1-13-16 Wednesday

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Levine works on his cabriole, which is messy and needs a lot of work, obviously.

Having missed the feather teaser, Stefani crashes to the floor atop her brother, who is a leeeettle overdramatic in his reaction, all “Stefani! You have crushed me! I may never dance again!”

But he regained his strength quickly and bounced up after the teaser.

Stefani felt the need… to DANCE!

The girl’s got moves.

Shelton got in on the action.

And then they just watched the ceiling fan for a moment.

All four in one picture! Notice that Nubbs is off to the side, not partaking of the leaping and dancing. He’s a quiet boy who doesn’t jump into the fray. He tends to play one-on-one quite well, but if the others get involved, I think he gets a little intimidated.


Stefan comes stomping over to see what the what.


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1-13-16 Wednesday — 18 Comments

  1. Cabriole needs work? I didn’t notice, I was mesmerized by the wonderful set of belly spots Levine has got going there.

    • I thought it tip-top-tastic, and that pic needs to move straight into the favorites (true of far too many of Robyn’s captures).

  2. Can we get a picture of King Nubbs’, er, nub? I haven’t been able to make it out in the previous shots.

    • Y’all are dying to get a peek at that nub, aren’t you? 🙂 I’ve purposely been cropping it out of pictures just because it was scary at first, and it still looks kind of ugly in pictures (though not as bad in person). I will share pictures soon, I promise!

  3. Was I the only one waiting for “moves like Jagger” to be one of the captions? Levine is the singer 😉

  4. Hey Robyn,

    I got my 4th baby (not quite to crazy cat lady status yet) on Christmas Eve. His name is Petey or Speedy Pety. He was just a few days shy of 4 months. I now completely understand why you said that kittens have marshmallow fluff instead of brains. Oh lord, this kitten is so funny, but dumb. You think he’d learn after doing the same stupid thing over and over again, but he doesn’t.

    Val and Da Boyz, Kiefer, Andy and Gus.

    • Oh, and Petey is in peak marshmallow fluff age! He’s eventually get smarter, I promise! (Well, unless he doesn’t. Only time will tell. 😉 )