, following Nubbs around.

“He’s still following me, isn’t he? He’s fascinated by my tail nub.”

The look on her face is killing me dead. I wish this picture wasn’t so blurry, but it still makes me laugh.

This past weekend, Levine finally discovered the teddy bear basket. First he slept on top of the teddy bears – now he wiggles his way down amongst them.


All four of them present in one picture (with Miz Poo looking on from the hallway).


I found this picture of Pink that I hadn’t shared. I was trying to get a good shot for her sidebar picture, and she kept refusing to look at me! Isn’t she a pretty, pretty girl?


Super duper short video! Levine was coming out of the closet, I tossed a toy at him. Usually they grab the toy and play or bat at it. Instead, Levine decided to do his skitterbug impression, hop around, and then run back into the closet. It’s so short I made a gif of it, if that’s what you prefer to see.

YouTube link.

Imgur link.


Alice is over your shenanigans, thank you very much.

YouTube link.


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1-12-16 Tuesday — 9 Comments

  1. The picture: The look on her face is killing me dead. – actually her ENTIRE body pose kills me dead.
    Levine in the teddy bears is just adorable along with his skitterbugging.
    Hello, Alice!!!

  2. you ever wonder what cats WITH tails think about cats WITHOUT tails? weird…

    it really is too bad those kittens have no where comfy to sleep and no toys to play with…. MOL

  3. Ha! I love that picture of Stefani! Meme-worthy, right there.

    Those house panthers are so adorable. They’re cementing my desire to have a house panther as my next kitty. 🙂

  4. I’m fascinated by that tail nub, too! I guess I am drawn to “odd” kitties, as evidenced by my love and subsequent adoption of Terry, huh? Even though that brat continues to obnoxiously prefer my husband…

  5. It is so adorable how Levine puts the brakes on before he totally skitters into the closet !!!! I could watch that for hours !!!!

    I wish I had access to a transporter so I could come and visit you and the kitties !!!!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome ?!?!?!?!?

    • I loved that the still from YouTube on the video has Levine up in the air. It’s a wonderful freeze frame! I’m not sure he registered the toy as “toy” when he floofed over it.