1-14-16 Thursday

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Levine from above, feeling just a tad skeptical.

Shelton would like to know what I think I’m doing.

Stefani’s all “What is going ON?!”

King Nubbs (aka Pharrell) from above. It looks here like he has a patch of white fur on his chest, but he only has a sprinkle there.

Checking out the Petsafe Cheese Toy. (Seriously, Petsafe, that’s the snappy name you came up with? Was “White Wedge-Shaped Toy with Mouse that Occasionally Pops Out” taken?)


Levine is a rare black-nosed brown tabby, did you notice?

Stefan came to visit, sending the Coaches into a dither.

If you look closely, you can see the smattering of white furs on Nubbs’s chest. Isn’t he a purty boy?

And he knows it!

I’ve had a few requests to see King Nubbs’s tail-nub. I’ve been pretty careful about cropping it out of pictures or shooting him from angles where it doesn’t show, at first because it looked scarier in pictures than in person, and now because it’s still not healed all the way and still looks a little ooky. I will share some pictures next week, I promise. He’s come a long way, but it’s not completely healed yet.

The Coaches are off today for their spay and neuter surgeries. Ordinarily I’d wait ’til they were 12 – 13 weeks old, so they could get their rabies shots at the same time, but I wanted King Nubbs to have his tail looked at to make sure it’s doing as well as I think it is, so figured I’d just take them all in and get it over with. They’ve got another two weeks ’til their last vaccinations.

If past experience is anything to go by, the boys will be racing around tonight like nothing happened, and Stefani will be sleepy until tomorrow morning, when she’ll be racing around like nothing happened!


Short video, shot during nap time yesterday. Levine was taking a bath in preparation for napping whilst laying on Stefani, and then she made her escape, but not before getting a bite on the butt.

YouTube link.


If I lean down to give Dennis a kiss on the cheek, he will raise and tilt his head to make it easier for me. It’s one of my favorite things about him.


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1-14-16 Thursday — 22 Comments

  1. Okay as the best cat people I know, and a number of you who get cat genetics, I’ve got a question for the Friday post: my new girls are red tabbies, one with white socks, belly and chin. The other is darker red with a tip of a white toe on a back leg. I know reds are only 25% female, and this litter of five had four ginger girls (1 ginger boy). Are there any health issues in this group of red girls (like blue eyes/white is often deaf)??? Any insight appreciated.

    • I have never heard of red/orange tabby girls having any health issues different than any other DSH/DLH cat. I think you just have a very rare and special litter! 🙂

    • I have a ginger girl, and she’s never had any real health issues (aside from being the runt of the litter). 🙂 That’s so cool that the litter was all gingers, and 4 girls! wow 🙂

    • I have a ginger girl, no health issues even after she had a litter a kittens before being rescued off the street. What a beautiful group of babies they must be!

    • My vet today pointed out red tabbies have a higher tendency to diabetes so told me to watch the girls weight as they get older. Right now their still growing so not an issue yet.

  2. I have to say, that I think that everyone here would be ok seeing Nub’s tail. I think we would rather see/know what you are dealing with than not and you never know…it could help someone else in the future. If anyone agrees that they want pics, please reply here. I think we are a pretty tough crowd except for the sissies that are afraid of spider pictures (LOL—just kidding folks….hahahahahah)

    As for Dennis tilting his head, my Sidney raises his head up for kisses, and then about 10 seconds later will lift up again to let me know he wants another kiss. He will repeat this until he has his fill of kisses! 🙂 I love it and it makes me smile.

    • Heh, I’m one of those sissies who doesn’t like or trust spiders (though I always end up looking at them anyway) but I would totally be interested in seeing King Nubb’s tailio situation. I agree 100% that those of us who can handle it would probably find it informative and fascinating. And Robyn is always considerate to give the squeamish folk plenty of notice and blank space so they don’t accidentally scroll directly into stuff they don’t want to see.

      Also, I love kitties who love kisses. I have one who turns his head away when I go in for a smooch and one that will meet me halfway so I can kiss her nose.

      • I have a huge black cat that gives me aggressive head butts. It’s part of our evening routine.

    • I’d like to see the the nub and it’s progression, too, to see what the healthy healing process looks it. But I’ve never been squeamish, either. 🙂

      My Jinx, if I say “give kiss” will always raise his nose up to me for kisses. Trixie kinda does, Tuxie looks at me like I’m crazy (but he’s leery of movements towards his head, which makes me think someone was mean to him before he wandered up to my house) and the baby Sabrina (heh, she’ll be 4 in March!) is getting better and better about it, especially at dinner time! 😀

  3. Stefan looks like a giant in with the babies! A gentle giant, of course!

    Neither of my current girls are kissers, but Simon and Vinnie both were. Both were really excellent lap cats, too. As much as I love my girl kitties, I do think boys tend to be cuddlier.

    • teehee… Stefan is not so gentle, he likes to chomp on babies, especially their tender necks… obviously Robyn does not feed that boy enough and he’s looking to supplement his regular meals with kittensnacks!

  4. “Rare black-nosed tabby…” Poor Orlando – I had to inform him this morning that he was just ‘average’…. hehe

  5. Good luck on your surgeries kittens! And King Nub, we hope your nub is healing well! Tossing my hat in the ring of people who want to see what you’re dealing with on the king’s nub.
    Love kissable Dennis! My Leo will tilt his head back when he’s laying on my chest so I can kiss the top of his head, I love it. Thought he was the only one, lol! One of his sisters is starting to learn to let me kiss her cheek, the other sister would probably try to bite my lips off but we’ll get there!

    • Yes!!!! That is what my Sidney does when we are spooning on the couch watching TV – lift and tilt back! He will do it repeatedly till he has his fill of kisses!! Isn’t it just the sweetest???!!! 🙂

  6. Hahahaha — I love how they tell you, after bringing your kitten home from S/N surgery — “keep them quiet and don’t allow them to jump. For two weeks.” LOL! Have you met them? They’re kittens! I’m lucky if I can keep them from jumping for two minutes!

  7. So I’m not sure if “rare black-nosed tabby” was supposed to be real, but if so, I have one! Well, when he was a baby he had an all black nose, but as he grew up to be a big boy, his little black nose became a darker pink velvet color with a black outline…I was so hopeful it would stay all black…he’s still a handsome little boy though with his black fringed nose!